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Business Books from "The Economist," July 7, 2012

The Economist. You have to love it, you probably also hate it. A weekly journal with too much to read in a week (especially for slow readers). And it keeps arriving in the mailbox, even when you're on vacation. In other words, it's taken until now to get around to putting up a post about these books reviewed several issues ago.

For those interested in the articles, you can find them through some of our electronic resources (I recommend our

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Connect the Dots: Personal Finance, the Malcolm S. Forbes Award and... Fraud?

Steve Forbes presents award to NYPLWhat do the late Louis Rukeyser of Wall Street Week, Jonathan Clements of the Wall Street Journal, Consuelo Mack, anchor for PBS Wealth Track, Maria Bartiromo of CNBC, Don Phillips of Morningstar, Muriel Siebert, first woman to own a seat on the NYSE, Jean Chatzky, financial editor of the Today Show, Ben Stein, economist, and NYPL's business library, SIBL, have in common? All are winners of the Malcolm S. Forbes Public Awareness Award for Excellence in Advancing Financial Understanding. Named in honor of the late Malcolm 

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New Business Best-Sellers: May 2012

It's not quite time to worry about choosing your beach reading yet. But Memorial Day is coming, and so it is time to think ahead just a little. With that in mind, here is a selection of books new to the New York Times list of Business Best Sellers published this last Sunday, May 13th.

Also, a quick look at the Nielsen BookScan listing in the weekend's Wall Street Journal shows some titles new to this column, although one of them, The Art of the Sale, was mentioned in a recent look at 

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Business Books from "The Economist," April 7, 2012

No matter how hard you try to prioritize your reading, magazines can really pile up rather quickly. So... I've just finally gotten to the April 7th issue of The Economist, and discovered its quarterly business book selection for April.

For those interested in the articles, you can find them through some of our electronic resources (I recommend EBSCO's Business Source Premier,

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A Common Sense Financial Advisor: A Chat with Steve Poppel

With SIBL's Financial Empowerment Day approaching on Saturday, April 21, I caught up with Steve Poppel, an independent financial advisor at NYPL's Financial Literacy Central. After our chat it's even clearer to me why Steve consistently receives 5-star reviews from his clients. Here's a preview of his common sense approach to helping clients improve their 

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New Business Best-Sellers: April 2012

I don't want to neglect highlighting some of the newer business best-sellers from the New York Times (Sunday, April 1, 2012, page 7). I've also included a selection from Nielsen BookScan as published in the April 7-8, 2012 Wall Street Journal (page C10). Happy Reading!

Each title is noted with its ranking. Click on any of the titles below and place a hold to request the item. Remember to update your contact information (phone number or e-mail address), so you are notified when the book arrives for you at your 

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Timely Tax Tip! Finding Historical Stock Prices

As the mid-April tax return filing deadline looms, for many last-minute filers this week ushers in a frenzy of organizing forms, receipts, and statements.  Imagine your panic if your accountant asked for a piece of missing data, i.e. the 1997 price of the stock your Fidelity mutual fund had recently sold.

This was precisely the situation facing my daughter, Anne McDonough, who is an archivist-librarian with an entrepreneurial bent. Though based in Washington DC, she 

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New York Times Business Best Sellers — February 2012

This Sunday's paper listed the New York Times business best sellers. Rankings reflect sales for January 2012. Below are several of the titles culled from that list, sorted by genre, with links to our catalog.

The New York Times rank for each title is found after the author's name, and paperback titles are indentified as such. In addition, the list has been annotated and supplemented by identifying and listing books from Nielsen BookScan's top 10 hardcover business titles as published in the Saturday, February 4 edition of the Wall Street 

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Money Matters! Let NYPL Help You Manage Your Personal Finances

NYPL's business library, SIBL, learned recently that it had been named the 2012 recipient of the Malcom S. Forbes Public Awareness Award for Advancing Financial Understanding. The Financial Planning Association of New York will present the award at its annual spring forum in April, but why wait until then to highlight the resources and services that garnered NYPL this recognition?  The Library can help you better understand your personal finances starting now.

Financial Literacy 

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Business Books from "The Economist," January 14, 2012

The January 14 issue of The Economist has reviewed (and maybe recommended...) five new books on a few different business topics. I'm using this as an opportunity to post a list of these titles with links to the Library's collections.

For those interested in the articles, you can find them through some of our electronic resources (I recommend EBSCO's Business Source Premier,

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Brightest Star at SIBL? Morningstar!

Working at SIBL has distorted my vision; I seem to have this sixth sense: I see advertising for financial services. Brokerage accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, bank accounts (online and otherwise) - everywhere. Do normal people see these?

Of course, working at SIBL also means I encounter people researching investments and other financial services topics, and have been able to steer them to, and help them with, the excellent investment related resources we have. One of these, for which I offer an executive summary below, is

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Hey Dude! Where's My Company? Stocks from Nonexistent Businesses

An ancient stock certificate found in a drawer after someone dies; selling shares that grandma gave us a long time ago; investment paperwork lost in a move. The stories all seem different, but in each case the question is the same — what has happened to a company since these shares of stock were purchased?

Where can we find the sad stories of the death of companies? Perhaps a company has gone into bankruptcy, succumbed to a hostile takeover, been sold to the highest bidder, changed its ticker symbol, its 

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Money Matters @ NYPL George Bruce

photo via athrasher on flickrGet Your Financial House in Order

The economic crisis of 2008 sent all of us reeling. The financial security that we thought we had became a thing of the past — and those of us not financially savvy to begin with — were now out in the cold, naked, alone and confused.

What does it take to recover from this stunning blow? Well, knowledge is power! So the more we know about financial matters, the better able we are to navigate the waters be they rough or smooth.

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Helping New Yorkers "Ace" Personal Finance

Here's a shocker! According to Pamela Yellen, CEO of Bank on Yourself, whom Michel Martin interviewed recently on NPR's Tell Me More, 41% of adults give themselves a C grade or lower in their knowledge of personal finance. To help New Yorkers ace this subject NYPL runs Financial Literacy Central (FLC) at its business library,

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Award-winning Startup: SkyStem LLC. Can You Guess its Business Service?

Hearing the capstone presentations of 20 aspiring business owners in a FastTrac New Ventures program last week inspired me to talk to Shagun Malhotra, who recently told Crain's New York Business what she learned at FastTrac en route to taking second place in SIBL's 2010 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition.

Shagun, here's your 

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Financial Empowerment Day at NYPL

The deadline for filing your income taxes may be rapidly approaching but that is no reason to put your personal finances on the back burner until next April.  If that little voice at the back of your mind is telling your that you need to finally get serious about planning for your financial future, you're in luck!

On April 29th, NYPL's Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) on Madison Avenue at 34th Street is holding a Financial Empowerment Day starting at 11 AM and lasting until 6 

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The Queens of Finance

Who exactly were the Queens of Finance? The New York Herald reserved this title for Victoria Claflin Woodhull and her sister Tennessee Claflin (or Tennie C Claflin). These sisters surmounted incredible odds by establishing a highly lucrative brokerage business on Wall Street in 1869. Born in Homer, Ohio they were not privy to the comforts and education afforded by wealth or high social stature. In fact, their childhood was quite tumultuous. Born to an alcoholic father, the sisters took charge of providing for the family while 

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