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  • Friendship-Driven Fantasy Comics for Fans of Paper Girls

    By Carrie McBride, Communications | August 18, 2022
    The comic is an engaging mix of adventure, the supernatural, coming of age, survival, and, not least of all, confronting your future self.
  • 17 Readalikes for Emily Henry Books

    By Anne Rouyer, Supervising Young Adult Librarian | August 16, 2022
    Mulberry Street Library
    If you've finished all of her books or are waiting for a hold to come in, these books will fill the gap!
  • Salman Rushdie Reading List: Standing Up for Freedom of Expression

    By NYPL Staff | August 16, 2022
    Rushdie's tireless work and thoughtful writings provide the world with exceptional insight.   
  • Available Now! 10 Cool Summer Books from #NYPLSummerBookshelf to Instantly Download and Read

    By NYPL Staff | August 15, 2022
    No holds, no waiting! Check out these summer books you can borrow online and read immediately with your NYPL library card!
  • Celebrate Harlem Week with Books from NYPL's Harlem Community Collection

    By NYPL Staff | August 10, 2022
    This collection makes significant works written about, for, by, and in Harlem and its diverse communities easily accessible.
  • Born Free: A Renaissance Reading List

    By Cierra Bland, Social Media Manager | August 4, 2022
    Release your wiggle with 16 reads inspired by Beyoncé’s Renaissance

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