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Hispanic & Latinx Heritage at NYPL

Celebrate Latinx and Hispanic literature and culture with multilingual programs, resources, storytimes, and more—available all year round!


  • An illustration featuring back-to-school items like pencils, crayons, apples, and rulers.
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New & Noteworthy

  • Babel

    R. F. Kuang

    Babel : Or the Necessity of Violence: an Arcane History of the Oxford Translators Revolution
  • New and Selected Stories

    Cristina R. Garza

    Cover depicts a human figure wrapped in a red scarf that is blowing in the wind.
  • Diary of a Misfit

    Casey Parks

    Cover features black and white photo of a woman in a yellow square with an orange border.
  • Afterlives

    Abdulrazak Gurnah

    Cover features title against blue illustrations of human figures and palm leaves.
  • The Fishermen and the Dragon

    Kirk W. Johnson

    Cover features three boats out at sea against a red sky and sea.
  • Home Field Advantage

    Dahlia Adler

    Cover features a football player and cheerleader sit back-to-back on a football field.
  • The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

    S. Moreno-Garcia

    Cover features a woman in a dress standing in the doorway of a red house covered in leaves.
  • A Visible Man

    Edward Enninful

    Cover features a Black man in a black turtleneck with his eyes closed.
  • My Boy Will Die of Sorrow

    Efrén C. Olivares

    Cover features two hands outstretched to each other.
  • The Rabbit Hutch

    Tess Gunty

    Cover features an illustration of an anatomically correct heart with an arrow through it.
  • Behind the Pages: Memoirs and Biographies of Famous Children's Book Authors

    A look into the interesting lives and careers of the authors of some of your favorite books for kids.

    book covers on a yellow background
  • Where To Start With Barbara Ehrenreich

    Her style of closely weaving the personal and political together has inspired a new generation of authors.

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