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  • Calculates the date and day of the week for secular holidays celebrated in the U.S. for any year after 1776.
  • Comprehensive source for geographical, celestial, historic, event, and other calendars.
  • Explore the fascinating history of the human endeavor to organize our lives in accordance with the sun and stars.
  • Provides information about time zones, daylight savings time, world time, time zone maps, official time, international time zones, Greenwich Mean Time, military time, atomic time, New York time, Eastern Standard Time, and a time zone converter.
  • This resource provides local time, geographical location, and local time zones for almost all countries and islands of the world.
  • Set your watch to the official U.S. time.
  • View calendars for any year from 1 to 10000 C.E.
  • A guide to time zones, calendars and more.
  • Check the current time in cities around the world or find out what time it'll be in Minsk when it's noon in Tahiti.
  • This site provides the local time and time zone of different countries. When a country is selected, Time Ticker will also show what other coutries are included in that time zone.
  • Displays the current local time and date of cities and countries in each of the world's time zones.