Best of the Web

  • Searchable digital library of more than 10 billion archived web pages and other cultural artifacts dating back to 1996. The archive also includes texts, movies, live music, and other audio.
  • Part of the Online News Association's website, is a blog, news, and resource site for online journalists.
  • A digital collection of archived websites, moving images, audio, and texts. This site also provides access to the Prelinger Archive of ephemeral films shot between 1927 and 1983.

  • The Wayback Machine provides 'snapshots' of older versions of 85 billion webpages
  • The American Journalism Review's list of journalism organizations.
  • Presenting guidelines for citing from electronic resources from the Modern Language Association (MLA), the American Psychological Association (APA), the Chicago Manual of Style, and the Council of Biology editors (CBE).
  • A global activist organist which "defends journalists and other media contributors and professionals who have been imprisoned or persecuted for doing their work." In English, French, or Spanish.