Best of the Web

  • Links to institutions, libraries and on-line resources dedicated to the history of Chinese medicine. The website is managed by an international group of scholars who study the history of medicine in China.
  • List of topics relating the history of medicine. The web links are organized by time period and culture. The site is created and maintained by the Karolinska Institute located in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • List of history of medicine sites categorized by topics such as Digitized Images and Manuscripts, Regional and Cultural History, and Thematic Sites. The website is created and maintained by the Health Sciences Library of the Statue University of New York at Buffalo.
  • Long list of links to information on the history of the health sciences. Information is maintained by the History of the Health Sciences Section ot the Medical Library Association (MLA).
  • Links to a vast amount of evaluated Internet sites relating to the history of medicine. The links can be browsed by category or searched using terms. The site is developed and maintained by The Welcome Trust which is an independent research funding charity based in the United Kingdom.
  • Provides web links to universities, libraries, museums, documents and organizations that are dedicated to the history of medicine. Site is created and maintainted by the University of Bergen located in Bergen, Norway.
  • Extensive list of links to web pages on the history of nursing compiled by the American Association for the History of Nursing (AAHN).