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Best of the Web

  • Practice using the mouse by solving jigsaw puzzlies online.

  • For those new to using the mouse. Practice pointing and clicking, dragging and dropping.

  • For new computer users. Practice moving and clicking a mouse and learn to use radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, scroll-bars and more.

  • From the Palm Beach County, Florida Library System. Games to practice simple clicking, faster clicking and mouse movement and clicking and dragging. Battleship, Checkers, Gopher, Othello, Rush Hour and UFO Attack are some of the games.

  • From the Palm Beach County, Florida Library System. Learn and practice mouse skills including pointing and clicking, using radio buttons, check boxes and drop-down menus plus lots of practice with scroll-bars.

  • Free online typing tests and basic tips. There is a fee for additional exercises and materials. Java 1.1 needed.

  • A handbook on the website that offers lessons on PC hardware basics, navigating Windows, Internet browsing, file management and more.

  • Free lessons to learn touch-typing. Adobe Flash Player needed.

  • Free typing tutorials for QWERTY, the US Standard 101 keyboard, and DVORAK, the alternate standard keyboard. Free games and typing tests are also available.