Best of the Web

  • This site, owned by the New York Times Company, offers tutorials and instructional materials on many and varied subjects. Some examples include household plumbing, business writing, dance steps, foreign languages and computer basics.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers access to lecture notes, syllabi, exams, videos and other information from many of its courses. Both undergraduate and graduate level courses are included. Special courses for high school students are also available. A wide range of subjects is covered.
  • Offers tips on using open courseware and links to online materials. Categories covered include broadcast learning, university and other open courseware (OCW), podcasts, instructional videos and more.
  • Lists 100 open courseware projects organized by subject, from agriculture to psychology and social science. Includes courses produced by universities, United Nations agencies, the BBC and other organizations.
  • Links to online instructional materials in different subjects. Reading music, touch-typing, memorizing poetry, and tying knots are some of the skills covered.
  • Contains over 350 categories of free online tutorials and instructional websites, including academic subjects, crafts and hobbies, finance, fitness and more. Sites listed are family friendly.