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The NYPL Podcast


The New York Public Library Podcast features your favorite writers, artists, and thinkers in smart talks and provocative conversations.

A beacon of books, ideas, and education in a city described as the cultural capital of the world, the Library hosts more than 55,000 programs annually. Listen to some of the most engaging and memorable recent programs, discover new ideas, and celebrate the best of today’s culture.

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Podcast #174: Immigrant Stories—Min Jin Lee with Simon Winchester

Best-selling novelist Min Jin Lee on her latest book, the ups and downs of her career, the history of Koreans in Japan, and the treatment of Asians in America.Read More ›

Podcast #173: Phillip Glass, Words Without Music

The giant of twentieth-century American music took to the LIVE from the NYPL stage in June. He spoke with Paul Holdengräber.Read More ›

Podcast #172: Janet Mock, Surpassing Certainty

Mock published her second memoir, "Surpassing Certainty" in June. The writer, activist, tv host, and podcast host came by the Library to talk about it with Lisa Lucas, the Executive Director of the National Book Foundation.Read More ›

Podcast #171: Nick Cave

One of contemporary art's most towering figures guides us through his astonishing new exhibition at MASS MoCA.Read More ›

Podcast #170: David Grann

In the 1920s, the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma become oil millionaires after black gold was discovered under their land. Discover the stories of the mysterious that followed and one of the FBI's earliest investigations. Read More ›

Podcast #169: Tracy K. Smith, New U.S. Poet Laureate

Smith was named 22nd U.S. Poet Laureate last week. In 2016 she came by the Library to discuss her memoir, Ordinary Light.Read More ›

Podcast #168: Jelani Cobb, The Half-Life of Freedom

New Yorker staff writer and Columbia Journalism School professor Jelani Cobb delivers a lecture on politics, journalism, and history entitled "The Half-Life of Freedom." Read More ›

Podcast #167: Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin spoke with NY Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris about his recent memoir, "Nevertheless," at LIVE from the NYPL.Read More ›

Podcast #166: Journalism in the Age of Trump, part 2

This week's episode features a conversation between Katherine Boo, Anand Giridharadas, and Philip Gourevitch, who are all past winners of the Library’s Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism. The three speakers picked up the conversation that we began back in February on the shifting responsibilities, purposes, and even definitions of journalism.Read More ›

Podcast #165: Jane Mayer, Winner of the 2017 Bernstein Award

Is the Trump Administration a dream or a nightmare for the Koch brothers? Are cats more intrinsically valuable than people? Answering many questions about the intricate relationship between money and politics in American life with Jane Mayer, a New Yorker staff writer and author of Dark Money (2017 winner of NYPL's Bernstein Award).Read More ›

Podcast #164: George Packer and Reihan Salam with Tony Marx

The Path Forward: Our Age of Anxiety. Explore both the seeds and the fruits of our present American political condition with New Yorker writer George Packer, National Review editor Reihan Salam, and New York Public Library President Tony Marx.Read More ›

Podcast #163: Janine di Giovanni, Bernstein Award Finalist

Bernstein Award finalist Janine di Giovanni talks about her book, "The Morning They Came For Us: Dispatches from Syria," the story of Syria's civil war as told through the people who have lived through it.Read More ›

Podcast #162: Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, Bernstein Award Finalist

Bernstein Award finalist Charlotte McDonald-Gibson talks about her book, 'Cast Away: True Stories of Survival from Europe's Refugee Crisis,' which follows individuals fleeing violence and persecution in Syria, Libya, Nigeria, and Eritrea.Read More ›

Podcast #161: Lawrence Krauss w/ Alan Alda. Reality, the Real Story

The New York Public Library Podcast features your favorite writers, artists, and thinkers in smart talks and provocative conversations. Listen to some of our most engaging programs, discover new ideas, and celebrate the best of today’s culture.

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Podcast #160: Gary Younge, Bernstein Award Finalist

Bernstein Award finalist Gary Younge talks about his book, Another Day in the Death of America, which charts gun violence fatalities among children and teens on one Saturday in 2013.Read More ›

Podcast# 159: Like Passover, But Funnier

Comedians Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel, and Adam Mansbach share their new take on the Haggadah with comedian and NPR host Ophira Eisenberg. Their book is called "For This We Left Egypt?"Read More ›

Podcast #158: Sonia Shah & 'Pandemic,' Bernstein Award Finalist

Sonia Shah's new book 'Pandemic' uses the history of cholera as a template toward understanding the life cycles of disease outbreaks and how our how our next global pandemic might arise.Read More ›

Podcast #157: Women's and Girls' Lives Matter

An extraordinary group of women who are on the front lines of the fight for bettering the lives for young black women and girls across the country gathered at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture this International Women's Day to highlight the roles, needs, and contributions of black women and girls in the context of the Black Lives Matter Movement moment.Read More ›

Podcast #156: What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear with Dr. Ofri and Mary Harris

Dr. Danielle Ofri speaks with WNYC host Mary Harris about her new book, What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear, which proves that medicine doesn’t have to work that way, and how better communication can lead to better health for all of us.Read More ›

Podcast #155: Etgar Keret, the Rock and the Hard Place

For this week's episode of the New York Public Library Podcast, we're proud to present Israeli writer Etgar Keret in conversation with LIVE from the NYPL's own Paul Holdengraber.Read More ›
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