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The New York Public Library Podcast features your favorite writers, artists, and thinkers in smart talks and provocative conversations.

A beacon of books, ideas, and education in a city described as the cultural capital of the world, the Library hosts more than 55,000 programs annually. Listen to some of the most engaging and memorable recent programs, discover new ideas, and celebrate the best of today’s culture.

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Podcast #134: Margaret Atwood on Shakespeare in the 21st Century and on YouTube

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Margaret Atwood is one of the most prolific Canadian writers alive today, working both in prose and poetry. In a career spanning over four decades, Atwood has won the Booker Prize and earned a Guggenheim. She is best known for novels such as 

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Podcast #133: Mona Eltahawy and Yasmine El Rashidi on White Feminism and the Privilege to Protest

Mona Eltahawy is the author of Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. Recently, she joined Yasmine El Rashidi, the author of Chronicle of a Last Summer: A Novel of Egypt and a

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Podcast #132: Sally Mann on Cy Twombly and the Babushkas Who Saved Russian Art

For this week's episode of the New York Public Library Podcast, we're proud to present Mann discussing Lexington, Kentucky, Cy Twombly, and the Russian babushkas who saved Russian art.Read More ›

Podcast #131: Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky on Money and The Sickest Joke in the History of Humankind

Yanis Varoufakis is the former finance minister of Greece, an economist, and the author of the book And the Weak Suffer What They Must?: Europe's Crisis and America's Economic Future. Recently, he was joined at LIVE from the NYPL by Noam Chomsky, the prolific linguist, social critic, and political activist. Read More ›

Podcast #130: Alan Cumming on Memory, Gore Vidal, and Monica Lewinsky

Alan Cumming is one of the great character actors alive today. He is also the author of Tommy's Tale: A Novel and Not my Father's Son: A Memoir. His newest book is called You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams, a collection of photographs and essays. Read More ›

Podcast #129: Edwidge Danticat on Silence, Bridging Audiences, and Participating in Stories

Edwidge Danticat is a MacArthur Fellow "Genius Grant" recipient and author, best known for her book Brother, I'm Dying. In 2010, she visited the Library to talk about her essay collection Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work. Read More ›

Podcast #128: Werner Herzog on Death, Executioners, and Advice for Filmmakers

Werner Herzog has reached cult status as a filmmaker, earning critical praise and ardent fans for films like Grizzly Man and Cave of Forgotten Dreams. A frequent and favorite guest, he joined LIVE from the NYPL to discuss his documentary film Into the Abyss in 2012.Read More ›

Podcast #127: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Walter Mosley on Empire, English, and Beethoven

Six-time NBA champ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may be best known as the leading scorer in professional basketball of all time. Yet Abdul-Jabbar is also a major editorialist and an author books such as Mycroft and Writings on the Wall: Searching for a New Equality Beyond Black and White. Recently, he joined the prolific novelist Walter Mosley at LIVE from the NYPL. Read More ›

Podcast #126: Maggie Nelson and Wayne Koestenbaum on Clarity and Cruelty

Maggie Nelson is a writer of poetry and auto-theory, including Bluets, The Art of Cruelty, and, most recently, The Argonauts. Recently she joined Wayne Koestenbaum, a prolific writer, visual artist, and musician, at the New York Public Library. Read More ›

Podcast #125: Colson Whitehead on The Underground Railroad and Poker

In this conversation, Colson Whitehead discusses what he learned about the human condition in Las Vegas—and discusses the early stages of writing one of the most exciting books of the year, The Underground Railroad.Read More ›

Podcast #124: Kevin Young and Gabrielle Hamilton on Food and Poetry

We are thrilled that Kevin Young will be joining NYPL as Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture this fall. The author of eleven books of poetry and prose, Young joined us at the Library last year for an event with Prune chef and owner Gabrielle Hamilton.Read More ›

Podcast #122: Laurie Anderson on Melville, Opera, and Mystery

Laurie Anderson is one of the great pioneers of American art, combining and redefining various media, including film, music, spoken word, and performance art. Read More ›

Podcast #121: Derek Walcott on Hemingway, Travel, and First Love

In 2010 Derek Walcott delivered the Robert B. Silvers lecture, focusing on the relationship between Ernest Hemingway and the Caribbean.Read More ›

Podcast #120: John Lithgow and James Shapiro on Guy Fawkes and Falling for Shakespeare

For this week's episode of the New York Public Library Podcast, we're proud to present John Lithgow and James Shapiro discussing Guy Fawkes, the Gunpowder Plot, and Getting Hooked on Shakespeare.Read More ›

Podcast #119: PRI's The World in Words on Endangered Languages

What works and doesn't to preserve endangered languages.Read More ›

Podcast #118: Geoff Dyer on Class in America and Good Books

Like many of his previous works, Dyer's latest book White Sands is a book that refuses simple categories. The author discussed his sense that books ought not be understood through a crude matrix of genre.Read More ›

Podcast #117: Bruce Davidson and Matt Dillon on Lasting Impressions

Bruce Davidson's photography has captured American life for over fifty years, from the Civil Rights Movement to life in Harlem during the 1990s. One of his greatest fans, actor Matt Dillon, joined Davidson for a recent event at the Library. For this week's episode of the New York Public Library, we're proud to present Davidson and Dillon discussing New York, subverted expectations, and photographs that have remained influential.Read More ›

Podcast #116: Padma Lakshmi on NYC and the Greatest Gift

An executive producer, actress, and model, Lakshmi added "memoirist" to her resume this year with the publication of Love, Loss and What We Ate.Read More ›

Podcast #115: Jill Leovy on Murder and History in America

In the United States, black men make up six percent of the population but are nearly forty percent of those murdered. How can this happen? In Jill Leovy's Ghettoside, she investigates.Read More ›

Podcast #108: Maya Lin on Memorializing What Is Missing

Artist Maya Lin's work is big, from large-scale environmental installments to memorials to architectural projects. Her monograph Maya Lin: Topologies was published by Rizzoli in 2015.Read More ›
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