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Paperless Research


The New York Public Library subscribes to hundreds of online databases and other information tools. Some are available onsite while others can be accessed at home using your library card number. This blog channel offers tips and tricks on getting the most out of online resources.

Discover Genealogy Databases for NYC Immigrant Heritage Week

Immigrant Heritage Week is a city-wide celebration that honors the experiences and contributions of immigrants in New York City, and we're looking at databases that can help with genealogy research.Read More ›

Celebrating World Theatre Day with NYPL E-Resources

Here is a quick list of online resources provided by the New York Public Library for theatre lovers old and new!Read More ›

Women's History Month: Researching with NYPL's E-Resources

Explore unique and lesser-known online resources containing materials about women's history.Read More ›

W.E.B. Du Bois Vacationed in Jamaica and Other Discoveries from NYPL's E-Resources

On February 23, 1868, the famed African American sociologist, scholar, historian, journalist, and activist was born. To learn more about Mr. Du Bois, we dug into The New York Public Library's electronic resources to see what we could find.Read More ›

The Making of the Modern Olympics

The modern Olympic Games are largely the result of the of one man's efforts, who went on a worldwide crusade to promote and organize sporting events.Read More ›

Black History Month: Researching with NYPL's E-Resources

February is Black History Month! In honor of this important month The New York Public Library has created this list of online resources to help you explore all aspects of Black heritage—from genealogy to LGBT history to current popular culture.Read More ›

Researching Human Rights at The New York Public Library

In honor of Universal Human Rights Month, The New York Public Library has created this list of online resources to help you explore all aspects of human rights—nationally and internationally.Read More ›

Native American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month: Researching with E-Resources

In celebration of Native American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, The New York Public Library has created this quick list of online resources to help get you started as you explore all aspects of Native American and Alaska Native heritage.Read More ›

Everything You Need to Write and Publish Your Book using NYPL's E-Resources

The New York Public Library prides itself on supporting writers of every kind. It doesn't matter if you are writing a comic book, a biography, or the next great American novel, we have the tools to help you succeed. In addition to thousands of print resources, NYPL also offers a large number of electronic resources to help you research, write and publish your work. Read More ›

Jesse Owens & Athletes Who Protest (or Don't)

He solidified his name as one of the most important athletic figures in history—not only for his record breaking speed, but for where and when he won his Olympic medals. However, an incredibly similar situation threw him into the midst of controversy thirty-two years later.Read More ›

Fake News Isn't New: Researching Its History with NYPL's E-Resources

The term "fake news" may be receiving a lot of attention lately, but it is by no means new or unique to this day and age. Read More ›

Exploring the History of the Swimsuit with NYPL's Electronic Resources

How did the swimsuit, as we know it today, come about? The New York Public Library has a number of great electronic resources for anyone interested in current and historical fashions.Read More ›

Explore Historic Women Journalists with NYPL's Electronic Resources

In honor of Helen Bernstein and the 30th anniversary of the Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism, take a look at some of the work by famous women journalists from our databases.Read More ›

Discovering the Forgotten History of Mother's Day with NYPL's Electronic Resources

Sunday, May 14th is Mother's Day—a day of flowers, cards and brunches. How did this special day to celebrate all mothers actually begin?Read More ›

Celebrating Law Day: The 14th Amendment & NYPL's Electronic Resources

This week, The New York Public Library is celebrating Law Day by focusing on arguably the most impactful amendment to the United States Constitution—the 14th Amendment.Read More ›

Now Screening: New Yorker Digital Archive

Ever since its launch in 1925, the New Yorker has been a fixture of newsstands, coffee tables, and commuter bags. The New York Public Library recently acquired the New Yorker Digital Archive, a database that provides access to every issue of the New Yorker, often including new issues days before their print release. Now you can read the New Yorker from home, school, or anywhere else in the world with an internet connection and your library card.Read More ›

20 Databases to Get You Back to School

Besides the textbooks and school supplies, there are plenty of resources online to help you with your studies. Whether you’re practicing your reading skills, prepping for the science fair, beginning your first research paper, or lesson planning one of these activities, the New York Public Library’s databases are ready to support you in your learning.Read More ›

Now Screening: American Founding Era Papers

Everyone's talking about the ten dollar Founding Father these days. If you are researching the Revolutionary Era, the New York Public Library's database American Founding Era Papers is for you. Read More ›

Gold Medal Magazines

Opening ceremonies are a few days away, and so the eyes of the world are turning to Rio and the beginning of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. With dozens of events, some more obscure to American viewers than others, it might be time to read up on the ins and outs of these sports.Read More ›

Now Screening: Around the World in 22 Periodicals

These new magazine and newspaper titles are international in scope, covering nine cities, six countries, and three continents. Whether you're interested in WWII-era Russia or last year's Chanel couture runway, the only passport you'll need is your library card.Read More ›
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