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Library Stories


Library Stories is a video series of moving personal interviews that show what The New York Public Library means to our users, staff, donors, and communities. We’re releasing a new episode each week from one of our 92 locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Join us to see how libraries change lives in inspiring and surprising ways. 

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Ep. 83 "A Light at the End of the Tunnel" | Library Stories

When her father was deported, Briana found her life turned upside down. After becoming a mentor at the Washington Heights Library, she found a new purpose and the energy to keep pushing forward. Read More ›

Ep. 83 "You're Not Alone Anymore" | Library Stories

The Library is open to all, including a patron who had financial difficulties and needed a place to get back on his feet. Read More ›

Ep. 82 "You Go For It" | Library Stories

Where does a person start if she is an immigrant in need of English and has recently lost her eyesight? Why, The New York Public Library, of course. Read More ›

Ep. 81 "The No.1 Source" | Library Stories

Free early childhood programs at Harlem Library attracted Fabiola and her daughter, who loves story time and the activity workshop that lets her get messy and play with other children.Read More ›

Ep. 80 "I Am Going To Excel" | Library Stories

It's easy for Amy to get help with her homework—and learn new computer skills—at Westchester Square Library, thanks to the Innovation Labs program.Read More ›

Ep. 79 "When I Started Reading" | Library Stories

Summer reading—game on! Learn how trips to the nearby NYPL branch one summer changed a middle school student's life for the better.Read More ›

Ep. 78 "Coming Into Her Own" | Library Stories

Thanks to a special partnership with a nearby school, Huguenot Park Library enables select students to exercise job skills in a welcoming, educational environment.Read More ›

Ep. 77 "I Wouldn't Be Who I Am Without That Library" | Library Stories

"Hello Dolly" star Bette Midler describes researching her character at the New York Library for the Performing Arts.Read More ›

Ep. 76 "It's Helpful in a Big, Big Way" | Library Stories

The Library helps to close the digital gap by lending free Wi-Fi HotSpots, and Geneal's family was lucky enough to borrow one.Read More ›

Ep. 75 "I Might Not Ever Get a Shot Again" | Library Stories

Find out how one immigrant helps others learn to read and is going to college, with a boost from The New York Public Library.Read More ›

Ep. 74 "A Bastion of Fact and Truth" | Library Stories

A journalist and author who won the Library's Bernstein award talks about the importance of supporting fact and evidence. Read More ›

Ep. 73 "I Want To Read Now" | Library Stories

Experience Carol's stellar new achievement: the power to read. Read More ›

Ep. 72 "A Key Role To Play" | Library Stories

Cullman Center Fellow and past Bernstein Book Award winner George Packer considers the role of journalists in society today.Read More ›

Ep. 71 "I Can Vote, I Can Participate" | Library Stories

Pleased with their new English language skills and U.S. citizenship, Zahra and Hassan express their gratitude to NYPL for teaching crucial lessons as they became Americans.Read More ›

Ep. 70 "I'll Forever Be Grateful" | Library Stories

Adriana started as a English-language student and volunteer at The New York Public Library. Now she manages outreach services to immigrants for NYPL.Read More ›

Ep. 69 "Communicating Helped Me" | Library Stories

A middle school student finds a way to conquer math, shyness, and blog-post writing after school at Westchester Square Library. Read More ›

Ep. 68 "The Perfect Way to Master A New Skill" | Library Stories

A graphic designer raises his game through a TechConnect course in 3D printing. Read More ›

Ep. 67 "I Don't Want To Miss a Moment" | Library Stories

A working dad makes time to visit his infant daughter at the nearby NYPL branch in Midtown Manhattan. Read More ›

Ep. 66 "I Realized My Love for Learning" | Library Stories

Inimfon Udoh discovered her love of learning while hitting the books at Eastchester Library in the Bronx. Now, as the first doctor in her family, Ini is back in the borough she calls home, serving the community she says inspires her. Read More ›

Ep. 65 "This Is My Contribution" | Library Stories

Try your hand at research at the Schwarzman Building at 42nd Street, and be amazed at what you can learn—about your own family. Just ask Jennifer Maston, who took a course on African-American genealogy and came away with more than she expected. Read More ›
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