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The Librarian Is In Podcast


The Librarian Is In is the New York Public Library's podcast about books, culture, and what to read next.

Every other week, Gwen Glazer and Frank Collerius discuss the books they're reading, pop culture and the literary zeitgeist, and the world of libraries—and welcome special guests.

Gwen is the recommendations librarian in the Readers Services unit, and Frank is the manager of Jefferson Market Library. They bring equal parts humor, passion, and knowledge to this unique look at the world of books. 


Winnie-the-Podcast: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 21

Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, and Roo join Frank and Gwen in the studio this week... just kidding. But we have the next best thing: Michael Inman, curator of NYPL's Rare Book Division, who tells us about the restoration of the Library's historic Winnie-the-Pooh dolls. Plus: children's and YA books galore, and queens of all kinds.Read More ›

(Literary) Disco Dancing: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 20

Frank and Gwen are joined by Julia Pistell, co-host of the Literary Disco podcast! We play multiple rounds of guess-the-book, talk about whaling ships and virtual reality and Garfield Minus Garfield, and offer a bazillion book recommendations.Read More ›

Hot Garbage, Summer in the City: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 19

Humidity can't exist in outer space! Beat the heat by blasting off into orbit with Frank and Gwen's brand-new segment. Plus: Do audiobooks "count" as reading?Read More ›

Frankster and The Veve: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 18

Up for some agony? Frank and Gwen talk suffering in literature and movies, debate the gender politics of picture books, and hang out with one of our funniest guests ever: Genoveve Stowell, manager of the 53rd Street branch.Read More ›

One Bad Podcast: The Librarian Is In, Ep. 17

Gwen can barely contain herself this week when she and Frank are joined by Biz Ellis, one of the hosts of the One Bad Mother podcast, to talk kids and parents and books. Plus, Biz's 6-year-old daughter makes a book recommendation of her very own!Read More ›

Hogwarts & Hollywood: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 16

Welcome to The Librarian Is In, the New York Public Library's podcast about books, culture, and what to read next. Read More ›

Reading Us the (Book) Riot Act: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 15

Amanda Nelson, managing editor of Book Riot and host of BR's own book recommendation podcast, joins Frank and Gwen to discuss book recommendations. (What else?)Read More ›

Take Me Back to Manhattan: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 14

Frank and Gwen keep it local this week, from a fashion show at Jefferson Market and Open Book Night with Mid-Manhattan's Elizabeth Waters, to a great read about the city's Chintz Age and a karaoke trip around Broadway.Read More ›

Dame Margaret Comes to Town: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 13

Margaret H. Willison, a.k.a. The Coolest Funniest Pop-Culture-iest Librarian Ever, joins Gwen and Frank this week for the ultimate high/low-culture episode.Read More ›

Closer to Fine: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 12

Along with Susen Shi from Mid-Manhattan Library, Frank and Gwen reveal their librarianship origin stories.Read More ›

Raspberry Berets: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 11

Frank and Gwen turn the tables on NYPL's Jessica Strand this week, interviewing the host of Books at Noon about the coolest authors she's ever interviewed herself. Plus: Prince's book-related legacy and Frank's best Carson impression.Read More ›

Bros, Shakespeare, and Nudity... Not All at the Same Time: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 10

Doug Reside from NYPL’s Library for the Performing Arts joins Gwen and Frank to talk about the Bard and the Great White Way. He even raps a teeny tiny bit from Hamilton.Read More ›

What, Wait, What Happened?! The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 9

Gwen and Frank discuss books that defy description and throw reality for a loop. Longtime residents of Harlem, Greenwich Village, the Bronx, and more get shout-outs in an interview with NYPL's Alex Kelly about the Library's oral history projects.Read More ›

Grace Jones and Spelling Bees: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 8

Who's ready to relive some traumatic moments from childhood?! We go toe-to-toe with the winner of the tri-library spelling bee: NYPL's very own Rob Kelley. Read More ›

All the Feels: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 7

Earnestness sets in when Singing Children's Librarian Emily Lazio joins us to talk about courage and encouragement, children's classics, and a cool new trend in picture books.Read More ›

Far Out, Friends: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 6

We're heading back to the '70s this week! Shola Lynch of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture joins us to talk about film, collecting history, and what it's like to hug Bert from Sesame Street.Read More ›

We Love Men! The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 5

Taboo subjects in adult and children's books alike abound on our fifth episode. Plus, find out what makes a "rare book" rare with our very own rare book librarian, Jessica Pigza.Read More ›

The Podcast That Must Not Be Named: The Librarian Is In, Ep. 4

Go behind the scenes at BookOps, the Library's special secret spy agent— er, the "technical services" unit. Also: the Helen Ellis/Shirley Jackson/Anita Brookner triumvirate, Frank's shocking Harry Potter confession, and more.Read More ›

#TeamEdith: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 3

We talk about how to fit more reading into busy schedules, Lin-Manuel Miranda, horror books and movies, childhood favorites, David Bowie, Lin-Manuel Miranda again, and our love for Downton Abbey’s kind Anna and unstoppable Edith.Read More ›

Cloning Clooney: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 2

Our brand-new podcast is a sophomore now, and Frank and Gwen are joined by NYPL's very own Jason Baumann. We talk about feminist comics, The Golden Girls, squids and snails, intellectualism, and—yes—cloning George Clooney.Read More ›
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