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A Black Panther Primer

We’re obsessed with Black Panther. So, we’ve come up with some book selections for every kind of Black Panther fan, from the movie-goers who’ve never read the comics to the long-time completists.Read More ›

New Yaaawk Stories: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 78

All the complexities of the city so nice, they named it twice! Frank goes deep into nostalgia territory, digging up childhood memories, classic accents, and urban anxieties. Gwen follows with a real-life tale of greed and gumption at a famed NYC hedge fund. Read More ›

ALA Award Winners 2018: Carnegie, Notables, & The Reading List

Looking for something good to read? Here are the 2017 books librarians from across the country recommend. Read More ›

Never Too Old to Blume: A Celebration of Judy Blume

Judy Blume’s work for children and teens has a timeless quality, and her work for adults is groundbreaking as well. If you’ve never read her work for adults, here are three novels you should read. Read More ›

2018 Winners: Newbery, Caldecott, King, Printz & More

It was a big morning in literature for young people: The American Library Association announced the winners of their prestigiousYouth Media Awards at the Midwinter meeting in Atlanta.Read More ›

Where to Start with Alice Walker

February 9 marks the birthday of Alice Walker, prolific American novelist, short story writer, poet and activist.Read More ›

Slow-Burn Reads for a Lightning-Fast News Cycle

As a society, Americans are subject to a breakneck news cycle, in which a day feels like a year and events of last week feel like ancient history.

And so, in the spirit of saving our sanity, we thought it might be fun to recommend some books that offer the exact opposite experience: slow-burn reads. We're talking about a story with a late payoff—one that sneaks up on you or catches you by surprise. It doesn’t have to be a long book, or even a slow-paced book, but a plot that makes you wait before it ends with major action or a big reveal.

Here are a 

... Read More ›

Politics, Robots, and Fictional Escapes: A Patron Picks Reading List

What are some NYPL patrons currently reading? Here's the latest list from patrons at the Mid-Manhattan Library at 42nd Street. Read More ›

They've Come UnDonne: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 77

Gwen asks, "Is this poem about God?" and Frank is (nearly) brought to tears as they untangle the divine and the bawdy (and naughty) in two John Donne poems. Luckily Dr. Carolyn Broomhead joins them for some much needed poetry therapy. Together they traverse language, imagery and the backstory of the divine Dr. D. Read More ›

New & Noteworthy: E-Audiobooks

Here are some great titles to explore on the commute home, in the gym, or during your next ride out of town.Read More ›

Don't Shush Me! The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 76

It's World Read Aloud Day, and Gwen and Frank are hearing voices... from ghosts and robots. But they still manage to keep it together to recommend some books and play an extra round of their guessing game. Read More ›

#ReadingBlackout: 28 Days of Books By and About African Americans for Black History Month

It's Black History Month, and we've selected one book by and/or about African Americans to recommend for each day of February. Read More ›

How Many Hats Can a Librarian Wear? The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 75

Books and reading are the foundation of any library, but your local librarian is doing so much more: computer help, test prep and yes, even knitting. This week, Gwen and Frank talk to Erin Horanzy, an Adult Programming Librarian at NYPL's Francis Martin Library in the Bronx. Enjoy!Read More ›

Ursula K. Le Guin for the Young and Old (and In Between)

Thinking about Le Guin’s legacy, we wanted to highlight not the science fiction and fantasy that she’s famous for, but her other work — her memoir and essays, which capture her honesty and wit, and her children’s books, which many people may not have known existed. Read More ›

NYPL’s Most-Anticipated YA Books of 2018

Our young-adult specialists are eagerly anticipating a flurry of upcoming releases this year! Check out the books and graphic novels that have them the most fired up.Read More ›

Most-Anticipated Adult Books of 2018

We asked our adult specialists which books due out in 2018 they are most looking forward to reading, and here is what they said. Read More ›

Memoirs To Read In Your Lifetime

A memoir is a collection of memories. The author may focus on a particular period in their life, or an event, or a relationship, but they are always reflective and often very candid. Beyond that, anything goes, and they are wide-ranging in style and tone. Here are a few you may enjoy.Read More ›

Calling All Writers and Artists: Submit Your Work to Library Zine!

Get creative, and get published! We're looking to showcase the distinct voices of NYPL patrons with our next issue. Read More ›

The Witches of YA

YA fiction has long held a special place in its collective heart for brujas, mages, and would-be spell-casters from Salem and far beyond.Read More ›

Counterculture Reading List

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of 1968, the Library is hosting events exploring the many cultural changes that emerged from 1960–74. You can also travel back to the sixties in the magic time machine that is literature.Read More ›
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