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This page has been archived. It is no longer updated.

Using Barnes and Noble nook with NYPL eBooks


The eNYPL digital library has thousands of eBooks which are compatible with Barnes and Noble nook. Learn to check out and download eBooks for free with your NYPL library card and get reading on the go!

Open these instructions as a printer-friendly PDF

Downloading Adobe Digital Editions
1.    Go to and launch the Adobe Digital Editions Installer. You can also find the link at under “Software Downloads.”

2.    Follow the instructions provided and download Adobe Digital Editions. The program should open once installation is complete.

Borrowing eBooks from eNYPL to use
with your Barnes and Noble nook
1.    Go to

2.    Hover the mouse over the “Browse eBooks” section in the left-hand menu bar. This allows you to select a category that interests you – from art to cooking to history to travel and so on. Hovering over “Browse Children’s” or “Browse Young Adult” allows you to limit results to Children’s or Young Adult eBooks.

3.    Barnes and Noble nook supports Adobe ePUB and PDF eBooks. Under “Browse eNYPL Collection,” you can limit your results to only ePUB ebooks, which is a format optimized for use with nook.

4.    At the top of your results, you can re-sort by title [default], creator, release date, most popular, or date added to site.

5.    Once you find a title you wish to download, click “Add to eList” on the right side of the entry. You have 30 minutes to complete your checkout before the eBook is returned to the library’s collection.

NOTE: If “Add to eList” is not an option, this means all of the electronic copies of the book are in use. Click “Request Item” on the right side of the entry. If you are not already logged in, the system will prompt you for your library card number and PIN. Enter your email address and the system will notify you when the title is available for check out.

6.    Click “Proceed to Checkout.” If you are not already logged in, the system will prompt you for your library card number and PIN.

7.    You can adjust the lending period to 7, 14, or 21 days. You may check out up to 12 eBooks at one time. After choosing your lending period, click “Confirm Checkout,” and then click “Download” on the next page.

8.    A dialog box will appear, prompting you to open a file called URLLink.acsm. This is the license for the eBook, which is stored on Adobe’s content server. Open the file with Adobe Digital Editions. The file will download immediately and launch the Digital Editions application.

9.    On the left panel of Digital Editions, All Items will be highlighted. After a few seconds, the eBook will appear in your Library under All Items, and also as part of the Borrowed category. Once the download is complete, Digital Editions will open the book.

10.    Once the eBook is appears in your Adobe Digital Editions Library, connect the nook to your computer using the USB cable. The first time you do this, you will have to authorize nook with your Adobe ID to be able to transfer protected content to and from the nook.

Transferring eBooks from Adobe Digital Editions to your nook
11.    After authorization, the nook appears as a new bookshelf in your Library in the left panel of Digital Editions. Simply drag and drop books from other bookshelves (All Items or Borrowed) by hovering over the nook bookshelf until it’s highlighted and the little red “x” turns into a green “+” sign.

12.    On the nook, there are two sections of My Library: My B&N Library and My Documents. Your NYPL eBooks (and other files you sideload onto your nook) will appear in My Documents. After you transfer your eBooks to nook using Digital Editions, eject your nook. Select My Library, and then View My Documents. You may need to press Check for New Content to display the eBooks you just transferred.

13.    In the Adobe Digital Editions Library, eBooks will display a banner in the upper right corner, which tells you how many days until they expire. At the end of the lending period, you will no longer be able to read the eBook, but it will appear in your Library until you delete it. To delete, select the eBook and click on the little arrow in the upper left corner to see the delete option on the menu.

14.    The next time you connect your nook to your computer, it will sync with your Adobe Digital Editions Library to reflect the eBooks you have deleted, and they will also be deleted from your nook.