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How many times have you stared dreamily at an Art Card on the subway ride to work? Did you know you can find many of the featured artists at the library?
Mid-Manhattan is celebrating the Olympics with book displays and a reading list that includes titles on the history and politics of the Olympic Games, as well as Brazilian cultural heritage.
Health and disease in early New York City.
The working and personal friendship of George Avakian and Louis Armstrong.

Stephen Galiczynski Exhibit

Artist Stephen Galiczynski has had exhibitions at several branches of The New York Public Library  and will, for the first time be exhibiting his sketches, paintings and driftwood pieces at the Riverside Branch.  His show runs from mid July through the end of August.


For more information on all of the pieces please contact Stephen Galiczynski at

July 21st, 2016 - August 31st, 2016

"WATCHING YOU" found face by Ner Beck

NER BECK: FINDING EYES EVERYWHERE, Photos of lost street art from NYC to Barcelona

Ner Beck, a New York City graphic artist and photographer, always takes his eyes and camera for long walks everyday, roaming various neighborhoods throughout the city, searching everywhere and waiting for the strange and unusual to appear before him. In this exhibition see inanimate found objects that have many of the same facial expressions and emotions that we humans possess. Then, view a group of pictures that are composed of layered reflections captured on glass and water, that form natural colorful prismatic collages. Also included is a new group of pictures titled “Lost, Dropped & Discarded” that are stray objects and personal possessions, accidently left behind on sidewalks and streets, that now tell their own special story. Finally, view a collection of exotic and beautiful images shot on a recent journey to the wonderful city of Barcelona. If you love to stroll urban walkways and observe all of its visual potpourri, then pop in and discover these unearthed street photo treasures on display at the Morningside Library just adjacent to Columbia University. 
Some Library Visitors’ Comments: “The artist has eyes and he can see.” “My 17-month old daughter always says “Hi” to one of your smiling face pictures.” “For someone interested in photography your exhibit was really inspiring.” “Charming and whimsical, makes you look at New York City with new eyes.” “So amazing. I dream of being a photographer when I grow up.”  “This exhibition depicting the streets of our wonderful and historically rich city is breathtaking and bold.”  “Thanks for making me laugh, makes me appreciate the city in a friendly way, perfect for NYPL.”
To read more about Ner Beck’s photographs visit –

July 19th, 2016 - September 16th, 2016

​"I WANT MY YOGA" by Bobbi Beck
"​I WANT MY YOGA" by Bobbi Beck


Bobbi Beck’s latest art exhibition can now be seen at the 96th Street branch of the New York Public Library on the Upper East Side. For many years she has been sharing her autobiographical drawings with fellow New Yorkers in neighborhoods throughout the city. Every picture focuses on a unique aspect of life that might also have at one point or another been part of your own personal life narrative. Her intriguing and telling compositions are charged with emotions and experiences, all converging in her mind’s eye and then mirroring back at the viewer. These completely original artworks have been described by viewers as possessing hints of Dali, Escher, Beardsley, Mucha and even Gaudi. Each piece is crammed with an array of visual references from many world cultures combined with beautiful ornate historical elements. In these strange and exotic compositions, everything seems to merge together and then suddenly explode, as human forms twist, warp and morph with everyday objects, animals, machinery and any other visual fodder that catches her attention while she is working. So come visit this thought-provoking exhibition and take a visual journey, look into these picture mirrors and see if you can see any of yourself reflected in Bobbi Beck’s art. 
EXHIBITION VISITORS’ COMMENTS: “Your art is good for the heart, the soul and the silly space we sometimes back ourselves into as human beings.” “Exotic and mysterious.” “I am a young artist and although art is my passion there are not many art pieces besides my own that I can relate to and identify with. Bobbi Beck’s art is so inspiring to me. She is my favorite living artist.” “All of your work expresses different aspects of life.” “You have a gift, not just technically but as a poet.” “Freud would have a field day with you my dear. Your work is amazing and coupled with the ability to express it visually is a gift to us all.”   

July 13th, 2016 - August 27th, 2016

We deposit into our archives a transcript of every interview conducted as part of the Oral History Project. These are nearly all available for use on-site at the library.
The Billy Rose Theatre Division at the Library for the Performing Arts has an extensive collection that documents the development of television, including many examples of pitches made by networks to specific companies, like AT&T or Coty Cosmetics, outlining how each network’s programming would be a match for the company’s ideal consumer.
One woman's account of a parade of Freemasons in early-nineteenth-century New York City.


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