Services and Impact

The New York Public Library is not only the second largest public library in the U.S., but it is also the only free education provider for New Yorkers of all ages. Our resources, materials, and programs may be a luxury for some, but they are a necessity for countless others. Thousands of New Yorkers without jobs, computers, or even the ability to communicate turn to our free services every day for the guidance to overcome adversity. Here are a just few examples of our services.
  • Job Services

    Job Services

    Job Services allow New Yorkers to invest in their futures without spending a dime. At the height of the economic crisis, Anthony Suarez found himself without a job or a home. He first turned to the Library for a calm respite, but soon discovered the professional guidance he really needed. Free Job Services ease the burden of unemployment while helping job seekers achieve their full potential. See where Anthony is now.

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  • Teen Programs

    Teen Programs

    Library Cards provide kids and teens with unlimited pathways to knowledge. See what happens when kids are given the opportunity to explore not what they have to, but what they want to in a safe place. As they share their discoveries with friends and peers, a future generation of active learners is born.

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  • Literacy Training

    Literacy Training

    Literacy Training ensures everyone can make the most of the Library. Pedro Munoz was 46 years old when he decided to improve his literacy skills at the Center for Reading and Writing. Thousands of others just like him come to the Library every day for classes, tutoring, reading material, and personal enrichment activities. In Pedro's words, "The Library has saved my life." Read his story.

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