Young Lions


Young Lions are literary-minded New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s. Meet new people and gain access to one of a kind events and experiences. Become a Young Lion of The New York Public Library today!

The Young Lions is a special membership group for people who love literature, love a good cocktail, and love the Library. Young Lions members receive exclusive access to engaging and inspiring events, behind-the-scenes tours of the NYPL, pre-release film screenings, intimate discussions with celebrated writers, the annual Young Lions Fiction Award, and more. Membership provides critical support to the Library’s Book Fund, which ensures all New Yorkers have access to books, e-books, and other essential resources, completely free of charge.  

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Young Lions Committee Co-Chairs: Emily Graff, Harry Morgenthau

Young Lions Committee Members: Betsy Alexandre, Emily Barnet, Caroline Bleeke, Elizabeth A. Cebron, Emily Gray, Michelle Irukera, Pooja Kapoor, Christopher Liu, David Nassirian, Matthew Norman, Benjamin Rauch, Carlo Steinman, Kendall Storey, Vikram Suresh, Trey Surpless, Ellie Whiteford

For more information, please contact the Young Lions Office at 212.930.0968 or