We work with educators to design class visits that use the Library's collections to foster creative inquiry, visual literacy skills, and inspire wonder and excitement around the process of research and discovery. 

To create positive and meaningful learning experiences, we:

  • Create visual learning experiences with the Library’s collections, embedded in the rich context of their making and distribution

  • Design class visits that provide students with ample time and tools to be informed and inspired by materiality, technique, multiple formats, the circulation of images, and the history of their context

  • Approach collaboration with external educators as partnerships, in which all parties contribute knowledge and preparatory work toward a positive student experience

  • Instill in students and educators that they are collective stewards of the Library’s collections, and are welcome to return to continue their research

1. Request 

Instructors should fill out and submit our division’s instruction request form. Within 7 days, a librarian will reach out to set up a planning meeting.

Plan to submit the form at least six weeks before your preferred visit. We encourage you to plan your visit before the start of the semester. 


2. Meet 

Discuss with your NYPL liaison in person or via email. Together you will:

  • Review your learning objectives and expectations
  • Discuss the scope of the subjects your class will be interested in
  • Establish date and time of visit
  • Determine roles and responsibilities

If you do not yet know what collection items they want to use during the class visit, your NYPL collaborator will share resources and help you arrange a research appointment. 


3. Select materials 

Your NYPL liaison will work with you to identify pertinent collections or resources that support your course objectives.


4. Visit

Review the guidelines for a class visit. Ask your students to register for a library card.

Please arrive promptly. Your NYPL liaison will meet you and your students at the class location.

We would love to hear about your experience, and work with you again! Shortly after your visit, your NYPL liaison will ask you to share brief feedback on your class visit.