Since their founding, public libraries have combated the forces of ignorance and hate by making information and knowledge freely available to all. We stand in solidarity with the library workers and communities across the country who are being censored and threatened. 

—Tony Marx, President of The New York Public Library


Unfortunately, over the past several years, there has been an alarming increase in book bans and challenges across the country. The American Library Association (ALA) reported that in 2023, the United States saw the highest number of book challenges since they started keeping records more than 20 years ago. Their report also shows that the number of titles targeted for censorship specifically at public libraries rose by 92% in 2023 compared to the previous year. The majority of the banned or challenged books are for young people and feature LGBTQ+ voices and people of color.

As the largest public library system in the country, The New York Public Library stands united with the American Library Association and libraries across the country against book bans. All year long, we’re taking the opportunity to elevate and amplify the stories, voices, and titles that censorship attempts to repress.

Download our free toolkit! To reach teens across the country, NYPL is partnering with the American Library Association to provide a free toolkit and other resources to readers, students, and educators nationwide. Join us to protect the freedom to read in your community.