Tell City Hall: No Cuts to Libraries!

Your library and your community need your help. Mid-year City budget cuts in November 2023 forced New York City’s public libraries to reduce the vital services we offer to all New Yorkers, including ending Sunday service at most locations offering it across the city, and reducing collections, programming, and maintenance at our branches. In the recently announced FY25 City budget, public libraries face a loss of funding that would require even more tough decisions about materials, programming, and open hours we can offer.

That’s why we are asking you to stand by your library and send a note right now. Sign your name to instantly deliver a message to Mayor Adams and the New York City Council to let them know how vital public libraries are to the communities they serve. From books and e-books to job-search help and ESOL classes to safe spaces for kids and teens to learn and grow, our libraries provide all New Yorkers with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Your letter and the contact information you enter below will be instantly delivered to Mayor Eric Adams, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Majority Leader Amanda Farías, Council Finance Chair Justin Brannan, Committee on Libraries Chair Carlina Rivera, and your local Council Member.

Please note: The New York Public Library has locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. The boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens are each served by their own library systems, Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library.

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Dear Mayor Eric Adams, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Council Majority Leader Amanda Farías, Committee on Libraries Chair Carlina Rivera, Council Finance Chair Justin Brannan, and Council Member,

As you make important decisions on the city budget this year, I am reaching out to urge you to restore funding to one of New York City’s most vital resources: our public libraries.

Our libraries sustained mid-year cuts in November 2023 that forced them to reduce collections, programming, and maintenance. These cuts also ended seven-day service at all the city’s libraries that offered it. If funding for the coming fiscal year is not restored, the city’s libraries will experience further losses. That means fewer books, fewer indispensable resources freely available to all, and even fewer days open each week. This would be devastating for all New Yorkers.

Public libraries are the cornerstones of our communities. They provide a wealth of services and resources, all for free. Branches are safe spaces where people of all ages, from all walks of life, gather and connect. Books and e-books open doors to new worlds, new ideas, and new voices. Library programs and classes help New Yorkers learn and grow, from after-school support for kids to English language and technology training classes for adults, and more.

As the city continues to face challenges, it’s crucial that our public libraries be open and available to all New Yorkers who need them. Libraries are for everyone—and they are essential to protecting free and open access to knowledge and creating equal opportunity for all. Restoring funding for our libraries is key to ensuring an equitable, resilient, and successful New York City.