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South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation [SOBRO]


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The South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO) is contracted by the NYC Department of Small Business Services to provide the following FREE services to Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Wholesale, Utility or Film Production businesses in The Bronx:


1.Financing assistance: loan packaging and connecting companies to the right lender

2.Recruiting and training employees: connecting companies to resources that cut the cost of hiring and training new/old employees

3.Incentives: connecting companies to tax credits and other incentives  that they may be eligible for

4.Navigating government: helping companies navigate their way through varies government and utility agencies (i.e. assist with Con Edison, licenses and permits, info on labor laws, etc)

5.Workshops: providing companies with workshops on various topics such as selling to government and social media

6.Legal Assistance: connecting companies to pro bono lawyers

7.Real Estate Assistance: companies that wish to relocate can be connected to real estate brokers

8.    Selling to Government: Assisting companies become vendors to various government agencies

9.    Advocacy: relaying any issues that companies are facing to the City and advocate on their behalf

555 Bergen Avenue, 3rd floor
Bronx, NY 10455
Contact Yesenia Polanco

Smallbiz Services Locations: Bronx, South Bronx
Smallbiz Services Group Focus: Minority-Owned Businesses, Women-Owned Businesses

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Sobro is a Slumlord

Sobro has no concern for the community it claims to serve. Their properties are disgustingly maintained and their property management department utilizes harassment and aggressive tactics to intimidate tenants from complaining about their necessary repairs. The VP of the Property Management Deborah Johnson is useless and has on many occasions asked what else do tenants from the South Bronx expect? I for one expect my landlord to maintain its property and to treat me like a human being. I am paying for a service and you would think Sobro pays me to live in its building. Someone needs to report their negligent actions and let EVERYONE know they are a fraud! Their only interest is obtaining the city and community's money!

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