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  • Quaestiones exegeticae Sidonianae: being new interpretations of difficult passages in the works of Appolinaris Sidonius.

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    • Cambridge, University Press, 1930.
    • 1930
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    Use in libraryAvailableRAA (Cambridge philological society, Cambridge, Eng. Transactions. v. 6,pt.4)Schwarzman Building - Main Reading Room 315
  • De primo et ultimo instanti ad defensionem communis opinionis adversus Petrum Mantuanum.

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    • Colle, Bonus, Magister, 1478.
  • Elogios fúnebres con que la santa iglesia catedral de Guadalaxara ha celebrado la buena memoria de su prelado el illmô. y rmô. señor mtrô. D. Fr. Antonio Alcalde. Se ponen al fin algunos monumentos de los que se han tenido presentes para formarlos.

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    • Guadalaxara, En la Imprenta de Don Mariano Valdés Tellez Giron, 1793.
    • 1793
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    *KE 1793 (Guadalajara, Mexico. Catedral. Elogios funebres con que la santa iglesia catedral de Guadalaxara)Schwarzman Building - Rare Book Collection Room 328
  • XXXIII religions, sects, societies, and factions, of the cavaliers now in armes against the Parliament. 1 Cardinalls, 2 French faction, 3 Spanish faction, 4 Adamites, 5 Prelaticall faction, 6 Jesuites, 7 Malignants, 8 Priests, 9 Arminians, 10 Italian faction, 11 Shelomothites, 12 Chiliastes, 13 Clementines, 14 Simon Maguses, 15 Achians, 16 Minanders, 17 Ebionites, 18 Corinthuses, 19 Nicholitains, 20 Marcions, 21 Eneraticæ, 22 Valentinians, 23 Theodotians, 24 Samseis, 25 Samosetens, 26 Manacheams, 27 Appolinaries, 28 Donatists, 29 Selucians, 30 Pilagians, 31 Abelardes, 32 Peternins, 33 Fratricellins, [electronic resource] : their chiefe tenents exactly observed, their actions traced, and their customes and ceremonies truly observed. And each of their originall and first foundation fully proved.

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    • [London] : Printed by Andrew Coe according to order., 1644.
    • 1644
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