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I have to live : poems / Aisha Sasha John.

I have to live : poems / Aisha Sasha John.
John, Aisha Sasha
  • [Toronto] : McClelland & Stewart, [2017]
  • ©2017

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Woodberry Poetry Room (Harvard College Library). Collections, repository. poe
145 pages; 22 cm
"A demand and promise; an obligation and challenge; a protest and call: I have to live. Juiced on the ecstasy of self-belief: I have to live. A burgeoning erotics of psychic boldness: I have to live. In which sensitivity is recognized as wealth: I have to live. Trumpeting the forensic authority of the heart: I have to live. This is original ancient poetry. It fashions a universe from its mouth." A new collection ablaze with urgency and radiant inquiry from a 2015 finalist for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry.
  • Canadian poetry – African American women authors.
  • Poetry
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  • Poésie.
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One. Something softens me -- And a withering pear I can't eat -- Considering -- I have to live. There's stuff inside of things -- What is bread? -- In the dream -- I sleep in a room -- In my nipple is an eye -- I am in love -- Dec.31, 2014 -- Aquamarine and topaz -- Everywhere there are men, there are men -- When I leave here I don't know where I am -- Two. I like it when we give the world to itself -- Ruth taught me M.G.'s dance in which one imagines herself held by a giant blue woman named Eureka -- I can't believe I agreed to go to work today -- I fold in half -- One headline said 5 minutes early is on time; -- I am an angel but I respire -- "The Bay Area" -- Advanced adulthood -- What's the big fucking deal about -- Today I could aspire but I want to nap -- Your yes, yes -- Adornment is exaltation enacted -- It's Saturday. I meet you, get soft -- I spread butter on the darkest rye -- My duty is to tend -- He thinks I should be glad because they -- His thumbs were -- Because I was being flown to Kelowna for a reading and he lives in Nelson -- Regardless -- Three. In August I visited my Gran -- Strong basic love -- Happy cup -- I defer to you -- Blood -- Rat vs Lamb. A beach -- I was born and I lived -- I wore a mint-green Donna Karan suit in the Lincoln LS commercial -- The landlord said he lost his phone -- I want to walk the park with you -- Hi -- I take a medicine -- I decided that I was a planet and I was a planet -- The crease -- I said no -- So I have a brand new set of markers -- Five. I was a born a baby -- Eighteen degrees Celsius -- The Goat -- I cut my horns -- My anger is hope for my own righteousness -- The coo of the common emerald dove is the sound of Venus -- I have to live lest I die-live -- It's why I was born -- Six. I told you -- How much of your body is your head -- The trick to being funny by Aisha Sasha John -- I couldn't win with my brother because I was born -- Thanks -- I've seen stuff always -- For you and all your siblings and friends and husbands or boyfriends -- Seven. I removed the snake ring -- Pussy pain -- The reassuring thing about life -- Psychic = Self-believer -- The year of being selfish. The year of being relaxed -- I find the book -- I get my power from pleasure. And I get my pleasure from pleasure too -- I'm on the back of something -- I'm not dead -- I'm not gonna die of love -- I have to live. I'm married to love.
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