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Poems retrieved / Frank O'Hara ; edited by Donald Allen ; with an introduction by Bill Berkson.

Poems retrieved / Frank O'Hara ; edited by Donald Allen ; with an introduction by Bill Berkson.
O'Hara, Frank, 1926-1966
San Francisco : City Lights/Grey Fox, [2013]

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Allen, Donald, 1912-2004.
xxiv, 254 pages; 22 cm.
Uniform Title
Poems. Selections
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American poetry
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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 237-243) and index.
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Noir Cacadou, or The Fatal Music of War -- A Doppelgänger -- Poem (Green things are flowers too) -- Entombment -- A Slow Poem -- In Gratitude to Masters -- Poem (Suppose that grey tree, so nude) -- Poem (Poised and cheerful the) -- Song (I'm going to New York!) -- A Pathetic Note -- Poem (Just as I leave the theatre) -- Windows -- A Byzantine Place -- Lines Across the United States -- An Epilogue: To the Players of Try! Try! -- Poem (I can't wait for spring!) -- Poem (This vessel I've chosen) -- Voyage à Paris -- A Party Full of Friends -- A Curse -- A Portrait -- Mr. O'Hara's Sunday Morning Service -- The Soldier -- Parties -- [In the street of children the sun is cold] -- Form and Utterance -- Round Objects -- Sky Rhymes -- The Air and Sex of Early Day -- A Virtuoso -- A Classical Last Act -- The Ideal Bar -- The Painter's Son -- A Military Ball -- Poem ("Green oboes!" the parrot cries,) -- Serenade (Starlings are singing) -- Vernissage Jane Freilicher -- Shelter -- Schoenberg -- [It is a weak cold morning and I roll] -- Poem (The tough newspaper boy will wear) -- On a Friend's Being Insulted -- To Dick -- The Puritan -- A Romantic Poet to His Muse -- A Greek Girl at Riis Beach -- Poets up in the Air -- [I walk through the rain] -- Chanty -- Grace and George, An Eclogue -- It's the Blue -- Jacob Wrestling -- Poem (Rat's nest, at home bungling, up) -- A Darkened Palette -- Poem ("It's only me knocking on the door) -- The Beach in April -- A Wind at Night -- Prose for the Times -- [Tent-digging on the vacant lakes we appled] -- Maurice Ravel -- "Red" -- Serenade (This night this forest) -- A Sunday Supplement -- Kra Kra -- A Protestant Saint -- What Sledgehammer? or W. C. Williams's Been Attacked! -- Latinus -- The War -- The Builders -- [With the minute intentions of a boa heroic constrictor] -- Changing Your Ways -- Study of Women on the Beach 2 -- Poem (The rich cubicle's enclosure) -- August Afternoon, A Collage -- [The azure waves grumble and languish] -- [Fish smells in the hallway] -- Poem About Jane -- [Rooftops blocks away from me] -- A Birthday -- [Of all community of mind and heart] -- A Wreath for John Wheelwright -- [See the tents and the tanks and the trees of March!] -- Intermezzo -- [My country, leafy and blue with infinite breaths,] -- Clouds -- Causerie de Gaspé Peninsula -- St. Simeon -- Light Cavalry -- Addict-Love -- [En route to the burial in Long Island] -- Perfumes -- [Lace at your breast] -- Joseph -- Spleen -- Forest Divers -- The Weekend -- The Lights Over the Door -- Bridlepath -- Indian Diary -- "Light Conversation" -- Southern Villages, A Sestina -- Green Words, A Sestina -- Tschaikovskiana -- Palisades -- Bill's Body Shop -- A Little on His Recentness -- [There's such an I love you!] -- Poem (Water flow strongly O clouds) -- Dear Bobby -- To Bobby -- [So the spirit of music, the cascades!] -- Sonnet (O at last the towers!) -- [A face over a book] -- [Into the valley they go] -- [She hefted her leg onto the table and] -- On a Back Issue of Accent -- The Last Day of the Zoo -- To the Meadow -- Benjamin Franklin, or Isadora Duncan -- Augustus -- Poem (The paralysis of power and ease) -- The Mike Goldberg Variations -- Room -- [Dumb urns in syncamore temples] -- Lexington Avenue, An Eclogue -- [In the pearly green light] -- Poem (Here we are again together) -- [Pussywillows! Oh you're still here,] -- Movie Cantata -- [O resplendent green sea! I slowly pierce] -- [Five sobs lined up on the doorstep] -- Epigram for Joe -- Ode (I don't eat wheat) -- Jackie (After John Gower) -- [The brittle moment comes] -- [On the world's first evening] -- F♯ -- [Now It Seems Far Away and Gentle] -- Corresponding Foreignly -- Song (J'arrive au casserole at je casse une croûte) -- Bagatelle, or The Importance of Being Larry and Frank -- Pitcher -- Collected Proses, An Answer -- Une Journée de Juillet -- [Dusk. Dawn. The land. An albatross thinks of Spain.] -- Attacca -- Chopiniana -- [She, has she bathed in sound] -- [It is 1:55 in Cambridge, pale and spring cool,] -- To John Ashbery on Szymanowski's Birthday -- Poem (Flower! you are like synthetic feelings,) -- Un Chant Contre Paroles -- [And leaving in a great smoky fury] -- [Three Parodies] -- Episode -- The Stars -- Springtemps -- To Ned -- Platinum, Watching TV, Etc. -- [There's nothing more beautiful] -- [Have you ever wanted] -- Fou-rire -- Two Poems and a Half -- Callas and a Photograph of Gregory Corso -- To Violet Lang -- Poem (I could die) -- University Place -- [It is 4:19 in Pennsylvania Station] -- Maria Kurenko (Rachmaninoff Sings) -- [Why is David Randolph such a jerk] -- Kein Traum -- [On the vast highway] -- Poem ("We'll probably pay for it in August" the radio says) -- Poem (You do not always seem to be able to decide) -- Old Copies of Life Magazine -- "Chez William Kramps" -- Young Girl in Pursuit of Lorca -- [How wonderful it is that the Park Avenue Viaduct is being rehabilitated] -- A Trip to the Zoo -- Dear Vincent, -- [The fondest dream of] -- What Happened to "The Elephant Is at the Door" -- After a Meeting of The 2nd Coming -- Poem During Poulenc's Gloria -- The Trout Quintet -- F.Y.I. #371 (The Nun) -- F.Y.I. #371a (Haiku Day for the Nuns) -- F.Y.I. #371b (Parallel Forces, Excerpted) -- Le Domaine Musical -- [Like a barbershop that's closed on Saturday, me heart] -- Off the Kerb & After Emily Dickinson -- Shooting the Shit Again -- [How poecile and endearing is the Porch] -- Conglomerations in the Snow of Christmas Eve 1961 -- Un Homme Respectueux -- Le Boeuf sur le Toit -- My Day -- [I will always remember] -- Poem (Hoopla! yah yah yah) -- Poem (It's faster if you late but may never occur) -- To Lotte Lenya -- Lawrence -- Song (I ate out your heart) -- Pedantry -- Poem (In that red) -- [What strange cataract the peculiar] -- [The ancient ache, quick false move] -- Poem (lost lost) -- [I know that you try even harder than I] -- [Not to confirm dolors with a wild laugh] -- [Long as the street becomes] -- [Just as I am not sure where everything is going] -- [Why are there flies on the floor].
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