Celebration : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery 2011 / edited by Mark McWilliams.

Celebration : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery 2011 / edited by Mark McWilliams.
Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery (2011 : St. Catherine's College)
Totnes, Devon [U.K.] : Prospect Books, 2012.

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384 p. : ill.; 25 cm.
  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • History
  • 2011 issue of: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.
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Foreword / Mack McWilliams -- The celebratory and the everyday : guinea pigs, hamburgers and the performance of food heritage in highland Ecuador / Emma-Jayne Abbots -- Celebrating solitude : M.F.K. Fisher on dining alone / Robert Appelbaum -- Celebration and Japanese food / Kimiko Barber -- Transylvanian lambs and Easter tables : celebrations in danger of extinction / Rosemary Barron and Kate Hawkings -- It was divine gods and their food in the ancient Greek world / Kim Beerden -- Sukkot : the paradigmatic harvest festival / Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus -- Chi vuol godere la festa, digiuni la vigilia : on the relationship between fasting and feasting / Anthony F. Buccini -- A history of the wassail bowl : from pagan brew to Christian custard / Joanna Crosby -- Celebrating Hellenism far from Hellas : feasts and festivals of Ptolemy II of Egypt / Andrew Dalby -- The floating feasts of ancient Rome / John F. Donahue -- The great Aussi barbeque / Len Fisher -- Celebrating Christmas and New Year with punch / Elizabeth Gabay -- Long life to you! Drinking and celebrating in ancient Rome in the Festival of Anna Perenna / Christopher Grocock -- Celebrating with Altamiras : the spirit of fiesta food / Vicky Hayward -- Buttering up the sun : Russian Maslenitsa from pagan practice to contemporary celebration / Sharon Hudgins -- Celebrating with sweets in Ottoman Turkey / Priscilla Mary Işin -- Royal pomp : viceregal celebrations and hospitality in Georgian Dublin / Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire and Tara Kellaghan -- The unavoidable ham biscuit / Mack McWilliams -- North and south : two banquets given to promote the Great 1851 Exhibition / Valerie Mars -- Dining with the Drapers : the Drapers' Company 1564 Election Day Feast as a map of Elizabethan London / Sarah Ann Milne -- Feast for a king : the Wine and Food Society's Car̂eme banquet at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton / Joan Navarre -- Keeping kosher : cause for celebration? / Felicity Newman -- The Midwinter celebration in Antarctica : feeding body and soul / Diana Noyce -- The bull's head breakfast in Old Los Angeles / Charles Perry -- Underground restaurants a new way to celebrate with strangers / Heike Pethe and Sabine Cikic -- On Mfúúmbu, nkasa, and whisky : a wedding celebration in Kimbonga-Louamba Congo-Brazzaville / Birgit Ricquier -- Tableware and taste : ceramic production and the presentation of banquet food / Gillian Riley -- þorrabĺot Icelandic feasting / Nanna Rö gnvaldardóttir and Michael R. Leaman -- Celebrating life in multicultural Rotterdam : a visual approach / Linda Roodenburg -- M.F.K. Fisher, W. H. Auden, and Thanksgiving for a habitat / Seth Rosenbaum -- Cake : the centrepiece of celebrations / Marietta Rusinek -- Celebrating Purim and Passover : food and memory in the creation of Jewish identity / Georg Schäfer and Susan Weingarten -- Prints Charming : nineteenth-century New York cake boards and New Year's Cake / Kimberly Sorensen -- The festive fruit : a history of figs / David C. Sutton -- Be merry, around a wheat berry! The significance of wheat in Anatolian rituals and celebrations / Aylin Öney Tan -- The rise of taste and the rhetoric of celebration / Viktoria von Hoffmann -- Celebrations and the torrid pleasures of an ice-cream and sorbet tree in Rome in August 1714 / Robin Weir -- The origins of the celebration of St Cosmas and St Damian in Rio de Janeiro / Marcia Zoladz.
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