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Media studies : a reader / edited by Sue Thornham, Caroline Bassett and Paul Marris.

Media studies : a reader / edited by Sue Thornham, Caroline Bassett and Paul Marris.
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2009.

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Additional Authors
  • Thornham, Sue.
  • Bassett, Caroline.
  • Marris, Paul.
xviii, 894 p.; 25 cm.
Introduces a full range of theoretical perspectives through which the media may be explored, analysed, critiqued, and understood.
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  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Studying the media. Foundations. Culture industry reconsidered / Theodor W. Adorno -- Medium is the message / Marshall McLuhan -- Encoding/decoding / Stuart Hall -- Power of the image / Annette Kuhn -- Public sphere / Jurgen Habermas -- Masses : the implosion of the social in the media / Jean Baudrillard -- Truth and power / Michael Foucalult -- Practice of everyday life / Michel de Certeau -- Postscript on the societies of control / Gilles Deleuze -- Some properties of fields / Pierre Bourdieu -- Media in the public sphere. Introduction to Orientalism / Edward Said -- Mass culture as woman : modernism's other / Andreas Huyssen -- Globalization of communication / John B. Thompson -- Introduction to the information age / Maueal Castells -- Not only, but also : mixedness and media / Annabelle Sreberny -- Representation. Textual structures. Programming as sequence or flow / Raymond Williams -- Broadcast TV narration / John Ellis -- Role of stereotypes / Richard Dyer -- Genre, representation and soap opera / Christine Gledhill -- Rhetoric, play, and performance / Roger Silverstone -- Database as a symbolic form / Lev Manovich -- Politics of representation. Fictions and ideologies : the case of situation comedy / Janet Woollacott -- New ethnicities / Stuart Hall -- Skin flicks on the racial border : pornography, exploitation, and interracial lust / Linda Williams -- Between the blues and the blues dance : some soundscapes of the Black Atlantic / Paul Gilroy -- Queering home or domesticating deviance? Interrogating gay domesticity through lifestyle television / Andrew Gorman-Murray -- Feminist readings. Survival skills and daydreams / Janice Winship -- Reading the slender body / Susan Bordo -- Role of soap opera in the development of feminist television scholarship / Charlotte Brunsdon -- Postmodernism and popular culture / Angela McRobbie -- Playing the game : young girls performing femininity in video game play / Valerie Walkerdine -- Audiences. 'Effects' debate. On the social effects of television / James D. Halloran -- Television audience : a revised perspective / Denis McQuail, Jay G. Blumler and J.R. Brown -- Sociology of media power : key issues in audience reception research / Jenny Kitzinger -- From bad research to good, a guide for the perplexed / Martin Barker, Julian Petley -- Politics of reading. Reading the romance / Janice Radway -- Wanted : audiences. On the politics of empirical audience studies / Ien Ang -- Oppositional gaze : Black female spectators' / bell hooks -- There is something queer here / Alexander Doty -- Banal transnationalism : the difference that television makes / Asu Aksoy, Kevin robins -- Behind closed doors : video recorders in the home / Ann Gray -- Media, meaning, and everyday life / Joke Hermes -- What's "home" got to do with it? Contradictory dynamics in the domestication of technology and the dislocation of domesticity / David Morley -- No dead air! the iPod and the culture of mobile listening / Michael Bull -- 'Reality' television. Reality TV and social perversion / Bill Nichols -- Rise of reality TV / Annette Hill -- Public and private bodies / Sue Thornham -- Celebrity, social mobility and the future of reality TV / Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn -- Teaching us to fake it : the ritualized norms of television's "reality" games / Nick Couldry -- News and documentary. News values and news production / Peter Golding, Philip Elliott -- Social production of news / Stuart Hall, Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson, John Clarke, Brian Roberts -- Politicizing the personal : women's voices in British television documentaries / Myra Macdonald -- News media and the globalization of the public sphere / Stig Hjarvard -- Bad news from Israel / Greg Philo, Mike Berry -- Picturizing science : the science documentary as multimedia spectacle / José van Kijck -- Advertising and promotional culture. Advertising : the magic system / Raymond Williams -- Advertising, magazine culture, and the "new man" / Sean Nixon -- Soft-soaping empire : commodity racism and imperial advertising / Anne McClintock -- Promotional condition of contemporary culture / Andrew Wernick -- Social communication in advertising / William Leiss, Stephen Kline, Sut Jhally, Jacqueline Botterill -- New technologies, new media? Cyberspace and the world we live in / Kevin Robins -- Work of being watched : interactive media and the exploitation of self-disclosure / Mark Andrejevic -- The MP3 as cultural artifact / Jonathan Sterne -- Beyond anonymity, or future directions for internet identity research / Helen Kennedy -- Cultural studies and new media / Caroline Bassett.
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