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Collected poems / Mervyn Peake ; edited with an introduction by R.W. Maslen.

Collected poems / Mervyn Peake ; edited with an introduction by R.W. Maslen.
Peake, Mervyn, 1911-1968
Manchester : FyfieldBooks, 2008.

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Maslen, R. W. (Robert W.)
xvi, 259 p. : ill.; 22 cm.
"It is forty years since the death of Mervyn Peake (1911-68), the author of the much-loved Gormenghast novels. To mark the anniversary this first comprehensive edition of Peake's poetry is published. It includes every black-and-white illustration he made for his verse, together with unpublished drawings. Of the more than 230 poems in the collection, over 80 are printed for the first time. Robert Maslen's detailed work on the manuscripts reveals the poems as a dazzling link between the fantasy world of Gormenghast and the narrative of Peake's own life and of the turbulent times he lived in."--book jacket.
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Birth of Day -- Vikings -- Coloured Money -- If I Could See, Not Surfaces -- Palais de Danse -- Rhondda Valley -- Heaven Hires Me -- Metal Bird -- Cocky Walkers -- Poplar -- These Eyes Have Noosed a Hundred Hills -- Mane Katz -- Two Seasons -- Autumn: The lit mosaic of the wood -- Crystal -- To Maeve: You walk unaware -- Poem: Body and head and arms and throat and hands -- How Foreign to the Spirit's Early Beauty -- Sing I the Fickle, Fit-for-Nothing Fellows -- El Greco -- Spring -- Watch, Here and Now ... -- Au Moulin Joyeux -- Van Gogh -- I, While the Gods Laugh, the World's Vortex Am -- Epstein's Adam -- Burgled Beauty -- September 1939 -- We Are the Haunted People -- She Whose Body Was in Pain -- Now Are Gathering in the Skies -- Where Skidded Only in the Upper Air -- Boy -- World -- Women of the World Inhabit Her -- O Heart-Beats -- Sensitive Head -- Sands Were Frosty When the Soul Appeared -- I Could Sit Here an Age-Long of Green Light -- Dreams -- Where Got I These Two Eyes that Plunder Storm -- I, Like an Insect on the Stained Glass -- Swung through Dead Aeons -- Autumn: There is a surge of stillness bred -- Eagle -- Sap of Sorrow Mounts This Rootless Tree -- Moon -- No Creed Shall Bind Me to a Sapless Bole -- As Over the Embankment -- Blake -- Fame Is My Tawdry Goal -- Often, in the Evenings -- I Am Almost Drunken -- Balance -- Torch -- Stand with Me -- I Sing a Hatred of the Black Machine -- Lit, Every Stage -- She Does Not Know -- Life Beat Another Rhythm -- Oh Sprightly and Lightly -- What is That against the Sky? -- Oh I Must End This War within My Heart -- Beauty, What Are You? -- Modelles -- I Found Myself Walking -- Along with Everything Else -- Am I to Say Goodbye to Trees and Leaves? -- To All Things Solid as to All Things Flat -- When God Had Pared His Fingernails -- For All Your Deadly Implications -- O She Has Walked All Lands There Are -- Grottoed beneath Your Ribs Our Babe Lay Thriving -- In the Fabric of This Love -- May 1940 -- Troop Train -- Fort Darland -- In the Lion's Yellow Eyes -- Every Gesture Every Eyelid's -- Leave Train -- Shapes -- To a Scarecrow Gunner -- From the Hot Chaos of the Many Habitations -- Rather than a Little Pain -- Two Fraternities -- With People, So with Trees -- Onetime my Notes Would Dance -- London, 1941 -- Sullen Accents Told of Doom -- Before Man's Bravery I Bow My Head -- Spadesmen -- Craters -- They Move with Me, My War-Ghosts -- Had Each a Voice, What Would His Fingers Cry -- What Is It Muffles the Ascending Moment? -- I Am For Ever With Me -- Sounds -- Colt -- Burning Boy -- Is There No Love Can Link Us? -- Swan Arrogant -- London Buses -- Reverie of Bone -- Suddenly, Walking along the Open Road -- They Loom Enormous -- Maeve -- What Can I Ever Offer You -- O, This Estrangement Forms a Distance Vaster -- April Radiance of White Light Dances -- May 1942 -- Blue as the Indigo and Fabulous Storm -- Curl Up in the Great Window Seat -- Digging a Trench I Found a Heart-Shaped Stone -- Absent from You Where Is There Corn and Wine? -- I am the Slung Stone that No Target Has -- If I Would Stay What Men Call Sane -- Poem: Taller than life, deployed along the shallows -- Glassblowers -- Dead Rat -- For Maeve: You are the maeve of me -- Tides -- Because Last Night My Child Clung to My Neck -- Poem: My arms are rivers heavy with raw flood -- Three -- Consumptive. Belsen 1945 -- This German Pinewood -- World is Broken without Love -- Yet Who to Love Returning -- Victims -- Poem: Remote, that baleful head of his -- All Eden Was Then Girdled by My Arms -- Vastest Things Are Those We May Not Learn -- Poem: It is at times of half-light that I find -- Each Day We Live Is a Glass Room -- As a Great Town Draws the Eccentrics In -- Conscious that Greatness Has Its Tinder Here -- Restaurant -- If Trees Gushed Blood -- When the Heart Cries in Love -- What is that Noise in the Shaking Trees? -- Neither to Captain nor be Captained, I -- Crumbles the Crested Scroll -- Wayward O World and Unpredictable -- O Love, the World's Solution -- When Tiger-Men Sat Their Mercurial Coursers -- This Field is Dim with Sheaves -- Brave Lies Conspiring in the Three-Hued Flag -- Are We Not the Richer? -- Pit-Boy's Lung Is Black -- Crisis -- It Is the Malady -- At My Inmost Heart Is Fear -- This Is the Darkness -- I Cannot Find It in Me to Be Gay -- There Is No Difference between Night and Day -- Heart Holds Memories Older than the Mind's -- Lug Out Your Spirit from Its Cage of Clay -- There Is an Aristocracy of Love -- Poem: How dangerous a thing -- Into the Sky All Men Must Turn Their Eyes -- And I Thought You beside Me -- Into the Dusky Well -- Satan -- Features Forgo Their Power -- Let Dreams Be Absolute -- Birch Saplings -- His Head and Hands Were Built for Sin -- I Have Become Less Clay than Hazel-Rod -- Cold Island! The Splenetic Air -- Rembrandt -- Victoria Station. 6.58 p.m. -- Half-Light -- How Shall I Find Me -- Let the Result Be What It May -- Sark; Evening -- That Phoenix Hour -- Robert Frost -- Wings -- Written About a Piece of Paper when About to Draw -- As Battle Closes In My Body Stoops -- When All Is Said and Done -- Possessionless, O Leveret -- Love So Imperilled Is -- Love's House -- Flag Half-Masted Is a People's Poem -- Love, I Had Thought It Rocklike -- Swans Die and a Tower Falls -- And Are You Then Love's Spokesman in the Bone? -- For Ever through Love's Weather Wandering -- Rhyme of the Flying Bomb -- To the Illegitimate of War -- Truths Have no Separate Fires but from Their Welding -- Poem: He moves along the bleak, penumbral shire -- Ugly Crow Sits Hunched on Jackson's Heart -- Poem: As much himself is he as Caliban -- Snow in Sark -- Poem: The paper is breathless -- Conceit -- Out of the Chaos of My Doubt -- To Live at All Is Miracle Enough -- Old Grey Donkey -- As the Kite that Soars -- Poem: What panther stalks tonight -- Rebels -- Poem: With power supernal dowered -- And Then I Heard Her Speak -- Flight -- As I Watched between Two Forests -- Heads Float about Me -- Swallow the Sky -- Coarse as the Sun Is Blatant -- Through the Voluminous Foliage of the Mind -- On Fishing Up a Marble Head -- Poem: That lance of light that slid across the dark -- Poem: When I was wounded -- Poem: Out of the overlapping -- Poem: As though it were not his, he throws his body -- Break Through Naked -- Poem: Thunder the Christ of it -- Hail! Tommy-Two-Legs -- Great Hulk down the Astonished Waters Drifting -- For Maeve: Now, with the rain about her -- Armful of Roses -- I Cross the Narrow Bridges to Her Love -- My Malady Is This -- At Such an Hour as This -- Staring in Madness -- For God's Sake Draw the Blind -- Presage of Death -- Eclipse -- Lies! Lies! It Is All Lies and Nothing Else -- Love Is an Angry Weather -- O Love, the Steeplejack -- She Lies in Candlelight -- Than Paper and a Pen.
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