Body drama : [real girls, real bodies, real issues, real answers] / Nancy Amanda Redd ; foreword by Angela Diaz ; photography by Kelly Kline.

Body drama : [real girls, real bodies, real issues, real answers] / Nancy Amanda Redd ; foreword by Angela Diaz ; photography by Kelly Kline.
Redd, Nancy
New York : Gotham Books, c2008.

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271 p. : col. ill; 22 cm.
Juvenile works.
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  • Skin -- Boobs -- Down there -- Hair, mouth, nails -- Shape.
  • [pt. 1]. Skin -- My face is a zit factory -- Types of pimples -- How to : give yourself a facial -- I have acne on my butt and back -- Other types of body bumps -- Cold sore, herpes, or both? -- I sweat more than other girls do -- I bathe every day but I still smell -- I'm addicted to tanning -- FYI : detecting skin cancer -- How to : get the perfect fake bake -- My skin is full of stretch marks -- I confess: I've bought scams from quacks -- Some parts of my body have darker skin than others -- FYI : birthmarks -- My skin is rough and dry -- My thighs look like cottage cheese -- How to : make your own skin care products -- My piercing isn't healing well -- FYI : Keloids -- How to : find the perfect piercer -- Safe tattooing.
  • [pt. 2]. Boobs -- I have no breasts at all -- 99 nicknames for boobs -- My breasts are too heavy and cause me pain -- How to : strengthen your back -- One of my boobs is bigger than the other -- FYI : a brief bra history ... and the history of nipple piercing -- My breasts are too far apart and I don't have and cleavage -- FYI : third nipples -- My breasts aren't perky enough and/or don't bounce -- FYI : what a difference a bra makes! -- Cultural chest pains -- My nipples are always hard -- Find a bra that fits -- My nipples are always flat and never point out -- How to : do the Hoffman (evert your nipples) -- How to : measure yourself for a bra -- My breasts often itch and/or are sore -- How to : cool the itch -- Booby emoticons -- I have many little bumps around my nipple -- I have discharge coming from my nipples -- I feel lumps and/or hard stuff in my breast.
  • [pt. 3]. Down there -- I hate the way I look down there -- FYI : labiaplasty -- How to : explore your body -- Photographing vulvas isn't easy! -- Nicknames for vulvas -- I confess : I had a bump down there -- It's bumpy and lumpy down there -- My vagina smells -- I confess : I had BV while writing this book -- My vagina secretes stuff -- FYI : don't douche! -- STIs -- How to : get reliable and anonymous supplies, testing, and advice -- 21 nicknames for your period -- My period is way too heavy or too long -- FYI : toxic shock syndrome -- How to : avoid (and get rid of) period stains -- I get really bad cramps -- The pill -- FYI : giving bloat the boot -- Taking PMS seriously -- I'm a virgin, but I missed my period -- What if I'm not a virgin? -- More on contraception -- How to properly use a male condom -- It hurts to pee and it feels as if I have to all the time -- I go poo too much or not enough -- Common poo problems -- When it hurts to go poo -- Booty emoticons -- I get skid marks in my underwear -- FYI : poo deodorizers -- How to : pick the right panties.
  • [pt. 4]. Hair mouth nails -- It's a forest down there -- FYI : pube-dos -- My legs feel like chicken skin after I shave -- How to : shave properly -- There are moving dots in my scalp or pubic hair -- I have a mustache -- How to : properly tweeze your brows -- Hair removal methods -- I confess : I had a terrible waxing experience -- How to : choose the proper place for nail services and hair removal -- I fried my hair -- How to : deep condition your hair -- When I scratch my head, white flakes fall on my clothes -- Hair lost & found -- I chew or pull on my hair or nails all the time -- FYI : nail color and health -- I have yucky stuff underneath my nails -- My teeth aren't white -- FYI : braces -- My breath is harsh! -- Smoking kills.
  • [pt. 5]. Shape -- I feel fat -- Body mass index -- What is body image? -- No, seriously, I am overweight -- I confess : people can be mean -- I want to get fit and eat right, but it's expensive! -- FYI : portion control -- How to : read a food nutrition label -- I eat the same as my friends, but I'm the only one who gains weight -- The proper way to crunch -- I'll never be thin enough -- FYI : dieting can make you gain weight -- I'm depressed -- I confess : I went to therapy -- I'm harming my body -- When someone else harms your body -- A word about professional help -- I'm obsessed with my looks -- FYI : body dysmorphic disorder -- I confess : I had to scale back -- I need cosmetic surgery bad -- FYI : nip and tuck nightmares -- The truth about photos -- The truth about beauty -- All about doctors.
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