Willow, wine, mirror, moon : women's poems from Tang China / translated from the Chinese with an introduction by Jeanne Larsen.

Willow, wine, mirror, moon : women's poems from Tang China / translated from the Chinese with an introduction by Jeanne Larsen.
Rochester, NY : BOA Editions, 2005.

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Larsen, Jeanne.
151 p.; 23 cm.
Series Statement
Lannan translations selection series
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Lannan translations selection series.
Alternative Title
Women's poems from Tang China
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 144-148).
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Song : wandering in spring / Ms. Changsun, the Wende Empress -- An evening banquet as the year begins, wine cups floating past / Empress Wu Zhao -- In the stony-torrents mountains / Empress Wu Zhao -- Plaint : her beautiful letters / Shagguan Wan'er -- from Twenty-five poems upon travelling to the changing princess's floating wine cup pond / Shangguan Wan'er -- Declining a gift of pearls / Jiang Caiping -- For my maidservant Zhang Yunrong, upon seeing her dance / Yang Yuhuan -- Written on a screen at empty-pond courier station / The Yifen Princess -- Teasing Lu Chang, a bridesmaid from down south / Song Ruoxin -- Poem rhyming with one by his majesty, written as ordered at a banquet in Linde Palace with a hundred colleagues / Song Ruozhao -- Poem rhyming with one by his majesty, written at a banquet in Linde Palace with a hundred officials / Song Ruoxin -- from The greenwall pilgrimage sequence / Praiseworthy Consort Xu, Obedient and Sagely Queen Mother of Shu and Exemplary Consort Xu, Respectful and Sagely Dowager of Shu -- Accompanying his majesty to the Greenwall Mountains, east of the Himalayas / Li Xunxian -- In a palace in Shu, written at his majesty's command / Li Xunxian -- Going fishing, getting nothing / Li Xunxian -- Palace lyrics / Lady Pistilstamens -- Hearing music from a zither / Ms. Sun -- Clouds at the creek's mouth / Zhang Wenji -- Bamboo at pond's edge / Zhang Wenji -- Egrets on the shore / Zhang Wenji -- A pair of autumn-blooming mallows / Zhang Wenji -- After an old song / Liu Yao -- In darkness, separation / Liu Yao -- Mooring at Wuchang on mid-autumn festival night / Liu Shurou -- On declining to marry a prime minister's daughter / Huang Chongjia -- Joining my husband on the long road to the capital / Wang Yunxiu -- On my husband's elevation to grand councilor : sent to my scornful sisters / Wang Yunxiu -- Advising my husband to broaden his political base / Wang Yunxiu -- As in olden times / Madame Zhang -- Willow Floss / Madame Zhang -- Bowing to the new moon / Madame Zhang -- My husband fails his exams again / Ms. Zhao -- On hearing that my husband has passed his exams / Ms. Zhao -- For young Miss Zheng / Xue Yun -- Answering my husband, Yuan Zhen / Pei Shu -- Self-portrait, sent to my husband / Xue Yuan -- Missing him : two poems / Pei Yuxian -- In answer to my sisters, who want me to stop drinking / Ms. Jiang -- Offered to the recluse Chen Tao / The Lotus Courtesan -- For Madame Lu / Chang Hao -- Poem sent far away / Chang Hao -- Scent-of-delirium cave / Shi Feng -- The pillow of the divine cock / Shi Feng -- An incense-burner pillow / Shi Feng -- Soup for a closed door / Shi Feng -- Saying goodbye to Wu Buque / A. Courtesan from Xiangyang -- Swallow tower : three poems / Guan Panpan -- Rhyming with a poem by Master Bo / Guan Panpan -- Sent to Ouyang Zhan / A. Courtesan from Taiyuan -- On the pond, a pair of birds / Xue Tao -- Love-duck herb / Xue Tao -- Goldenlamp flowers / Xue Tao -- Longing for litchis / Xue Tao -- To General Gao, who smashed the rebellion for the son of heaven / Xue Tao -- Rhyming with a poem given me by Secretary Li, at a banquet graced by courtesans like willows / Xue Tao -- In response to Commissioner Wu / Xue Tao -- Ah, let him come back to me / Liu Caichun -- Willow branches / Zhou Dehua -- Nearing my end, and inviting guests / Yan Lingbin -- Poem using the rhyme words of Li Biao's outrageous come-on / Wang Susu -- Song / Qi Xiaoyao -- On my sickbed by the lake, happy because Lu Hongjian has arrived / Li Ye -- Here by chance / Li Ye -- Parting on a night when the moon shines clear / Li Ye -- Sent to Zhu Fang / Li Ye -- The Tao and the path : thoughts sent to officiary Cui / Li Ye -- Practicing my heaven-organ / Zhuo Yingying -- Poem rhyming with Zhuo Yingying's "practicing my heaven-organ" / Lu Meiniang -- Another poem on riverside willow trees / Yu Xuanji -- Depression : two poems / Yu Xuanji -- Struck by a mood at spring's end : sent to a friend / Yu Xuanji -- Written on a wall of abundance temple, built by Hermit Ren / Yu Xuanji -- Calling on the right reverend taoist mistress Zhao, who's not at home / Yu Xuanji -- A summer day, a mountain home / Yu Xuanji -- Springtime views in the land of Qin / Yuan Chun -- Hidden meaning / sexual alchemy / Yuan Chun -- Sent to my senior sisters in the Luoyang region / Yuan Chun -- Nighttime, aboard a boat, one text / Haiyin.
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