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  • Gullah folktales from the Georgia coast / Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. ; foreword by Susan Millar Williams.
Jones, Charles C., Jr. (Charles Colcock), 1831-1893
Athens : University of Georgia Press, 2000.

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xxxv, 192 p.; 18 cm.
Uniform Title
  • Negro myths from the Georgia coast told in the vernacular
  • Project Muse UPCC books
Alternative Title
Negro myths from the Georgia coast told in the vernacular
Folk tales
  • "Brown thrasher books."
  • Originally published: Negro myths from the Georgia coast told in the vernacular. Boston : Houghton-Mifflin, 1888. With new foreword.
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  • Includes bibliographical references.
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How come buh alligatur nebber sleep fur from de ribber bank -- Buh tukrey buzzud an de rain -- How buh cooter fool buh deer -- Buh wolf, buh rabbit, an de tar baby -- Buh fowl-hawk an buh rooster -- Buh tukrey buzzud an de king crab -- De king, eh darter, buh wolf, an buh rabbit -- Buh pattridge an buh rabbit -- De old man an de gallinipper -- Buh sparruh -- Buh alligatur an buh mash-hen -- Buh fowl-hawk an buh turkrey buzzud -- Buh wolf an buh rabbit -- Buh wolf an de two dinner -- Buh owl an buh rooster -- Buh lion an buh goat -- Buh bear an buh tiger -- Buh monkey an de bull-dog -- Buh elephant an buh rooster -- De po man an de snake -- Leely gal, buh alligatur, an de jay-bud -- De cat, de rat, de cheese, an de fox -- Buh rabbit an de tarruh beasties -- Buh wolf, buh rabbit, an de butter -- De eagle an de chillun -- Chanticleer an de ban-yad rooster -- Buh rabbit an de groun-mole -- Buh rabbit an de rock-soup -- De two fren an de bear -- De ole man an det -- De king an eh ring -- Buh lion, buh rabbit, buh fox, an buh roccoon -- Buh rabbit, buh wolf, an de porpus -- De debble an May Belle -- De ole man an de coon -- Buh rabbit an de crawfish -- Buh rabbit an buh elephunt -- Buh rabbit buh wolf, an buh possum -- Buh rabbit, buh wolf, an de holler tree -- Buh rabbit an de conjur man -- Buh rabbit, buh fox, an de fisherman -- Buh rabbit, buh wolf, an de yearlin -- Buh rabbit, buh wolf, de dog, an de goose -- Buh squirle an buh fox -- Buh rabbit, buh wolf, an de buckra man -- Buh rabbit an buh wolf funeral -- De new nigger an eh mossa -- Buh rabbit an de king darter -- De single ball -- Buh roccoon an buh possu -- Buh wolf, buh rabbit an de rain -- Buh alligatur, buh rabbit an buh wolf -- De dyin bull-frog -- Buh rabbit, buh pattridge, an de cow -- De fiddler, buh tiger, an buh bear -- De ole king an de noung king -- Buh goat an buh wolf -- Dentistry at the olf plantation home -- The negro and the alligator -- Sperits -- Daddy Jupiter's vision.
0820322164 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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