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Meletemata : studies in Aegean archaeology presented to Malcolm H. Wiener as he enters his 65th year / edited by Philip P. Betancourt ... [et al.].

Meletemata : studies in Aegean archaeology presented to Malcolm H. Wiener as he enters his 65th year / edited by Philip P. Betancourt ... [et al.].
Liège : Université de Liège; Austin : University of Texas at Austin, 1999.

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v.1 (1999)TextRequest in advance AEGEAN ARC. M 483 v.1 (1999)Off-site
v.2 (1999)TextRequest in advance AEGEAN ARC. M 483 v.2 (1999)Off-site
v.3 (1999)TextRequest in advance AEGEAN ARC. M 483 v.3 (1999)Off-site


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3 v. : ill.; 30 cm.
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Aegaeum ; 20
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Aegaeum 20.
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  • v. 1. Biography of Malcolm Wiener / Philip P. Betancourt -- Healing cult in Minoan Crete / Robert Arnott -- Oriental impact on the forms of Early Aegean seals / Joan Aruz -- Breaking into Cypriot pottery: recent insights into red polished ware / Jane A. Barlow, Sarah J. Vaughan -- Hull and anchor of the Cape Gelidonya ship / George F. Bass -- "Early hypogaeum" at Knossos: some hints for future investigations / Paolo Belli -- What is Minoan? FN/EM I in the Gulf of Mirabello region / Philip P. Betancourt -- History of Middel Minoan wall painting: the "Kamares connection" / Fritz Blakolmer -- On hunting lions in Bronze Age Greece / Edmund F. Bloedow -- Experiment in field survey in eastern Crete / Keith Branigan -- Chemical evidence for a structured agricultural manuring regime on the island of Pseira, Crete during the Minoan period / Ian D. Bull, Philip P. Betancourt, Richard P. Evershed -- Purple and Aegean textile trade in the early second millennium B.C. / Brendan Burke -- Vronwy Hankey / Gerald Cadogan -- Milk-bowls: some Pylos pantries revisited / Jill Carington-Smith -- Building the treasury of Atreus / William Cavanagh, Christopher Mee -- After Aidonia: further reflections on attribution in the Aegean Bronze Age / John F. Cherry -- New approach to Minoan iconography, an introduction: the case of the Minoan genii / Stella Chryssoulaki -- Coals to Newcastle, wallbrackets to Tiryns: irrationality, gift exchange, and distance value / Eric H. Cline -- Early Cycladic marble beaker from Theologos in East Lokris / John E. Coleman -- Characterization studies of Bronze Age pottery from Eleusis / Michael Cosmopoulos [and others] -- Engineering of Mycenaean tholoi: the circular tomb at Thorikos revisited / Veronica Cremasco, Robert Laffineur -- Recently discovered Early Helladic pendant from Geraki, Lakonia / Joost Crouwel.
  • Essay on ten precious gems: originality in Aegean art / Janice Crowley -- Scattered human bones at Franchthi cave: remnants of ritual or refuse? / Tracey Cullen -- Locating Mycenaean cemeteries / Mary K. Dabney -- Pylos regional archaeological project: the prehistoric investigations / Jack L. Davis, John Bennet, Cynthia W. Shelmerdine -- Late Minoan IIIC window frame from Vronda, Kavousi / Leslie Preston Day -- Petrographica analysis of the Tel Haror inscribed sherd: seeking provenance within Crete / Peter M. Day [and others] -- Mycenaean terracotta figure from Midea in the Argolid / Katie Demakopoulou -- Catalogue of ships and all that / Oliver Dickinson -- Late Minoan I obsidian workshop at Pseira, Crete / Heidi M.C. Dierckx -- Marine-style ewer from Poros / Nota Dimopoulou -- Dismantling of a Minoan hall at Palaikastro (Knossians go home?) / Jan Driessen -- Early Bronze Age fortification systems in Izmir region / Hayat Erkanal -- Mats and baskets: some observations on their study / Don Evely -- Minoan scoop / Cheryl Floyd -- Mainland "conical cup" / Elizabeth B. French, Jonathan E. Tomlinson -- Copper oxhide ingots and the Aegean metals trade: new perspectives / Noel H. Gale, Zofia A. Stos-Gale -- Politics of dancing: a reconsideration of the motif of dancing in Bronze Age Greece / Senta C. German -- Ritual kalathoi in the shrine at Kavousi / Geraldine Gesell -- Significance of color for metals in the Aegean Bronze Age / Carole Gillis -- Ecriture d'Arkhanès: hiéroglyphique ou Linéaire A? / Louis Godart -- Some problems in defining Dark Age society in the Aegean / Donald C. Haggis -- v. 2. Nodules and LMIIIB Kydonian pottery from the Little Palace at Knossos / Erik and Birgitta P. Hallager -- Surplus and share-croppers: the grain production strategies of Mycenaean palaces / Paul Halstead -- Tale of eighteen sherds / Vronwy Hankey; ill. by Henry Hankey.
  • Konispol Cave plant remains / Julie Hansen -- Aspects of the nature and control of Mycenaean foreign trade / Halford Haskell -- Mycenaean stone vase from Messenia / Georgia Hatzi-Spiliopoulou -- Coastal settlement of Priniatikos Pyrgos: archaeological evidence, topography, and environment / Barbara Hayden -- Copper and bronze objects from Minoan Pseira / Séan Hemingway -- Egyptian elements on the Hagia Triada sarcophagus / Stefan Hiller -- Near Eastern perspective on ethnicity in Minoan Crete: the further tale of conical cups / Louise A. Hitchcock -- Aspects of Minoan chronology / Sinclair Hood -- Monastiraki and Phaistos, elements of Protopalatial history / Athanasia Kanta -- Mycenaean pilgrim flask re-examined / Vassos Karageorghis -- New Mycenaean finds from Rhodes / Efi Karantzali -- Mycenaean Helike / Dora Katsonopoulou -- Can't live without them: producing and consuming Minoan conical cups / Carl Knappett -- Creto-Mycenaean earrings of Queen Nofretari / Robert B. Koehl -- Group of new Mycenaean horsemen from Methana / Eleni Konsolaki-Yannopoulou -- Island's isles: Crete and its insular components: a preliminary approach / Katerina Kopaka, Angeliki Kossyva -- Akrotiri: West House: some reflections / Günter Kopcke -- Archaeological survey in an alluvial delta on the Aegean coast of Turkey: methodological problems and solutions / Kyriacos Lambrianides, Nigel Spencer -- "Aspro pato": a lasting liquid toast from the master-builders of Palaikastro to their patron / Sandy MacGillivray, Hugh Sackett, Jan Driessen -- Knossos and the limits of settlement growth / Sturt W. Manning -- Bull hides as dadoes and emblems of prestige in Creto-Mycenaean palaces / Nanno Marinatos -- Ethnography of Minoan and Mycenaean beekeeping / Manolis Melas.
  • Note on A.J. Evans's The palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of Early Cretan civilization as illustrated by the discoveries at Knossos / Nicoletta Momigliano -- Cooking dishes from the Kastro / Margaret S. Mook -- Late Minoan IIIC/ Late Helladic IIIC: chronology and terminology / Penelope A. Mountjoy -- Phoenicians in the Aegean / James D. Muhly -- Wiggles worth watching: making radiocarbon work: the case of Çatal Höyük / Maryanne W. Newton, Peter I. Kuniholm -- Polypus and the poppy: two unusual rhyta from the Mycenaean cemetery at Mochlos / Ann M. Nicgorski -- Minoans of Miletus / Barbara and Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier -- Symbolic perspective on Protopalatial ideologies and administration: formulaic uses of religious imagery / Marianna Nikolaidou -- Women, children, and weaving / Lucia Nixon -- Pairing of pots in the Middle Helladic period / Gullög Nordquist -- Final Neolithic refugees or Early Bronze Age newcomers? The problem of defensible sites in Crete in the late fourth millennium B.C. / Krzysztof Nowicki -- Linear A in the Aegean: the further travels of the Minoan script: a study of 30+ extra-Cretan Minoan inscriptions / Gareth Owens -- Linear A> Linear B / Thomas G. Palaima, Elizabeth Sikkenga -- Theran architecture through the Minoan looking glass / Clairy Palyvou -- Minoan faience- and glass-making: techniques and origins / Marina Panagiotaki -- Grave circle B of Antron: preliminary report / Maria-Photini Papaconstantinou -- Tricks and twins: Nestor, Aktorione-Molione, the Agora oinochoe, and the potter who made them / John K. Papadopoulos -- v. 3. Weapons for men and gods: three Knossian swords from the Syme sanctuary / George Papasavvas, Polymnia Muhly, Angeliki Lebessi -- Conservation survey of Bronze Age metals in the Athenian Agora / Alice Boccia Paterakis.
  • Minoische "Porträts"? / Inog Pini -- New evidence of the occupation at Zakros before the LM I palace / Lefteris Platon -- Ivoires chypro-égéens: de Chypre à Minet-el-Beida et Mycènes / Jean-Claude Poursat -- Face of Pelops / John Prag, Richard Neave, Denise Smith -- Early Aegean daggers: an example from Tsoungiza, ancient Nemea / Daniel J. Pullen -- Copper, tin, and arsenic sources in the Aegean Bronze Age / George (Rip) Rapp, Jr. -- Monkey frieze from Xeste 3, room 4: reconstruction and interpretation / Paul Rehak -- Loom of language and the Versailles effect / Colin Renfrew -- Hearths of the Minoan palace at Galatas / George Rethemiotakis -- Conical cup concentrations at Neopalatial Petras: a case for a ritualized reception ceremony with token hospitality / David W. Rupp, Metaxia Tsipopoulou -- Aulis mycénienne et la route maritime de l'Egée du Nord / Adamantios Sampson -- Goddesses, dancing, and flower-gathering maidens in Middle Minoan vase painting / Wolfgang Schiering -- Mycenaean horseman of Koukounaries / Demetrius U. Schilardi -- Conical cups in context / Elizabeth Schofield -- Tale of three bases: new criteria for dating Minoan architectural features / Joseph W. Shaw -- Bronze Age enigma: the "U-shaped" motif in Aegean architectural representations / Maria C. Shaw -- Early evidence for the use of the lathe in antiquity / Elizabeth Simpson -- Ritual "killing" of pottery and the discovery of a Mycenaean telestas at Mochlos / Jeffrey S. Soles -- Fishy stirrup jar and more about Aegean connections at Kalavasos / Alison South -- Wine craters and chariots: the Mycenaean pictorial style reconsidered / Louise Steel -- Bothroi in the Aegean Early Bronze Age / Thomas F. Strasser -- Prolegomena to the study of Bronze Age flaked stone in southern Epirus / Thomas F. Tartaron, Curtis Runnels, Evangelia Karimali -- Monarchy in ruins / Carol G. Thomas.
  • Hearths in non-palatial settlement contexts: the LBA period in the Peloponnese / Iphigenia Tournavitou -- "Maisons Dessenne" à Malia / René Treuil -- Before, during, after: the architectural phases of the palatial bulding at Petras, Siteia / Metaxia Tsipopoulou -- Before sailing: the making of sails in the second millennium B.C. / Iris Tzachili -- Apodhoulou: elements of architecture of a Protopalatial settlement / Anastasia Tzigounaki -- Oldest discovery of Mycenaean pottery in Sicily / Lucia Vagnetti -- Acropolis of Smari (Crete): an approach to the planning and construction of the external walls (enclosure) / Despina Vallianou, Symeon Parchapidis -- A propos du "vase des moissonneurs" / Henri et Micheline van Effenterre -- Megaron complex on the lower terraces at Midea / Gisela Walberg -- LM IA: Knossos, Thera, Gournia / Peter Warren -- Region of Gournia in the Neopalatial period / L. Vance Watrous, Harriet Blitzer -- Talking hands: a study of Minoan and Mycenaean ritual gesture: some preliminary notes / Michael Wedde -- Male and female s/he created them: further studies in Aegean proportions / Judith Weingarten -- Water, wood, dung, and eggs: reciprocity in trade along the LBA Marmarican coast / Donald White -- Pontii at Stobi in Roman Macedonia / James R. Wiseman -- Marble figurine from Tsoungiza / James C. Wright -- Glass seals and "look-alike" seals / John G. Younger -- Aegean metallurgy: how early and how independent? / Konstantinos L. Zachos, Angelika Douzougli.
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