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Irish writing in the twentieth century : a reader / edited by David Pierce.

Irish writing in the twentieth century : a reader / edited by David Pierce.
Cork, Ireland : Cork University Press, 2000.

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Pierce, David, 1947-
xliv, 1351 p.; 24 cm.
  • Literary collections
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  • Poetry
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  • Autobiographies
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  • Literature
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. [1329]-1340) and index.
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  • 1890s : shadows, moods and arguments. from The revival of Irish literature. "The necessity of de-Anglicizing Ireland" / Douglas Hyde -- from Abhráin grádh chúige Connacht = Love songs of Connacht. "Dá d'téinnse siar" = "If I were to go west" / Douglas Hyde [translator] -- from The united Irishman. "Parnell" / Lionel Johnson -- from The Irish monthly. "The associations of scenery" / R.P. Carton -- from From the land of St. Lawrence. "The orange lilies" / Maurice F. Egan -- from Some experiences of an Irish R.M. "Lisheen races, second hand" / E. Œ. Somerville, Martin Ross -- from Ideals in Ireland. "The battle of two civilizations" / David Patrick Moran -- from Ideals in Ireland. "The literary movement in Ireland" / W.B. Yeats -- from Imagination and reveries. "Nationality or cosmopolitanism" / George Russell -- from Workers' republic. "Physical force in Irish politics" / James Connolly -- from Irish Literary Society gazette. Lecture by Mr. W.B. Yeats / Anonymous -- from The ballad of Reading gaol / Oscar Wilde.
  • Irish writing in the 1900s : critical and documentary. from All Ireland review. "The great enchantment" / Standish James O'Grady -- from Ideas of good and evil. "The symbolism of poetry" / W.B. Yeats -- from Mr. Dooley in the hearts of his countrymen. "The Irishman abroad" ; "The decline of national feeling" / F.P. Dunne -- from Ideas of good and evil. "Magic" / W.B. Yeats -- from The Irish language movement. "The Irish language movement" / Francis Fahy -- from The resurrection of Hungary. "The resurrection of Hungary" / Arthur Griffith -- from The Manchester guardian. "From Galway to Gorumna" / J.M. Synge -- from Bards and saints. "The de-Davisization of Irish literature" / John Eglinton -- from Criticism and courage and other essays. "Criticism and courage" / Frederick Ryan -- from The fortnightly review. "The literary movement in Ireland" / George A. Birmingham -- from Sin, society and behaviour. "Christ before the people" / Bernard Vaughan.
  • Irish writing in the 1900s : imaginative. from The green flag. "The green flag" / Arthur Conan Doyle -- from All Ireland review. "A farewell to the hills" / George Russell -- from Songs of the glens of Antrim. "Corrymeela" / Moira O'Neill -- from Cuchulain of Muirthemne. "The only son of Aoife" / Lady Gregory -- Cathleen ni Houlihan / W.B. Yeats -- from The untilled field. "Home sickness" / George Moore -- from Such is life : being certain extracts from the diary of Tom Collins / Joseph Furphy -- from New songs. "A portrait" / Padraic Colum -- from The one and the many. "The little waves of Breffny" / Eva Gore-Booth -- from Seven short plays. Spreading the news / Lady Gregory -- John Bull's other island / G.B. Shaw -- from The Egyptian pillar. "Women's rights" / Eva Gore-Booth -- The playboy of the Western world / J.M. Synge -- from The gilly of Christ. "I am the gilly of Christ" / Joseph Campbell -- from Ballygullion. "The wooden leg" / Lynn Doyle -- from Verses : sacred and profane. "A piper" ; "Glasnevin, October 9th, 1904" / Seumas O'Sullivan -- from Insurrections. "The shell" / James Stephens -- from The mountainy si`nger. "I am the mountainy singer" ; "Night, and I travelling" / Joseph Campbell.
  • Irish writing in the 1910s : critical and documentary. from Journal of the Ivernian Society. "The world-wide empire of the Irish race" / Reverend P.S. Dinneen -- from English as we speak it in Ireland. "Affirming, assenting, and saluting" / Patrick Weston Joyce -- from The mearing stones. "A ballad singer" ; " The human voice" / Joseph Campbell -- from The Irish book lover. "Yeats, Synge and 'The playboy'" / J.M. Hone -- from Autobiography and life of George Tyrrell, v. 1. "1876" / George Tyrrell -- from The Freeman's Journal. "Irish book lovers" / Stephen Gwynn -- from The Irish book lover. "Irish Literary Society : coming of age celebrations" / Anonymous -- from Hail and farewell : vale / George Moore -- from Mo sgéal féin = My story. "The hunger" / Peter O'Leary -- from Charles Stewart Parnell : a memoir. My brother's personality" / John Howard Parnell -- from Literature in Ireland. "The Irish mode" / Thomas MacDonagh -- from The insurrection in Dublin. "Wednesday" / James Stephens -- from The daily news. "The Easter week executions" / George Bernard Shaw -- from Letters of James Stephens / James Stephens -- from The Irish book lover. "Reveries" and "Responsibilities" / Anonymous -- from A chronicle of jails / Darrell Figgis -- from Imagination and reveries. "The new nation" / George Russell.
  • Irish writing in the 1910s : imaginative. from Deoraíocht / Pádraic Ó Conaire -- from Poems and translations. "In Kerry" ; "A question" ; "Prelude" ; "In May" ; The curse" / J.M. Synge -- from Irishry. "The weaver's family" / Joseph Campbell -- from Four Irish plays. "Mixed marriage" / St. John Ervine -- from Lyrical poems. "June" / Francis Ledwidge -- from Lyrical poems. "June" / Francis Ledwidge -- from Lyrical pieces. "The yellow bittern" / Thomas MacDonagh -- from Responsibilities. "September 1913" ; "Fallen majesty" ; "The cold heaven " / W.B. Yeats -- from Suantraide agus goltraide. "I am Ireland" / Patrick Pearse -- from Children of the dead end. "De profundis" / Patrick MacGill -- from The poetry review. "The assignation" / Lord Dunsany -- from Songs of the dead end. "Padding it" / Patrick MacGill -- from Collected works of Pádraic H. Pearse. "The wayfarer" / Patrick Pearse -- from Michael Robartes and the dancer. "Easter 1916" / W.B. Yeats -- from Songs of peace. "Thomas MacDonagh" / Francis Ledwidge -- from Earth of Cualann. "Earth of Cualann" ; "The revealer" / Joseph Campbell -- from Reincarnations. "Righteous anger" ; "O Bruadair" / James Stephens -- from The wild swans at Coole. "The wild swans at Coole" ; "In memory of Major Robert Gregory" ; "An Irish airman foresees his death" / W.B. Yeats -- from Michael Robartes and the dancer. "The second coming" / W.B. Yeats -- from The wasted island. "Catastrophe" / Eimar O'Duffy.
  • Irish writing in the 1920s : critical and documentary. from Prison letters of Countess Markievicz / Constance Markievicz -- from The path to freedom. "Distinctive culture" / Michael Collins -- from Studies. "Lessons of revolution" / George Russell -- from The hidden Ireland. "The aisling" / Daniel Corkery -- from Tomorrow. "To all artists and writers" / Francis Stuart, Cecil Salkeld -- from The senate speeches of W.B. Yeats. "Speech on divorce" / W.B. Yeats -- from The Dublin review. "The coming of age of the Irish drama" / Andrew E. Malone -- from Days of fear / Frank Gallagher -- from Ireland : the rock whence I was hewn / Donn Byrne -- from An tOileánach. "Shrovetide, 1878" / Tomás Ó Criomhthain.
  • Irish writing in the 1920s : imaginative. from The Irish Book Lover. "The Great Blasket : poets" / Robin Flower -- from Adam of Dublin : a romance of today. "The Abbey Theatre" / Conal O'Riordan -- from Around the boree log. "St. Patrick's Day" / John O'Brien -- from The house of success / Darrell Figgis -- from The interpreters / George Russell -- from The Manchester guardian. "The snipe" / Con O'Leary -- from The dial. "Meditations in time of civil war" / W.B. Yeats -- from Earth-bound : nine stories of Ireland. "The portrait of Roisin Dhu" / Dorothy MacArdle -- from Tomorrow. "Leda and the swan" / W.B. Yeats -- from All the sad young men. "Absolution" / F. Scott Fitzgerald -- from Apostate / Forrest Reid -- from The tent and other stories. "The tent" / Liam O'Flaherty -- from The dial. "Among school children" / W.B. Yeats -- from The dark breed. "The dark breed" / F.R. Higgins -- from The tower. "Sailing to Byzantium" / W.B. Yeats -- from The Dublin review. "Seventh gift of the holy ghost" / Thomas MacGreevy.
  • Irish writing in the 1930s : critical and documentary. from The Saturday review of literature. "A letter from Dublin" / Mary Manning -- "An essay on the character in Irish literature" / George Russell -- from The letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald / F. Scott Fitzgerald -- from The bookman. "Recent Irish poetry" / Andrew Belis [Samuel Beckett] -- from The autobiography of a Liverpool Irish slummy / Pat O'Mara -- from Current history. "Joyce and the new Irish writers" / Ernest Boyd -- from The seals / Monk Gibbon -- from The Saturday review of literature. "Boston Irish" / George C. Homans -- from Ireland today. "What I saw in Spain" / Peadar O'Donnell -- from Farewell Spain. "Adios, turismo" / Kate O'Brien -- from Scrutiny. " A letter from Ireland" / Grattan Freyer -- from The rocky road to Dublin. "So they said and felt and saw" / Seamas MacManus -- from Blue angels and whales. "Leaves from my note-book" / Robert Gibbings -- from I knock at the door. "Life is more than meat" / Sean O'Casey -- from Machtnamh seana-mhná. "A milk house in Little Island : Nance Daly and Nora Keaveney" / Peig Sayers.
  • Irish writing in the 1930s : imaginative. from Guests of the nation. "Guests of the nation" / Frank O'Connor -- from The garden / L.A.G. Strong -- from The listener. "Ireland" / John Hewitt -- from The bright temptation / Austin Clarke -- from The winding stair and other poems. "Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931" ; "Byzantium" ; "Remorse for intemperate speech" ; "Crazy Jane talks with the bishop" / W.B. Yeats -- from Hello eternity! "Invitation" ; "Here" ; "Encyclopaedia" / Blanaid Salkeld -- from The yellow briar. "Jimmie's speeding" / Patrick Slater -- from BUtterfield 8 / John O'Hara -- from The young manhood of Studs Lonigan / James T. Farrell -- from Echo's bones. "Echo's bones / Samuel Beckett -- from The fox's covert. "The fox's covert" / Blanaid Salkeld -- from Three plays. "The king of Spain's daughter" / Teresa Deevy -- from Ward eight / Joseph F. Dinneen -- from All that swagger / Miles Franklin -- from Ploughman and other peoms. "Inniskeen road : July evening" / Patrick Kavanagh -- from Ireland today. "Game cock" / Michael McLaverty -- from The collected poems of Louis MacNeice. "Carrickfergus" / Louis MacNeice -- from Ireland today. "Poem" ; "The tolerance of crows" / Charles Donnelly -- from Lifer / Jim Phelan -- from Pray for the wanderer / Kate O'Brien -- from New poems. "Lapis lazuli" / W.B. Yeats -- from Night and morning. "The straying student" ; "Summer lightning" / Austin Clarke -- from Autumn journal. "Section XVI" / Louis MacNeice -- from At swim-two-birds / Flann O'Brien -- from Last peoms and plays. "Under Ben Bulben" ; "The statues" ; "News for the Delphic oracle" ; "The circus animals' desertion" ; "Politics" / W.B. Yeats -- from Horizon. "Cushendun" / Louis MacNeice.
  • Irish writing in the 1940s : critical and documentary. from Jail journal. "A chiel's amang ye" / Jim Phelan -- from The listener. "An Irishman looks at England" / Frank O'Connor -- from Horizon. "Traveller's return / Louis MacNeice -- from Ireland-Atlantic gateway. "The Irish empire" / Jim Phelan -- from Horizon. "The future of Irish literature" / Frank O'Connor -- from The Irish times. "Cruiskeen lawn" / Myles Na Gopaleen -- from The tailor and Ansty / Eric Cross -- from An Ulsterwoman in England 1924-41 / Nesca A. Robb -- from Modern reading no. 6. "Irish letters and the war" / Robert Greacen -- from The bell. "Romance and realism" / Sean O'Faolain -- from All for Hecuba. "Reconnoitre" / Micheál MacLiammóir -- from As I roved out : in Belfast and districts. "Tradition and the Falls road" ; "How Belfast streets got their names" ; "The northern star" / Cathal O'Byrne -- from The Irish times. "An Irishman's diary" / Patrick Campbell -- from The listener. "The contemporary thought of Ireland" / Arland Ussher -- from Irish writing. "Irish-American literature, and why there isn't any" / John V. Kelleher -- from We follow the roads. "Drift" / Jim Phelan -- from The Irish book lover. "The worm turneth" / Colm Ó Lochlainn -- from Guerrilla days in Ireland. "Counter-terror" / Tom Barry -- from Inishfallen, fare thee well. "High road and low road" / Sean O'Casey.
  • Irish writing in the 1940s : imaginative. from Letter from Ireland. "Thinking of Artolas" ; "Letter from Ireland" / Ewart Milne -- from The great hunger. "Section VII" / Patrick Kavanagh -- from The bell. "Yung Mari Li" / Bryan MacMahon -- from A tree grows in Brooklyn / Betty Smith -- from Lagan. "Once alien here" / John Hewitt -- from Rime, gentlemen, please. "For whom 'the bell' tolls" / Robert Farren -- from The listener. "Poem" / Valentin Iremonger -- from The Penguin new writing, no. 20. "Mysterious Kôr" / Elizabeth Bowen -- from Lough Derg and other poems. "Lough Derg" / Denis Devlin -- from The blossoming thorn. "Immigrant exile I, II, III" ; "Rhyme of two worlds" / John Coulter -- from Prince of darkness and other stories. "Prince of darkness" / J.F. Powers -- from An braon broghach = The road to brightcity. "The year 1912" / Máirtín Ó Cadhain.
  • Irish writing in the 1950s : critical and documentary. from Envoy. "Our Irish publishers" / John Ryan -- from Envoy. "Diary" / Patrick Kavanagh -- from Rolling down the lea. "The destruction still goes on" / Oliver St. John Gogarty -- from Turf beneath my feet. "Connemara : turf and a camera" / Garry Hogg -- from The last of the Irish R.M.s. "The First World War" / Sir Christopher Lynch-Robinson -- from Envoy. "A bash in the tunnel" / Brian O'Nolan -- from Sweet Cork of thee / Robert Gibbings -- from The listener. "The background to 'Dubliners'" / Stanislaus Joyce -- from The bell. "Portrait of a minority" / Hubert Butler -- from The Dublin magazine. "Waiting for Godot" / A.J. Leventhal -- from The London magazine. "Coming to London--IV" / Elizabeth Bowen -- from The listener. "Meet, drink, and be airy" / W.R. Rodgers -- from A fretful midge / Terence De Vere White -- from Irish journal. "In a manner of speaking" / Heinrich Böll -- from Irish folk ways. "Hearth and home" / E. Estyn Evans -- from Borstal boy / Brendan Behan -- from The listener. "Writing a story : one man's way / Frank O'Connor.
  • Irish writing in the 1950s : imaginative. from Home is the stranger / Edward A. McCourt -- from December bride / Sam Hanna Bell -- from Envoy. "Who killed James Joyce" / Patrick Kavanagh -- from The Dublin magazine. "Yeats's tower at Ballylee" / Padraic Fallon -- from Europa and the bull. "The net" / W.R. Rodgers -- from Eireaball spideoige. "Siollabadh" = "Syllabling" / Seán Ó Ríordáin -- from Irish writing. "My Oedipus complex" / Frank O'Connor -- from Molloy / Samuel Beckett -- From the quare fellow / Brendan Behan -- from The last hurrah / Edwin O'Connor -- from Long day's journey into night / Eugene O'Neill -- from Malone dies / Samuel Beckett -- from The Sewanee review. "The tomb of Michael Collins" / Denis Devlin -- from The finest stories of Sean O'Faolain. "Lovers of the lake" / Sean O'Faolain -- from The body's imperfection. "Residue" ; "Ripple" ; "The harbour" / L.A.G. Strong -- Endgame / Samuel Beckett -- from A touch of the poet, act one / Eugene O'Neill -- from New statesman and nation. "An Irishman in Coventry" / John Hewitt.
  • Irish writing in the 1960s : critical and documentary. from Studies. "Fifty years of Irish writing" / Sean O'Faolain -- from West Briton. "Our set" / Brian Inglis -- from The lonely voice : a study of the short story / Frank O'Connor -- from My Ireland. "Dublin" / Kate O'Brien -- from The spectator. "The rough field" / John Montague -- from In excited reverie. "Passion and cunning" / Conor Cruise O'Brien -- from The Dublin magazine. "Editorial" / Rivers Carew, Timothy Brownlow -- from Ulster folklife. "A long night in the spike" / Michael J. Murphy -- from The spectator. "The reticence of 'Ulysses'" / Anthony Burgess -- from Hibernia. "The severed hand" / Roy McFadden -- from Hibernia. "Strife and the Ulster poet" / Michael Longley -- from Hibernia. "John Hume's Derry" / Seamus Heaney.
  • Irish writing in the 1960s : imaginative. from The country girls / Edna O'Brien -- from The countrywoman / Paul Smith -- from The saucer of larks. "Foundry house" / Brian Friel -- from Collected poems. "On Raglan Road" ; "Canal bank walk" ; "Lines written on a seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin" / Patrick Kavanagh -- from My dark fathers. "My dark fathers" / Brendan Kennelly -- from Brosna. "Claustrophobia" / Seán Ó Ríordáin -- from Michael Joe / William Cotter Murray -- from Ireland her own. "The valley of Knockanure" / Bryan MacMahon -- from At night all cats are grey. "Go away, old man, go away" / Patrick Boyle -- from World's best science fiction 1967. "Light of other days" / Bob Shaw -- from Night-crossing. "A disused shed in Co. Wexford" / Derek Mahon -- from A bed in the sticks / Lee Dunne -- from Selected poems 1956-68. from "Nightwalker" / Thomas Kinsella -- from Strumpet City / James Plunkett -- from The hungry grass / Richard Power.
  • Irish writing in the 1970s : critical and documentary. from Irish poets in English. "The divided mind" / Thomas Kinsella -- from Hibernia. "A censored decade" / John Jordan -- from The Cecil King diary 1970-74 / Cecil King -- from 'On our knees' : Ireland 1972. "Cry Irish" / Rosita Sweetman -- from Inishkillane. "Family life" / Hugh Brody -- from I am of Ireland / Richard Howard Brown -- from The unexpurgated code. "Upon being told the fatal news--" ; "Dying" / J.P. Donleavy -- from Sunday miscellany. "In Iowa : a beauty queen and a blind man" / Benedict Kiely -- from Hibernia. "Broken images" / Jack Holland -- from The Irish times. "The soft centre of Irish writing" / Francis Stuart -- from Southern review. "Being Irish together" / Denis Donoghue -- from The crane bag. "Unhappy and at home : interview with Seamus Heaney / Seamus Deane -- from The tablet. "Britain's Irish workers" / Donall MaCamhlaigh -- from A place apart / Dervla Murphy.
  • Irish writing in the 1970s : imaginative. from Down all the days / Christy Brown -- from Troubles / J.G. Farrell -- from Atlantis. "Early recollections" / Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin -- from Black list, section h / Francis Stuart -- from The rough field. "A lost tradition" / John Montague -- from The ballroom of romance and other stories. "The ballroom of romance" / William Trevor -- from A memory and other stories. "A memory" / Mary Lavin -- from The wood-burners. "The Irish" ; "The wood-burners" ; "By nature diffident" / Patrick Galvin -- from West strand visions. "Claudy" / James Simmons -- from North. "Punishment" ; "A constable calls" ; "Exposure" / Seamus Heaney -- from The lady and the travelling salesman. "Visiting the future" / Leo Simpson -- from Great granny Webster / Caroline Blackwood -- from Shadows on our skin / Jennifer Johnston -- from A cow in the house. "The night we rode with Sarsfield" / Benedict Kiely -- from Under stars. "The ballad of Ballymote" / Tess Gallagher -- from Later. "Theresa's friends" / Robert Creeley -- from Stand. "For poets writing in English over in Ireland" / Iain Crichton Smith -- from The year of the French. "Ballinamuck, September 10" / Thomas Flanagan -- from Field work. "Casualty" ; "The skunk" / Seamus Heaney -- from The pattern. "The gaeltacht" / Vincent Buckley -- from The Mangan inheritance / Brian Moore.
  • Irish writing in the 1980s : critical and documentary. from The new statesman. "Ireland blasts back" / Mary Holland -- from Tales from two cities : travels of another sort / Dervla Murphy -- from The observer. "A tribute to Beckett on his eightieth birthday" / Derek Mahon -- from The Irish times. "Poetry in Ireland from its roots" / Peter Sirr -- from Memory Ireland. "Introduction" / Vincent Buckley -- from The edge of the city. "Interview with Van Morrison" / Desmond Hogan -- from Saintly Billy. "The Irish and the English" / Bill Naughton -- from Nationalism, colonialism and literature. "Yeats and decolonization" / Edward Said -- from Across the frontiers. "Bono : the white nigger" / Paul Hewson -- from Race and class. "Mothers, whores and villains" / Bill Rolston -- from Riding the yellow trolley car. "Tap dancing into reality" / William Kennedy -- from Object lessons. "Outside history" / Eavan Boland -- from Harp / John Gregory Dunne -- from Helsinger station and other departures. "1927 : earliest misgivings, the march of the cadavers" / Aidan Higgins.
  • Irish writing in the 1980s : imaginative. from Why Brownlee left. "Ireland" / Paul Muldoon -- from A Belfast woman. "A Belfast woman" / Mary Beckett -- from High ground. "Gold watch" / John McGahern -- from Aquarius. "Unique" / Desmond Egan -- from Translations / Brian Friel -- from Good behaviour / Molly Keane -- from Kepler / John Banville -- from The flower master. "The flower master" / Medbh McGuckian -- from Quoof. "Quoof" / Paul Muldoon -- from Jumping the tracks with Angela. "Trinity College Dublin, 1983" / Paul Durcan -- from The selected Roy McFadden. "Conveyancer" / Roy McFadden -- from Edible anecdotes. "A tourist comments on the land of his forefathers" / Julie O'Callaghan -- from Cromwell. "Magic" ; "Wine" ; "A bit of a swap" ; "Therefore I smile" ; "A running battle" / Brendan Kennelly -- from Ironweed / William Kennedy -- from Cal / Bernard MacLaverty -- from Station Island / Seamus Heaney -- from Willingly. "Each bird walking" / Tess Gallagher -- from The Berlin Wall café. "Bewley's Oriental Café, Westmoreland Street" / Paul Durcan -- from A sense of wonder. "A sense of wonder" / Van Morrison -- from The streets of Ancoats / Malcolm Lynch -- from Under the influence. "My land is too green" / Eric A. Visser, Antoinette Hensey -- Conversations on a homecoming / Tom Murphy -- from the Republic of conscience. "From the republic of conscience" / Seamus Heaney -- from Missa terribilis. "The British connection" ; "Enemy encounter" ; "Crucifixus" ; Tears/a lacrimosa" / Padraic Fiacc -- from Letters to the hinterland. "Survivor" ; "The Astoria" / Roy McFadden -- from The Irish times. "Echo's bones" / Desmond Egan -- from Three plays for Ireland. "Pentecost" / Stewart Parker -- from The Irish for no. "Belfast confetti" / Ciaran Carson -- from The journey. "Mise Eire" ; "The emigrant Irish" ; "Tirade for the lyric muse" / Eavan Boland -- from An bás i dTír na nÓg. "Abair do Phaidir = "Say a prayer" / Seán Ó Tuama -- from The pogues, if I should fall from grace. "Thousands are sailing" / Philip Chevron -- from The other side / Mary Gordon -- from Ripley Bogle / Robert McLiam Wilson.
  • Irish writing in the 1990s : critical and docuentary. from Cathleen to anorexia : the breakdown of Irelands / Edna Longley -- from Song for a poor boy : a Cork childhood / Patrick Galvin -- from Proved innocent . "Wandsworth" / Gerry Conlon -- from The Irish review. "Anecdotes over a jar" / Gerald Dawe -- from Krino. "Twentieth century poetry in Irish" / Seán Ó Tuama -- from Now and in time to be / Thomas Keneally -- from Journey into joy. "Irish poetry since Yeats" / Brendan Kennelly -- from Irish studies review. "Rejoinder" / Colin Graham -- from The honest Ulsterman. " The Belfast group" / Philip Hobsbaum -- from Donkey's years. "The great flood" / Aidan Higgins -- from Stones of Aran : labyrinth. "Among the thorns" / Tim Robinson -- from Critical survey. "Declining identities (lit. and fig.)" / Ailbhe Smyth -- from Éire-Ireland. "Exile, attitude, and the Sin-É-Café / Eamonn Wall -- from London review of books. "Playboys of the GPO" / Colm Tóibín -- from Poetry Ireland review. "Disappearing language" / Louis De Paor -- from Granta. "Brand leader" / Fintan O'Toole -- from The star factory. "Brickle bridge" / Ciaran Carson -- from Crazy John and the bishop. "Revisionism revisited" / Terry Eagleton -- from All souls : a family story from Southie / Michael Patrick MacDonald -- from Lost lives / David McKittrick et al.
  • Irish writing in the 1990s : imaginative. from Pharaoh's daughter. "An bhean mhídhílis" = "The unfaithful wife" ; "Ceist na teangan" = "The language issue" / Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill -- from Outside history. "The Achill woman" / Eavan Boland -- from Those sailing ships of his boyhood dreams. "A well travelled woman" / Moy McCrory -- from Explaining magnetism. "Second generation" / Maura Dooley -- from Gorse fires. "Detour" ; "The butchers" / Michael Longley -- from Last poems. from "Hunger strike" / Vincent Buckley -- from high time for all the marys. "high time for all the marys" / Máire Bradshaw -- from The Bradford count. "From the Irish" / Ian Duhig -- from The Astrakhan cloak. "Caitlín" = "Cathleen" / Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill -- from The butcher boy / Patrick McCabe -- from Grub. "In the parlour" ; "Gate 49" ; "Madonna and child" / Martin Mooney -- from A staircase for all souls. "At Spanish banks" / George McWhirter -- from At the grave of Silone. "Where we live" / Harry Clifton -- from Homecoming/an bealach 'na bhaile. "Cor úr" = "A fresh dimension" / Cathal Ó Searcaigh -- from Resurrection man / Eoin McNamee -- from The mai / Marina Carr -- from The prince of the quotidian. "After two days grading papers from the seminar I taught" / Paul Muldoon -- from Walking a line. "51 Sans Souci Park" ; "A Belfast bildungsroman" / Tom Paulin -- from The steward of Christendom / Sebastian Barry -- from The ghost orchid. "Sheela-na-gig" ; "Ceasefire" / Michael Longley -- from American wake. "The fifth province" ; "On the renovation of Ellis Island" / Greg Delanty -- from The woman who walked into doors / Roddy Doyle -- from The Hudson letter. "Global village" / Derek Mahon -- from The bend for home / Dermot Healy -- from Higher purchase. "Remapping the borders" / Rita Ann Higgins -- from Reading in the dark. "Mother" / Seamus Deane -- from Eureka Street / Robert McLiam Wilson -- from Opera et cetera. "Letters from the alphabet/o" ; "Jacta est alia" ; "Tango" / Ciaran Carson -- from Another nation. "Cuchulainn" / Michael O'Loughlin -- from I could read the sky / Timothy O'Grady, Steven Pyke -- from The knife in the wave. "The lightcatchers" / Mary O'Malley -- The lonesome west / Martin McDonagh -- from The hellbox. "The printer's devil" / Greg Delanty -- from Greetings to our friends in Brazil. "The Mary Robinson years" / Paul Durcan.
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  • 1859182089 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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