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American Indian life, by several of its students; ed. by Elsie Clews Parsons; illustrated by C. Grant La Farge.

American Indian life, by several of its students; ed. by Elsie Clews Parsons; illustrated by C. Grant La Farge.
Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clews, 1874-1941
New York, B.W. Huebsch, inc., 1922.

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4 p. ℓ., 419 p. plates (part col.) map.; 29 cm.
Indians of North America
  • short stories.
  • Ethnographic fiction.
  • Fiction
  • Short stories
  • Ethnographic fiction
  • Nouvelles.
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  • Contains bibliographies.
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  • Introduction / A.L. Kroeber -- Plains tribes: Takes-the-pipe, a Crow warrior / Robert H. Lowie -- A Crow woman's tale / Robert H. Lowie -- A trial of shamans / Robert H. Lowie -- Smoking-star, A Blackfoot shaman / Clark Wissler -- Tribes of the Middle West: Little-wolf joins the medicine lodge / Alanson Skinner -- Thunder-Cloud, a Winnebago shaman, relates and prays / Paul Radin -- How Meskwake children should be brought up / Truman Michelson -- Eastern tribes: In Montagnais country / Frank G. Speck -- Hanging-Flower, the Iroquois / Alexander A. Goldenweiser -- The thunder power of Rambling-Wings / M.R. Harrington -- Tokulki of Tulsa / John R. Swanton -- Tribes of the South-West: Slender-Maiden of the Apache / P.E. Goddard -- When John the Jeweler was sick / A.M. Stephen -- Waiyautitsa of Zuni, New Mexico / Elsie Clews Parsons -- Zuni pictures / Stewart Gulin -- Havasupai days / Leslie Spier -- Earth-Tongue, a Mohave / A.L. Kroeber -- Mexican tribes: The chief singer of the Tepecano / J. Alden Mason -- The understudy of Tezcatlipoca / Herbert Spinden -- How Holon Chan became the True Man of his people / Sylvanus G. Morley -- The Toltec architect of Chichen Itza / Alfred M. Tozzer -- Pacific Coast tribes: Wixi of the Shellmound people / N.C. Nelson -- All is trouble along the Klamath / T.T. Waterman -- Sayach'apis, a Nootka trader / Edward Sapir -- Northern Athabascan tribes: Windigo, a Chipewyan story / Robert H. Lowie.
  • Cries-For-Salmon, a Ten's woman / T.B. Reed and Elsie Clews Parsons -- Eskimo: An Eskimo winter / Franz Boas
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