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Country life in classical times / K. D. White.

Country life in classical times / K. D. White.
White, K. D.
Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1977.

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xix, 138 p., [12] leaves of plates : ill.; 25 cm.
  • Literature.
  • Literary collections.
  • Translations.
  • Includes indexes.
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  • Bibliography: p. 132-134.
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  • Introductory. from Iliad. Similes from nature sharpen the picture of strife / Homer -- from Works and days. The two kinds of strife / Hesiod -- A mass evacuation from country to town / Thucydides -- from Peace. The rustic hero and the delights of peace / Aristophanes -- from Characters. The boor / Theophrastus -- A boor of a poet / Catullus -- Trouble on Regulus' farm / Valerius Maximus -- from Roman antiquities. Cincinnatus / Dionysius of Halicarnassus -- A bad political gaffe / Valerius Maximus -- from On farming. The decline in farming standards / Columella -- from Life of Apollonius of Tyana. A famine relieved / Philostratus -- from The country salad (Moretum). Morning on an Italian smallholding / Anonymous -- from Corpus of Latin inscriptions. Excessive demands made upon imperial tenants.
  • Landscapes, real or imagined. from Iliad. Scenes on the shield of Achilles / Homer -- from Odyssey. The gardens of Alkinoos / Homer -- from Homeric hymn to Pan. An enchanted landscape -- from Idyll. Sicilian summer / Theocritus -- from On the nature of things. The man-made Italian landscape / Lucretius -- from On farming. In praise of Italy / Varro -- from Georgics. In praise of Italy / Virgil -- from Aeneid. A landscaped haven / Virgil -- from Letters. A Tuscan villa and its setting ; En route to a country estate / Pliny -- from The Moselle. River scenes / Ausonius -- from Miscellany. Squillace and its surroundings / Cassiodorus -- from On his return. A voyage along the Italian coast / Rutilius Namatianus.
  • The country through the eye of the townsman. from Oeconomicus. A day on a suburban Greek farm / Xenophon -- from The bad-tempered man. Ill temper on the farm / Menander -- from On farming. Farm management for the absentee owner / Cato -- from On old age. The pleasures of farming / Cicero -- from Epodes. Daydreams of a moneylender / Horace -- from Letters. Every man to his trade ; The poet addresses his town-loving farm manager / Horace -- from Satires. The tale of the town mouse and the country mouse / Horace -- from Odes. In the winter choose the pleasures of the town / Horace -- from Metamorphoses. Philemon and Baucis entertain the gods / Ovid -- from Letters. On the simple life / Seneca -- from Satires. The townsman looks at country life / Juvenal -- from Epigrams. Country preferred to town / Martial.
  • Farm management and the farmer's calendar. Letters from Roman Egypt : Fayum Papyri, 111 and 119 -- from Oeconomicus. On farm management / Xenophon -- from On farming. On agricultural economics ; Personnel management on the farm / Varro -- from Works and days. Watch for weather signs : keep active ; The rigours of winter ; Relax in the height of summer ; Leaves from a Boeotian farmer's almanack / Hesiod -- from Weather signs. Signs of stormy or sunny weather / Aratus -- A farmer's almanack : Corpus of Latin inscriptions -- from Georgics. Spring work on the farm ; Jobs for bad weather and for holidays ; Jobs for night-time and winter / Virgil -- Meleager's spring song : Palatine anthology.
  • Seasonal operations on the farm. from Works and days. On making a plough, and choosing a ploughman / Hesiod -- from On farming. On land drainage / Cato -- from Natural history. On ploughing / Pliny -- from On farming. On hoeing ; On manure ; On harvesting, threshing, and winnowing of grain / Columella -- from On farming. The threshing floor / Varro -- from Natural history. On haymaking ; How to train vines / Pliny -- from On farming. The vintage / Varro -- On treading the grapes / Geoponics -- from On farming. On gathering and processing olives / Varro -- from On farming. Contracts for harvesting grapes and for the sale of grapes and wine / Cato -- from Letters. A day on an imperial farm / Fronto.
  • Out on the range. from On farming. The shepherds and their life on the range / Varro -- from Georgics. Battle for leadership of the herd / Virgil -- from On farming. On sheep-shearing / Varro -- Trouble on a cattle ranch : Corpus of Latin inscriptions -- from Georgics. Animal husbandry in Africa and Scythia / Virgil -- from On farming. On flock management ; How to train oxen to the plough / Columella -- from On farming. On pig-rearing / Varro -- from Discourses. Transhumance in Euboea / Dio Chrysostom -- from Letters. Sheep on the public highway / Fronto.
  • The changing patterns of rural life. from Elegies. Land reform in sixth century Athens / Solon -- from Life of Solon. Solon's land reform / Plutarch -- from Constitution of Athens. The tax-free farm / Aristotle -- from Tiberius Gracchus. The land reform bill of Tiberius Gracchus : Plutarch's version / Plutarch -- from Civil wars. The background to land reform in Italy : Appian's version / Appian -- Depopulation in Latium / Livy -- from Pharsalia. Depopulation of Italy ; Devastation in Italy / Lucan -- from On farming. On luxury estates / Varro -- from Epigrams. A very productive estate / Martial -- from Letters. Farm tenancy problems / Pliny -- from Discourses (Euboicus). Neglect of land and depopulation in Greece / Dio Chrysostom -- The Maktar reaper : Corpus of Latin inscriptions -- from Reports. A severe famine in Italy / Symmachus -- from Duties of the clergy. A famine relieved / Ambrose.
  • Rural cults and festivals. from The Acharnians. A country feast / Aristophanes -- from The frogs. Procession of the Eleusinian initiates / Aristophanes -- from Idylls. On the way to a festival / Theocritus -- from On farming. Purification of the fields / Cato -- from Elegies. The cleansing of the fields / Tibullus -- from Calendar. Festival of the Terminalia ; Festival of Anna Perenna / Ovid -- from Elegies. The gods have transformed country life / Tibullus -- from Calendar. Prayers to the country gods / Ovid -- from Odes. A prayer to Faunus ; Bandusia's well / Horace.
  • Private pleasures in the countryside. from Peace. Peace returns to the farm / Aristophanes -- from Idylls. The harvesters / Theocritus -- from Letters. Scipio Africanus' bath house at Liternum / Seneca -- from On old age. The elder Cato on country pleasures / Cicero -- from Elegies. The poet dreams of farming with his mistress / Tibullus -- from Georgics. An old man's well-kept plot / Virgil -- from Elegies. Cynthia on the farm / Propertius -- from Elegies. The poet longs for a quiet life / Tibullus -- from Satires. A contented countryman / Horace -- from Epigrams. Views from an upland suburban farm ; A poet's invitation to dinner at his farm / Martial -- from Letters. An old man's country retreat / Pliny -- from Octavius. An excursion to the seaside / Minucius Felix -- from Letters. A two-centre holiday ; Holidaying in style / Sidonius.
  • Hunting and fishing. from On hunting. On hare-hunting ; Hunting the wild boar / Xenophon -- from On hunting. Trapping the lion / Oppian -- from On hunting. A humane view of hare-hunting / Arrian -- from Discourses (Euboicus). The seamy side of hunting / Dio Chrysostom -- from Letters. Hunting and reading combined / Pliny -- from Idyll. A dream of a fish / Theocritus -- from On the nature of animals. On fly-fishing / Aelian -- from The Moselle. Angling on the Moselle / Ausonius -- from Fisherman. An odd kind of angling / Lucian.
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