We meet / Kenneth Patchen ; preface by Devendra Banhart.

We meet / Kenneth Patchen ; preface by Devendra Banhart.
Patchen, Kenneth, 1911-1972.
New York : New Directions, 2008.

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xvi, 282 p. : ill.; 24 cm.
  • "A New Directions paperbook original, NDP1115"--P. [4] of cover.
Preface / Devendra Danhart -- Because It Is -- Because ... -- To Understand One Must Begin Somewhere -- They Were Very Poor That Winter -- She Felt Bashful with Palm Trees -- Everybody Looked So Friendly I Ran -- The Zebra-Plant Bore Spotted Cubs -- All the Forests Were Playing Leapfrog -- I Didn't Mean No Harm, Mister -- The Street Sat There Scratching Himself -- We Made Out When We're In -- The Flybynight Peered into the Washtub -- Sometimes You Can't Always Be So -- A Door in the Hill Opened -- A Firtree Shook Hands with Orion -- Going Nowhere Takes a Long Time -- The Ground-Creature Looked So Sad -- The Boy-Headed Lark Played One -- My Hands Hear the Flowers Thinking -- Sunset Came at Half-Past Noon -- His Sister Saw Shakespeare in the Moon -- He Kept Imagining a Pensive Rabbit -- His Other Dog Was a Horse -- He Was Thinking of a Bumblebee -- His Friend Claimed There Weren't Any -- It's Good to Keep Things Straight -- Growing a Mustache Was Pretty Tiring -- Above the Clouds Little Frogooses Floated -- Their Bells Never Tolled the Truth -- Where They Planted Skygreen Leopards Grew -- The Nervous Vine Wouldn't Twine -- Sometimes the Handwriting Eats Away the Wall -- The Small Man Was a Stranger -- Mr. Flowers the Boatman Sailed Walls -- The Whole World Was on Fire -- Today's Monkey May Well Be Tomorrow's Tueslock -- There Are Roses, Swans and Herbugazelles -- In This Sorrowing Statue of Flesh -- It Didn't Like the Story Anyway -- To Really Ponder One Needs Wonder -- A Cow Chewed Off the Trainwheels -- Everybody's Clock Keeps a Different Time -- He Liked to Be at Home -- Poemscapes -- A Letter to God -- Hurrah for Anything -- Where? -- Never Like This Back in Marblehead -- Bringing Home the Little Bride -- The Peaceful Lier -- Don't Tell Me -- We Meet -- I Am Timothy the Lion -- Travelers of Necessity -- Far Out -- What's This I Hear About Charlie? -- O! O! -- I Am the Chicken -- It Is the Hour -- When Is a Stalker Not a Stalker? -- Perhaps It Is Time -- The "Greater Good" -- Where Tribute Is Due -- Players in Low See -- Only Cherries? -- Flapjacks on the Piazza -- All the Roary Night -- One Who Hopes -- How Come? -- Who Can Tell? -- A Riddle for the 1st of the Month -- A Morning in Bic-Bic ... in the Good Old Days -- News from the Back of Yonder -- Dogs Boating -- I Went to the City -- A Word to the Sufficient -- Yes, Bluebell, This Time It Is Goodbye -- The Cowboy Who Went to College -- The Little Man with Wooden Hair -- The Man-at-a-Table -- The Tame Streetcar Conductor -- The Wily Conductor -- The Careless Little Spy -- The Forgetful Little Commuter -- The Little Man Who Saw a Grass -- The Loyal Stanley Steamerite -- The Old Bronchobuster -- The Man Who Was Shorter Than Himself -- The Celery-Flute Player -- The Goggle-Eyed Rabbit-Counter -- Prominent Couple Believed to Be Permanently Stuck on Porch -- On the Parkbench -- On the Parkbench -- And with the Sorrows of This Joyousness -- An "Impression Gazoom" -- Like I Told You -- A Flame and a Fun of Walking Faces -- The Walking Faces -- How the Problem of What to Hold Cream In Was Eventually Solved -- The Scholar: The Insect -- How Water First Came to Be Tracked onto Bedroom Floors -- The Historian of Orchards -- Behind the Curtain, the Curtained Behind -- Right Niece, Wrong Uncle - Or Versa Vice -- The Dolt and the Pretty Damsels -- What's Sauce for the Tomato -- No Title on This'n Smokey Jes Kep a Eatin Moff Fastas Dynemitpie -- The Tale of Rosiebotham -- The Oeillader with an Indolent, Grease-Smeared Mustache -- An Adventure with Jubiloso Giochevole -- The Wolf That Cried Ohboy Ohboy -- Perpetual Emotion or How-Come a Gator in the Lobby? -- Sure Cure for a Cold -- The Three Visitors -- Moondogg and the One-Armed Dentist's Sister -- Gaunt Eve in the Morning -- The Unclaimed Beaver -- He Didn't Know the Sun Was Loaded -- Tat for Two -- Bottoms Up -- Chicken Fried in Honey -- How Ostriches Came to Have Throats Long Enough to Get Golf Balls Stuck in the Middle of -- A Case of Unmistakable Identity -- Not All Towels Come from Turkey -- Even the Kraken Must Have His Spiel -- How Pepper Came to Be Discovered -- The Evolution of the Hippopotamus -- The Hotel Blues -- How the Slingshot Came to Be Invented -- Moonshine and the Hawgjowl -- The Professional Son -- The Very Best Salesmen Are Not Born -- Taking Hot Coals to Missouri -- A Pasteurized Scene -- Visit to a Suburb in Heaven -- The Cock of All the World -- The Number That Comes After Feve.
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