Taurine 6 / edited by Simo S. Oja and Pirjo Saransaari.

Taurine 6 / edited by Simo S. Oja and Pirjo Saransaari.
International Taurine Symposium (15th : 2005 : Tampere, Finland)
New York : Springer, c2006.

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xix, 556 p. : ill.; 25 cm.
Series Statement
Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 583
Uniform Title
Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 583.
Alternative Title
  • Taurine six
  • Taurine today
  • "Proceedings of the 15th International Taurine Meeting, Taurine Today, held in Tampere, Finland, June 12-15, 2005"--T.p. verso.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Schaffer -- Clinical significance of plasma taurine : part I : plasma taurine reflects sympathetic tone / Tadaomi A. Miyamoto and Masumi R. Miyamoto -- Clinical significance of plasma taurine : part II : spontaneously high plasma taurine concentration presages bad outcome if challenged with ischemia / Tadaomi A. Miyamoto and Masumi R. Miyamoto -- Effects of taurine on mRNA levels of nuclear receptors and factors involved in cholesterol and bile acid homeostasis in mice / Nien Vinh Lam, Wen Chen, Kazuhito Suruga, Naomichi Nishimura, Toshinao Goda, Hiroaki Oda and Hidehiko Yokogoshi -- Comparison of the effects of taurine with those of related sulfur-containing compounds on pyridoxal-induced adrenomedullary cateholamine release and glycogenolysis in the rat / Cesar A. Lau-Cam and Jagir P. 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  • Taurine transport and transporter localization in peripheral blood lymphocytes of controls and major depression patients / Fili Fazzino, Mary Urbina, Salvador Mata and Lucimey Lima -- Retina and optic tectum interact to modulate taurine effect on goldfish and rat retinal explants outgrowth / Lucimey Lima and Suzana Cubillos -- Neuritic outgrowth from goldfish retinal explants, interaction of taurine and zinc / Sonia Nusetti, Francisco Obregon and Lucimey Lima -- Taurine, taurine analogues, and taurine functions : overview / L. Bianchi, M. A. Colivicchi, C. Ballini, M. Fattori, C. Venturi, M. G. Giovannini, J. Healy, K. F. Tipton and L. Della Corte -- Taurine analogues and taurine transport : therapeutic advanges / R. C. Gupta -- Taurine, taurine analogues, and mitochondrial function and dysfunction / M. Palmi, G. Davey, K. F. Tipton and A. Meini -- Anti-inflammatory effects of taurine derivatives (taurine chloramine, taurine bromamine, and taurolidine) are mediated by different mechanisms / Janusz Marcinkiewicz, Maria Kurnyta, Rafal Biedron, Malgorzata Bobek, Ewa Kontny and Wlodzimierz Maslinski -- Taurine chloramine inhibits the production of nitric oxide and superoxide anion by modulating specific mitogen-activated protein kinases / Chaekyun Kim, Hyung Sim Choi and Jun Woo Kim -- Anti-neurotoxic effects of tauropyrone, a taurine analogue / Vija Klusa, Linda Klimaviciusa, Gunars Duburs, Janis Poikans and Alexander Zharkovsky -- Taurinamide derivatives - drugs with the metabolic type of action minireview / Nikolay S. Sapronov and Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya -- Potential antiatherosclerotic drugs : novel N-substituted taurinamide derivatives / Nikolay S. Sapronov, Ludmila K. Khnychenko, Irina V. Okunevich and Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya -- Antihypoxic properties of taurinamide derivatives : the experimental study / Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya, Irina B. Krylova, Elena N. Selina, Albina F. Safonova, Natalia N. Petrova and Nikolay S. Sapronov -- The influence of a taurinamide derivative on skin wound healing in rats : the experimental study / Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya, Elena N. Selina, Olga M. Rodionova, Galina I. Nezhinskaya and Nikolay S. Sapronov -- Cardioprotective effect of taurhythman : the experimental study / Irina B. Krylova, Nataliya R. Evdokimova, Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya and Nikolay S. Sapronov -- Neuroprotective effect of a new taurinamide derivative - taurepar / Irina B. Krylova, Valentina V. Bulion, Ludmila K. Gavrovskaya, Elena N. Selina, Nataliya N. Kuznetzova and Nikolay S. Sapronov.
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