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Strategies for nursing leadership / Harriet R. Feldman, editor.

Strategies for nursing leadership / Harriet R. Feldman, editor.
New York : Springer Pub. Co., 2001.

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Feldman, Harriet R.
xvi, 368 pages : illustrations; 24 cm
Alternative Title
Nursing leadership forum.
Collected Work.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foreword / Barbara Stevens Barnum -- Introduction / Harriet R. Feldman -- 1. Nursing Leadership With the Pen: Two Peas in a Pod / Harriet Forman -- 2. The Art of Legendary Leadership: Lessons for New and Aspiring Leaders / Claire Manfredi -- 3. Storytelling: An Approach to Teaching Leadership Values / Mary Kirkpatrick, Sylvene Spickerman and Margaret K. Edwards / [et al.] -- 4. Preparing the Nurse Executive of the Future / Harriet R. Feldman -- 5. Reflections on Achieving Professional Leadership / Joyce J. Fitzpatrick -- 6. Business Plans: An Effective Tool for Making Decisions / Norma Ness Turini -- 7. Making That Speech: What You'd Better Know Before You Go / Barry Jay Kaplan -- 8. Succession Planning: A Strategy for Taking Charge / Fay L. Bower -- 9. Ethical Leadership in Managed Care: Creating a New Vision / Virginia R. Cassidy -- 10. Maintaining the Balance ... and Thriving as a Leader / Kathleen D. Sanford --
  • 11. Primer for Philanthropy: The ABCs of Fundraising / Sandra S. Deller and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick -- 12. Strategies for Successful Research Project Management / Elizabeth R. Lenz -- 13. Twelve Principles of Successful Fundraising / Joyce J. Fitzpatrick -- 14. Reflections on Empowerment: A Developing Concept or an Outdated One? / Barbara A. Backer, C. Alicia Georges and Diana J. Mason -- 15. The Impact of Organizational Climate on Nurse Satisfaction: Management Implications / Linda D. Urden -- 16. Improving Patient Satisfaction Through Focus Group Interviews / Kathleen Leask Capitulo -- 17. A Self-Efficacy Approach to Nursing Leadership for Shared Governance / Louise S. Jenkins and Nora E. Ladewig -- 18. Nursing Empowerment Through Computers: A Personal Saga / Karen DuBois -- 19. Funding for Nursing Excellence: The Endowment for Nursing ... A Capital Idea / Gertrude Rodgers, Barbara Callaghan and Susan Brusilow --
  • 20. Nominating a Colleague for a Recognition Award / Theresa Stephany -- 21. Cost Control Heroism: Strategies to Reduce Operating Expenses / Cynthia Caroselli -- 22. Organizational Understanding: Understanding the Practice of Expert Nurse Executives / Constance E. Young, Cynthia Peden-McAlpine and Rosemarie Kovac -- 23. Be Careful What You Wish for: Caveats and Principles for Responsible Redesign / Mary Crabtree Tonges -- 24. The "Three Rs" Revisited: Reengineer, Redesign, and Restructure / Mary Crabtree Tonges -- 25. Nurse Administrator Vulnerability / Ruth Davidhizar -- 26. Where Will I Go? Displaced Nurses Relate Their Experiences / Martha Greenberg -- 27. Serving on a Board Overseeing a Closing Institution. Kathleen M. Dirschel -- 28. Mergers: Your Role as a Nurse Executive and Leader of the System / Carolyn Hope Smeltzer and Penny M. Vigneau -- 29. Consensus and Community: Achievable in American Health Care? / Claire M. Fagin.
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