Reproductive toxicology : in vitro germ cell developmental toxicology, from science to social and industrial demand / edited by Jesús del Mazo.

Reproductive toxicology : in vitro germ cell developmental toxicology, from science to social and industrial demand / edited by Jesús del Mazo.
New York : Plenum Press, c1998.

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ix, 223 p. : ill.; 26 cm.
Series Statement
Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 444
Uniform Title
Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 444.
  • "Proceedings of the Workshop on Reproductive Toxicology, held October 8-10, 1997, in Granada, Spain"--T.p. verso.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Trends in male reproductive health. Environmental aspects / Niels E. Skakkebaek -- Organochlorine compounds and xenoestrogens in human endometrium / Wolfgang R. Schafer and Hans Peter Zahradnik -- Assays to measure estrogen and androgen agonists and antagonists / Ana M. Soto, Cheryl L. Michaelson and Nancy V. Prechtl [et al.] -- Development of a marker of estrogenic exposure in breast cancer patients / Patricia Pazos, Pilar Perez and Ana Rivas [et al.] -- In vitro culture systems for germ cells from mouse embryo: primordial germ cells and oocytes / Massimo De Felici -- Cell culture systems for the analysis of the male germinal differentiation / Minoo Rassoulzadegan and Francois Cuzin -- In vitro survival of human neoplastic germ cells / Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts, Heidrun Lauke and Niels E. Skakkebaek -- Effects of rapamycin and fk 506 on rat sertoli cells in vitro / Nicole Clemann and Rudolf Bechter --
  • Flow cytometry as a tool for the evaluation of testicular toxicity / Maria Bobadilla, Laura Suter and Rudolf Bechter -- DNA damage in human and mouse spermatozoa after in vitro-irradiation assessed by the comet assay / Grant Haines, Brian Marples and Paul Daniel [et al.] -- In vitro models for the investigation of reproductive toxicology in the testis / Brian A. Cooke -- Effect of metal compounds on boar sperm motility in vitro / Mario Altamirano-Lozano, Elia Roldan and Edmundo Bonilla [et al.] -- In vitro analysis of xenoestrogens by enzyme linked receptor assays (ELRA) / Martin Seifert, Stefanie Haindl and Bertold Hock -- Current and future contributions of transgenic mice to the analysis of germline toxicology / Andrew Collick, Philippe Bois and Gemma Grant [et al.] -- Evaluation of the placenta: suggestions for a greater role in developmental toxicology / F. Maranghi, C. Macri and C. Ricciardi [et al.] --
  • Protective mechanisms in germ cells: stress proteins in spermatogenesis / David J. Dix and Robert L. Hong -- Molecular cloning and developmental pattern of expression of msj-1, a new male germ cell-specific DnaJ homologue / Giovanna Berruti, Lucia Perego and Enzo Martegani -- Analysis of gene regulation in Sertoli cells by a gene trap approach / Luis A. Lopez-Fernandez, Pascal Lopez and Frederique Vidal [et al.] -- Biochemical characterization of benomyl inhibition on endometrial growth during decidualization in rats / Fitzgerald Spencer, Limen Chi and Ming-Xia Zhu -- An overview of current in vivo test procedures to reproductive toxicology / Alfredo Nunziata -- A new assay to assess aneuploidy in human-hamster embryos / Immaculada Ponsa, Laura Tusell and Ricard Alvarez [et al.] -- Single day treatment - a feasible tool in revealing not dependent on maternal toxicity teratogenic potential / Tatjana Vergieva --
  • The effect of parathion on mouse testicular and epididymal development cultured in chicken allantochorion / Mariana Rojas, Eduardo Bustos-Obregon and Francisco Martinez-Garcia [et al.] -- Evaluation of xenoestrogenic effects in fish on different organization levels / Betting Schrag, Uwe Ensenbach and Jose Maria Navas [et al.] -- Effects on female fertility and germinal cells in prepubertal and adult rats (Rattus norvegicus) after X-ray irradiation / Ivan Martinez-Flores, Josep Egozcue and Montserrat Garcia.
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