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The complete Tommy Dorsey. Volume II : 1936.

The complete Tommy Dorsey. Volume II : 1936.
Dorsey, Tommy, 1905-1956.
New York : Bluebird, ℗1977.

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2 audio discs : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, mono; 12 in.
Alternative Title
  • After you've gone.
  • At the codfish ball.
  • Did I remember.
  • Every minute of the hour, every hour of the day.
  • For sentimental reasons.
  • Gotta go to work again.
  • Head over heels in love.
  • It's you I'm talkin about.
  • Jada.
  • Little rendevous in Honolulu.
  • Long ago and far away.
  • Mary had a little lamb.
  • No regrets.
  • On the beach at Bali Bali.
  • Rhythm saved the world.
  • Robins and roses.
  • Royal Garden blues.
  • San Francisco.
  • Stardust.
  • That lovely night in Budapest.
  • That's a plenty.
  • Where is my heart.
  • Will I ever know it.
  • You never looked so beautiful.
  • You started me dreaming.
  • You've gotta eat your spinach, baby.
  • You.
  • Program notes by Mort Goode on container with discography.
Gotta go to work again -- A little rendevous in Honolulu -- That lovely night in Budapest -- Every minute of the hour, every hour of the day -- You -- Robins and roses -- You never looked so beautiful -- You started me dreaming -- It's you I'm talkin about -- Will I ever know it -- Rhythm saved the world -- Stardust -- Royal Garden blues -- Jada -- At the codfish ball -- Where is my heart -- Long ago and far away -- Mary had a little lamb -- Did I remember --You've gotta eat your spinach, baby -- On the beach at Bali Bali -- No regrets --San Francisco -- That's a plenty -- After you've gone -- For sentimental reasons -- Head over heels in love -- High hat, a piccolo and a cane -- Close to me -- May I have the next romance with you -- Sleep -- Another perfect night is ending -- Maple leaf rag.
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