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Integrated surface and ground water management : proceedings of the specialty symposium held in conjunction with the World Water and Environmental Resources Congress, May 20-24, 2001, Orlando, Florida

Integrated surface and ground water management : proceedings of the specialty symposium held in conjunction with the World Water and Environmental Resources Congress, May 20-24, 2001, Orlando, Florida / sponsored by Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE ; co-sponsored by U.S. Geological Survey, South Florida Water Management District ; edited by Bijay K. Panigrahi ; associate editors Udai P. Singh [and others].
Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, [2001], ©2001.

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viii, 324 pages : illustrations, maps; 22 cm
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • The Emerging Role of Aquifers for Water Storage, Treatment and Conveyance / R. David G. Pyne -- Development and Application of a Three-Dimensional Integrated Hydrologic Model of East-Central Palm Beach Country, Florida / Brian L. Roy, Lee P. Wiseman and Kimberly M. McCue -- Water Management Through Recharge and Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells / Robert Upham, Robert Mulvey and Andrew Marsh / [et al.] -- Conjunctive Use Strategies in Washington State: Win-Win Opportunities with the Snoqualmie Aquifer Project / Robert H. Anderson and Robert D. King -- Utilization of Emerging Geo-Spatial Technologies in the Implementation of Conjunctive Management of Surface and Ground Water in the Boise River Basin / David R. Tuthill, Jr., Peter Goodwin and Piotr Jankowski -- Planning and Management Challenges and Strategies for Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater: The Municipal Supply / Doug Geller and Azad Mohammadi --
  • A Neural Network System for Predicting Ground-Water Elevations at User-Specified Sites Based on Regional Surface-Water Data / Yong Zhang and John M. Sullivan, Jr. -- Simulation of Canal Network Flow in the South Florida Regional Simulation Model / Randy Van Zee, A. M. Wasantha Lal and Mark Belnap -- Selection of Time Step and Grid Size in Modeling Integrated Stream-Aquifer Interaction / A. M. Wasantha Lal -- The Use of MODFLOW with New Surface Water Modules for Evaluating Proposed Water Management System Improvements in North Miami-Dade County, Florida / M. M. Wilsnack, D. E. Welter and C. L. McMunigal / [et al.] -- ISGW - The Integrated Hydrologic Model Coupling HSPF and MODFLOW / Phillip R. Davis -- Application of the South Florida Regional Simulation Model in the Southern Everglades / L. Brion, S. U. S. Senarath and A. M. W. Lal / [et al.] --
  • Modeling Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction for Water Resources Management Buenos Aires Province, Argentina / Rodolfo D. Aradas and Colin R. Thorne -- Hydrodynamic Analysis on the Depletion and Recovery Behavior of a Geopressured Aquifer / K. S. Lee -- Interaction Between a Fresh Groundwater Lens and Saline Lakes in Exuma, Bahamas / Michael O. Walters, Michael N. Ritter and Terrence O. Bengtsson -- Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions in a Karst Aquifer / Hugo A. Loaiciga -- Development of a Management: Tool for the Optimization of Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Resources / Brian L. Roy, Kimberly M. McCue and Lee P. Wiseman / [et al.] -- On Simulating Canal, Overland, and Groundwater Flow in South Florida / Hwai-Ping Cheng, Hsin-Chin Lin and Gour-Tsyh Yeh -- An Open Forum Discussion of Issues Related to Modeling of Integrated Ground and Surface Water Management / Bijay K. Panigrahi, Gour-Tsyh Yeh and Peter S. Huyakorn / [et al.] --
  • Water Supply Planning in the St. Johns River Water Management District, Florida / Barbara A. Vergara -- The Water 2020 Process: A Guide to Future Water Supply Decision Making in East Central Florida / Ronald L. Wycoff -- Application of the South Florida Water Management Model to Develop the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan / Kenneth C. Tarboton, Calvin J. Neidrauer and E. Ray Santee -- Use of Regional Simulation Models in Operational Hydrology in South Florida / Luis G. Cadavid, Paul Trimble and Ray Santee / [et al.] -- South Florida Water Management Model: Regional-Scale Water Management Tool / L. Brion, K. Tarboton and E. Santee / [et al.] -- Sustainable Groundwater Management Integrated with Environmentally Sound Land-use Planning / Martin L. Collin and Abraham J. Melloul -- Pre-Development Versus Post-Development Runoff Volume Analysis / Jeffrey J. Earhart -- An Analysis of Rainfall Distributions in Orange Country, Florida / Muthusamy Krishnamurthy and Joseph H. Walter --
  • Total Maximum Daily Load and Modeling Tools / Thomas Dupuis, Avinash Patwardhan and Anthony Donigian, Jr. -- Use of Constructed Wetlands for Acid Mine Drainage Abatement on a Watershed Basis / Fred J. Brenner -- Remobilization of Toxic Trace Elements in a Southern California Watershed / Barry Hibbs -- Hydrologic Flux and Nitrate Exchange Between Surface Water and Shallow Groundwater, San Diego Creek Watershed, Orange County, California / Barry Hibbs, Eric Chavez and Gary Desselle -- Siting, Design and Operation of Infiltration BMPs: A Case Study / Brian Currier, Scott Taylor and John Johnston / [et al.] -- Restoration of Riparian Zones - A Decision Support System / Muzaffar Eusuff, Amro Helwa and Kevin Lansey.
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