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Great white sharks : the biology of Carcharodon carcharias

Great white sharks : the biology of Carcharodon carcharias / edited by A. Peter Klimley, David G. Ainley.
San Diego : Academic Press, [1996], ©1996.

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x, 517 pages : illustrations, maps; 29 cm
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 493-513) and index.
  • 1. White Shark Research in the Past: A Perspective -- 2. A Plea for White Shark Conservation -- 3. Using Tooth Structure to Determine the Evolutionary History of the White Shark -- 4. The Fossil History of Carcharodon and Its Possible Ancestor, Cretolamna: A Study in Tooth Identification -- 5. Evolutionary Relationships of the White Shark: A Phylogeny of Lamniform Sharks Based on Dental Morphology -- 6. Systematics of the Lamnidae and the Origination Time of Carcharodon carcharias Inferred from the Comparative Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences -- 7. Size and Skeletal Anatomy of the Giant "Megatooth" Shark Carcharodon megalodon -- 8. Paleoecology of Fossil White Sharks -- 9. Using Allometry to Predict Body Mass from Linear Measurements of the White Shark -- 10. A Review of Length Validation Methods and Protocols to Measure Large White Sharks -- 11. Temperature, Swimming Depth, and Movements of a White Shark at the South Farallon Islands, California --
  • 12. The Brain and Cranial Nerves of the White Shark: An Evolutionary Perspective -- 13. Reproduction in the Male White Shark -- 14. Pregnant White Sharks and Full-Term Embryos from Japan -- 15. Observations on a Pregnant White Shark with a Review of Reproductive Biology -- 16. The Behavior of White Sharks and Their Pinniped Prey during Predatory Attacks -- 17. Diving Behavior of Elephant Seals: Implications for Predator Avoidance -- 18. Repetitive Aerial Jaw Gaping: A Thwart-Induced Behavior in White Sharks -- 19. White Shark Attacks on Inanimate Objects along the Pacific Coast of North America -- 20. Observations of White Shark Reactions to Unbaited Decoys -- 21. Shape Discrimination and Visual Predatory Tactics in White Sharks -- 22. Tail Slap and Breach: Agonistic Displays among White Sharks? -- 23. Behavior of the White Shark: An Emerging Picture --
  • 24. White Shark Predation on Four Pinniped Species in Central California Waters: Geographic and Temporal Patterns Inferred from Wounded Carcasses -- 25. Tidal Height and White Shark Predation at the South Farallon Islands, California -- 26. Environmental Factors Affecting the Occurrence and Behavior of White Sharks at the Farallon Islands, California -- 27. White Shark Predation and Scavenging on Cetaceans in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean -- 28. White Shark-Inflicted Wounds of Sea Otters in California, 1968-1992 -- 29. Records of White Shark-Bitten Leatherback Sea Turtles along the Central California Coast -- 30. Distribution and Autecology of the White Shark in the Eastern North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea -- 31. Occurrence of the White Shark along the Brazilian Coast -- 32. Catches of White Sharks in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and Environmental Influences -- 33. Residency Patterns of White Sharks at the South Farallon Islands, California --
  • 34. Trends in White Shark Predation at the South Farallon Islands, 1968-1993 -- 35. Population Dynamics of White Sharks in South Africa -- 36. First Estimates of Mortality and Population Size on the South African Coast -- 37. Population Dynamics of White Sharks in Spencer Gulf, South Australia -- 38. An Evaluation of Methodologies to Study the Population Biology of White Sharks -- 39. White Shark Attacks in the Eastern Pacific Ocean: An Update and Analysis -- 40. Unprovoked Attacks by White Sharks off the South African Coast -- 41. White Shark Attacks in Australian Waters -- 42. Worldwide Patterns of White Shark Attacks on Humans -- 43. Chemical Repellent Tests on White Sharks, with Comments on Repellent Delivery Methods -- 44. Comments on Means for Avoidance or Deterrence of White Shark Attacks on Humans -- 45. More Rare Than Dangerous: A Case Study of White Shark Conservation in California.
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