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Parasitic birds and their hosts : studies in coevolution

Parasitic birds and their hosts : studies in coevolution / edited by Stephen I. Rothstein, Scott K. Robinson.
New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.

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xii, 444 pages : illustrations, maps; 26 cm.
Series Statement
Oxford ornithology series ; 9
Uniform Title
Oxford ornithology series ; 9.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Pt. I. Overview and commentary. 1. The evolution and ecology of avian brood parasitism: an overview / Stephen I. Rothstein and Scott K. Robinson -- Pt. II. Coevolution between cuckoos and their hosts. 2. Cuckoos versus hosts: experimental evidence for coevolution / Nicholas B. Davies and Michael de L. Brooke. 3. Host use and egg color of Japanese cuckoos / Hiroyoshi Higuchi. 4. Coevolution between the common cuckoo and its major hosts in Japan: stable versus dynamic specialization on hosts / Hiroshi Nakamura, Satoshi Kubota and Reiko Suzuki. 5. Duration of sympatry and coevolution between the great spotted cuckoo (Clamator glandarius) and its primary host, the magpie (Pica pica) / Manuel Soler, Juan J. Soler and Juan G. Martinez. 6. Coevolution of the great spotted cuckoo and its hosts / Luis Arias-de-Reyna. 7. Behavior and ecology of the shining cuckoo, Chrysococcyx lucidus / Brian J. Gill.
  • 8. Nestling eviction and vocal begging behaviors in the Australian glossy cuckoos Chrysococcyx basalis and C. lucidus / Robert B. Payne and Laura L. Payne -- Pt. III. Coevolution between cowbirds and their hosts. 9. Interactions of the parasitic screaming and shiny cowbirds (Molothrus rufoaxillaris and M. bonariensis) with a shared host, the bay-winged cowbird (M. badius) / Rosendo M. Fraga. 10. Nest defense by potential hosts of the brown-headed cowbird: methodological approaches, benefits of defense, and coevolution / Spencer G. Sealy, Diane L. Neudorf and Keith A. Hobson [et al.]. 11. Impact of brood parasitism: why do house wrens accept shiny cowbird eggs? / Gustavo H. Kattan -- Pt. IV. Models of host-parasite coevolution: equilibrium versus lag. 12. Evolutionary equilibria in avian brood parasitism: an alternative to the "arms race - evolutionary lag" concept / Arnon Lotem and Hiroshi Nakamura.
  • 13. Coevolution between brood parasites and their hosts; an optimality theory approach / Eiven Roskaft and Arne Moksnes. 14. Brood parasitism, recognition, and response: the options / Ian G. McLean and Richard F. Maloney -- Pt. V. Effects of parasitism on host population dynamics. 15. Consequences of brown-headed cowbird brood parasitism for host population dynamics / Cheryl L. Trine, W. Douglas Robinson and Scott K. Robinson. 16. Spatial variation in parasitism of song sparrows by brown-headed cowbirds / James N. M. Smith and Isla H. Myers-Smith. 17. Potential impacts of cowbird range expansion in Florida / Alexander Cruz, William Post and James W. Wiley [et al.] -- Pt. VI. Consequences of parasitism for the mating systems and life histories of brood parasites. 18. Variability in the mating systems of parasitic birds / Phoebe Barnard -- Pt. VII. Conspecific brood parasitism.
  • 19. Patterns of parasitic egg laying and typical nesting in redhead and canvasback ducks / Michael D. Sorenson. 20. Quality control and the important questions in avian conspecific brood parasitism / Harry W. Power. 21. Density-dependent intraspecific nest parasitism and anti-parasite behavior in the barn swallow Hirundo rustica / Anders P. Moller. 22. Egg discrimination and egg-color variability in the northern masked weaver: the importance of conspecific versus interspecific parasitism / Wendy M. Jackson -- Pt. VIII. Major unresolved questions. 23. Major unanswered questions in the study of avian brood parasitism / Stephen I. Rothstein and Scott K. Robinson.
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