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Parasitic birds and their hosts : studies in coevolution

Parasitic birds and their hosts : studies in coevolution / edited by Stephen I. Rothstein, Scott K. Robinson.
New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.

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Additional Authors
  • Rothstein, Stephen I.
  • Robinson, Scott Kuehner.
xii, 444 pages : illustrations, maps; 26 cm.
Parasitic Birds and Their Hosts: Studies in Coevolution is the first book to present a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the diverse kinds of birds and interactions involved in avian brood parasitism. Written by an outstanding group of individuals and research groups around the world who have been responsible for nearly every major study in the last ten years, the chapters in this volume offer valuable summaries along with substantial new research.
Series Statement
Oxford ornithology series ; 9
Uniform Title
Oxford ornithology series ; 9.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Pt. I. Overview and commentary. 1. The evolution and ecology of avian brood parasitism: an overview / Stephen I. Rothstein and Scott K. Robinson -- Pt. II. Coevolution between cuckoos and their hosts. 2. Cuckoos versus hosts: experimental evidence for coevolution / Nicholas B. Davies and Michael de L. Brooke. 3. Host use and egg color of Japanese cuckoos / Hiroyoshi Higuchi. 4. Coevolution between the common cuckoo and its major hosts in Japan: stable versus dynamic specialization on hosts / Hiroshi Nakamura, Satoshi Kubota and Reiko Suzuki. 5. Duration of sympatry and coevolution between the great spotted cuckoo (Clamator glandarius) and its primary host, the magpie (Pica pica) / Manuel Soler, Juan J. Soler and Juan G. Martinez. 6. Coevolution of the great spotted cuckoo and its hosts / Luis Arias-de-Reyna. 7. Behavior and ecology of the shining cuckoo, Chrysococcyx lucidus / Brian J. Gill.
  • 8. Nestling eviction and vocal begging behaviors in the Australian glossy cuckoos Chrysococcyx basalis and C. lucidus / Robert B. Payne and Laura L. Payne -- Pt. III. Coevolution between cowbirds and their hosts. 9. Interactions of the parasitic screaming and shiny cowbirds (Molothrus rufoaxillaris and M. bonariensis) with a shared host, the bay-winged cowbird (M. badius) / Rosendo M. Fraga. 10. Nest defense by potential hosts of the brown-headed cowbird: methodological approaches, benefits of defense, and coevolution / Spencer G. Sealy, Diane L. Neudorf and Keith A. Hobson [et al.]. 11. Impact of brood parasitism: why do house wrens accept shiny cowbird eggs? / Gustavo H. Kattan -- Pt. IV. Models of host-parasite coevolution: equilibrium versus lag. 12. Evolutionary equilibria in avian brood parasitism: an alternative to the "arms race - evolutionary lag" concept / Arnon Lotem and Hiroshi Nakamura.
  • 13. Coevolution between brood parasites and their hosts; an optimality theory approach / Eiven Roskaft and Arne Moksnes. 14. Brood parasitism, recognition, and response: the options / Ian G. McLean and Richard F. Maloney -- Pt. V. Effects of parasitism on host population dynamics. 15. Consequences of brown-headed cowbird brood parasitism for host population dynamics / Cheryl L. Trine, W. Douglas Robinson and Scott K. Robinson. 16. Spatial variation in parasitism of song sparrows by brown-headed cowbirds / James N. M. Smith and Isla H. Myers-Smith. 17. Potential impacts of cowbird range expansion in Florida / Alexander Cruz, William Post and James W. Wiley [et al.] -- Pt. VI. Consequences of parasitism for the mating systems and life histories of brood parasites. 18. Variability in the mating systems of parasitic birds / Phoebe Barnard -- Pt. VII. Conspecific brood parasitism.
  • 19. Patterns of parasitic egg laying and typical nesting in redhead and canvasback ducks / Michael D. Sorenson. 20. Quality control and the important questions in avian conspecific brood parasitism / Harry W. Power. 21. Density-dependent intraspecific nest parasitism and anti-parasite behavior in the barn swallow Hirundo rustica / Anders P. Moller. 22. Egg discrimination and egg-color variability in the northern masked weaver: the importance of conspecific versus interspecific parasitism / Wendy M. Jackson -- Pt. VIII. Major unresolved questions. 23. Major unanswered questions in the study of avian brood parasitism / Stephen I. Rothstein and Scott K. Robinson.
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