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Fearless girls, wise women, and beloved sisters : heroines in folktales from around the world

Fearless girls, wise women, and beloved sisters : heroines in folktales from around the world / edited by Kathleen Ragan.
New York : W.W. Norton, 1998.

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Ragan, Kathleen.
xxvii, 450 pages : maps; 25 cm
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The Stolen Bairn and the Sidh -- The Three Sisters and Their Husbands, Three Brothers -- The Corpse Watchers -- The Crookened Back -- The Horned Women -- Whuppity Stoorie -- Molly Whuppie -- The Treasure of Downhouse -- The Hand of Glory -- Tamlane -- The Night Troll -- The Grateful Elfwoman -- "My Jon's Soul" -- The Ghost at Fjelkinge -- Little Red Cap -- The Wood Maiden -- The Child Who Was Poor and Good -- The Pigeon's Bride -- How the King Chose a Daughter-in-Law -- Marichka -- Davit -- Anait -- The Fortune-Teller -- The Tsaritsa Harpist -- The Vampire Skeleton -- The Flying Head -- Where the Girl Saved Her Brother -- Chief Joseph's Story of Wallowa Lake -- The Origin of the Potlatch -- The Princess and Mountain Dweller -- The Princess and the Magical Hat -- The Lytton Girls Who Were Stolen by Giants -- The Legend of the Coppermine River -- The Huntress -- Story of a Female Shaman -- The Magic Eagle -- "I'm Tipingee, She's Tipingee, We're Tipingee, Too" --
  • The Innkeeper's Wise Daughter -- Molly Cotton-Tail Steals Mr. Fox's Butter -- A Rani's Revenge -- How Parvatibai Qutwitted the Dacoits -- The Close Alliance: A Tale of Woe -- The Barber's Clever Wife -- A Wonderful Story -- The Importance of Lighting -- The Child of Death -- The Story of Princess Amaradevi -- The Tale of the Oki Islands -- The Monkey Bridegroom -- The Mirror of Matsuyama: A Story of Old Japan -- The Tiger and the Coal Peddler's Wife -- The Plucky Maiden -- The Phoenix and Her City -- Sailimai's Four Precious Things -- A Woman's Love -- Maiden Liu, the Songster -- The Festival of Pouring Water -- A Polite Idiosyncrasy -- The Young Head of the Family -- Altyn-Aryg -- The Wife Who Stole a Heart -- Hiiaka Catching a Ghost -- Hiiaka and the Seacoast Kupuas -- A Calabash of Poi -- Rau-Whato -- How Pulap Acquired the Art of Navigation -- Rola and the Two Sisters -- The Old Woman and the Giant -- The Magic Coin -- The Creation of Lake Asbold -- Senan and Aping --
  • Ubong and the Head-Hunters -- Kumaku and the Giant -- Revival and Revenge -- Uzu, the White Dogai -- The Black Snake Man and His Wife, the Dove -- The Mogwoi's Baby -- Biriwilg (Told by Women) -- The Woman, Her Husband, Their Children and the Dodo -- Ku-Chin-Da-Gayya and Her Elder Sister and the Dodos -- Moremi and the Egunguns -- The Spider, Kayi, and the Bush Fowl -- The Story of Two Women -- The Man Killed for a Spinach Leaf -- The Leopard Woman -- The Midwife of Dakar -- A Woman for a Hundred Cattle -- Wacu and the Eagle -- Elephant and Hare -- Nonikwe and the Great One, Marimba -- How the Milky Way Came to Be -- Nanabolele, Who Shines in the Night -- Jackal and Hen -- Women's Wiles -- The Feslihanci Girl -- The Story of the City of Nothing-in-the-World -- The "Pink Pearl" Prince -- Who Is Blessed with the Realm, Riches, and Honor? -- The Story of the King, Hamed bin Bathara, and of the Fearless Girl -- The Sultan's Daughter -- Yousif Al-Saffani --
  • The Miser Who Married -- The Sign of the Tassel.
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