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The lost species : great expeditions in the collections of natural history museums

The lost species : great expeditions in the collections of natural history museums / Christopher Kemp.
Kemp, Christopher
  • Chicago, IL : The University of Chicago Press, 2017.
  • ©2017

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xxi, 250 pages : illustrations; 24 cm
  • Catalogs and collections.
  • Popular works.
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 227-236) and index.
Introduction -- The vertebrates. Pushed up a mountain and into the clouds : the olinguito (Bassaricyon neblina) -- Beneath a color 83 sky : the ucucha mouse (Thomasomys ucucha) -- Going on a tapir hunt : the little black tapir (Tapirus kabomani) -- A taxonomic confusion : the saki monkeys (Pithecia genus) -- Scattered to the corners of the world : the Arfak pygmy bandicoot (Microperoryctes aplini) -- The one that got away for 160 years : Wallace's pike cichlid (Crenicichla monicae) -- Here be dragons : the ruby seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea) -- A century in a jar : the Thorius salamanders -- From a green bowl : the overlooked squeaker frog (Arthroleptis kutogundua) -- A body and a disembodied tail : Smith's hidden gecko (Cyrtodactylus celatus) -- The invertebrates. Treasure in the by-catch : the gall wasps (Cynipoidea species) -- The biomimic : the lightning cockroach (Lucihormetica luckae) -- Sunk beneath the surface in a sea of beetles : Darwin's rove beetle (Darwinilus sedarisi) -- The spoils of a distant war : the Congo duskhawker dragonfly (Gynacantha congolica) -- A specimen in two halves : Muir's wedge-shaped beetle (Rhipidocyrtus muiri) -- Mary Kingsley's longhorn beetle (Pseudictator kingsleyae) -- The giant flies (Gauromydas papavero and Gauromydas mateus) -- It came from Area 51 : the atomic tarantula spider (Aphonopelma atomicum) -- The host with the most : the nematode worm (Ohbayashinema aspeira) -- From a time machine on Cromwell Road : Ablett's land snail (Pseudopomatias abletti) -- In sight of land : Payden's isopod (Exosphaeroma paydenae) -- A ball of spines : Makarov's king crab (Paralomis makarovi) -- Botanical. In an Ikea bag : the custard apple family (Monanthotaxis genus) -- The others. Waiting with their jackets on : the fossils (paleontology specimens collected by Elmer Riggs) -- The first art : the earliest hominid engraving (a 500,000-year-old shell) -- Epilogue.
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