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Best of delectable foods and dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib : a cookbook by thirteenth-century Andalusi scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī (1227-1293)

Best of delectable foods and dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib : a cookbook by thirteenth-century Andalusi scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī (1227-1293) / by Nawal Nasrallah.
Nasrallah, Nawal
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2021]

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xxix, 884 pages : color illustrations; 25 cm.
"The thirteenth-century cookbook Fiḍālat al-khiwān fīṭayyibāt al-ṭa ām wa-l-alwān by the Andalusi scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībīshowcases the sophisticated cuisine that developed in the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule through its 475 exquisite recipes. Now available for the first time in English, this edition contains al-Tujībī's complete text, based on a newly discovered manuscript now available for the first time in any language. To introduce readers to the wonders of cooking and foodways in al-Andalus and the Maghreb, the translated text is supplemented with an extensive introduction and glossary, illustrated throughout with 218 color miniatures and artifacts, with 24 modernized recipes to give readers a taste of the cuisine. This is a key resource on medieval material culture and the Arab culinary heritage in Iberia, and a delight to all lovers of food and cookbooks"--
Series Statement
Islamic history and civilization : studies and texts, 0929-2403 ; volume 186
Uniform Title
Islamic history and civilization ; v. 186.
  • Cooking, Iraqi
  • Food habits > Iraq
  • Food habits
  • Iraq
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Part I The Making of Fidalat al-khiwan p. 1 -- I.2 Ibn Razin al-Tujibi (1227-1293) p. 15 -- I.3 Fidalat al-khiwan: Sources p. 21 -- Part II Food and Foodways in al-Andalus p. 24 -- II. 4 Diet and Formation of a Cuisine p. 24 -- II. 4.1 A Shopping Tour around al-Andalus p. 34 -- II. 5 Elements of Andalusi Cuisine p. 44 -- II. 5.1 The Foods They Ate p. 53 -- II. 5.2 Al-Mujabbanat p. 55 -- II. 5.3 Eating Out and Shopping: Regulating the Food Markets p. 57 -- II. 6 Food in Andalusi Social Contexts p. 62 -- II. 6.1 The Language of Food p. 68 -- Part III The Andalusi Cuisine as Depicted in the Book of Fidala p. 70 -- III. 7 In the Kitchen with Fidalat al-khiwan p. 72 -- III. 8 In the Kitchen, Cooking al-Tujibi's Dishes p. 80 -- Part IV The Years They Ate Couscous Dangerously p. 94 -- Edition and Translation of the Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes -- [Ibn Razin al-Tujibi's Introduction] p. 105 -- Part 1 On Bread, Tharayid, Soups (Ahsa'), Pastries, and the Like; and It Has Five Chapters -- I.1 Part One, Chapter One: On Varieties of Bread (Akhbaz) p. 117 -- I.2 Part One, Chapter Two: On Tharayid p. 121 -- I.3 Part One, Chapter Three: On Soups (Ahsa') and Porridges p. 148 -- I.4 Part One, Chapter Four: On Pastries, Mujabbanat, and Isfanj p. 154 -- I.5 Part One, Chapter Five: On All Kinds of Dishes That Are Sopped in Broth like Tharid; and Those Cooked in Ways Similar to Soup p. 188 -- Part 2 On Meats of Quadrupeds, and It Has Six Chapters -- II. 1 Part Two, Chapter One: On Beef (Luhum Baqariyya) p. 203 -- II. 2 Part Two, Chapter Two: On Mutton (Luhum Da'n) p. 216 -- II. 3 Part Two, Chapter Three: On Lamb (Luhum Khirfan) p. 260 -- II. 4 Part Two, Chapter Four: On Young Goat Meat (Luhum al-Jida) p. 271 -- II. 5 Part Two, Chapter Five: On Wild Meat (Luhum al-Wahsh) p. 273 -- II. 6 Part Two, Chapter Six: On Foods Incorporated into Dishes Cooked with Meat of Quadrupeds, and Which Are Akin to Making Meatballs (Banadiq) p. 282 -- Part 3 On Dishes with Various Types of Poultry, and It Has Seven Chapters -- III. 1 Part Three, Chapter One: On Meat of Geese (Iwazz) p. 293 -- III. 2 Part Three, Chapter Two: On Chicken (Dajaj) p. 297 -- III. 3 Part Three, Chapter Three: On Meat of Partridges (Hajal) p. 333 -- III. 4 Part Three, Chapter Four: On Meat of Squabs (Firakh Hamam) p. 337 -- III. 5 Part Three, Chapter Five: On Meat of Fat Turtledoves (Yamam Musmina) p. 341 -- III. 6 Part Three, Chapter Six: On Meat of Starlings (Zarazir) p. 346 -- III. 7 Part Three, Chapter Seven: On Meat of Sparrows (Asafir) p. 348 -- Part 4 It Has Three Chapters: On a Dish Called Sinhaji, Stuffed Tripe, and Sinhaji Tongue -- IV. 1 Part Four, Chapter One: On Cooking a Dish Called Sinhaji p. 353 -- IV. 2 Part Four, Chapter Two: On Making Stuffed Tripe (Karsh Mahshuwwa) p. 355 -- IV. 3 Part Four, Chapter Three: On Making [Sinhaji] Tongue p. 357 -- Part 5 On Varieties of Dishes with Fish and Eggs, and It Has Two Chapters -- V.1 Part Five, Chapter One: On [Dishes with] Various Types of Fish p. 361 -- V.2 Part Five, Chapter Two: On Varieties of Egg Dishes p. 383 -- Part 6 On Dairy Foods (Alban), and It Has Three Chapters -- VI. 1 Part Six, Chapter One: A Recipe for Rennet-Curdled Milk ('Aqid al-Laban al-Halib) and What Is Made With It p. 393 -- VI. 2 Part Six, Chapter Two: On Making Rayib (Yogurt) and Extracting Butter p. 397 -- VI. 3 Part Six, Chapter Three: On Ripening Hard Cheese in a Jar (Khabiya) and Ways for Cooking It; and Remedying Butter and Milk p. 400 -- Part 7 On Vegetables (Buqul) and the Like, and It Has Ten Chapters -- VII. 1 Part Seven, Chapter One: On Dishes Made with Gourd (Oar') p. 405 -- VII. 2 Part Seven, Chapter Two: On Dishes with Eggplants (Badhinjan) p. 412 -- VII. 3 Part Seven, Chapter Three: On Dishes with Carrots (Jazar) p. 428 -- VII. 4 Part Seven, Chapter Four: On Dishes Made with Desert Truffles (Kam'a) p. 431 -- VII. 5 Part Seven, Chapter Five: On Cooking Asparagus (Isfaraj), and It Has One Dish p. 434 -- VII. 6 Part Seven, Chapter Six: On Harshaf, Which Are Qannariyya and Afzan p. 436 -- VII. 7 Part Seven, Chapter Seven: On Cooking Mushrooms (Futr), and It Has One Dish p. 438 -- VII. 8 Part Seven, Chapter Eight: On Cooking with Spinach (Isfanakh), Blite (Yarbuz), Lettuce (Khass), and the Like p. 439 -- VII. 9 Part Seven, Chapter Nine: On Cooking Jinaniyya p. 441 -- VII. 10 Part Seven, Chapter Ten: On Cooking Taros (Qulqas), and It Has One Dish p. 443 -- Part 8 On Fava Beans (Ful), Chickpeas (Himmas), and the Like. It Has Three Chapters -- VIII. 1 Part Eight, Chapter One: On Fresh and Dried Fava Beans (Fid) p. 447 -- VIII. 2 Part Eight, Chapter Two: On Dishes with Chickpeas (Himmas) p. 454 -- VIII. 3 Part Eight, Chapter Three: On Cooking All Kinds of Lentils (Adas), and It Has One Dish p. 457 -- Part 9 On Mu'assalat and All Sorts of Confectionary (Halwa'), with All Kinds of Variations, Made with Honey and Sugar. It Has Seven Chapters -- IX. 1 Part Nine, Chapter One: On Making Mu'assal and Ghassani p. 461 -- IX. 2 Part Nine, Chapter Two: On Making Varieties of Confectionary (Halwa') p. 463 -- IX. 3 Part Nine, Chapter Three: On Making Qahiriyya (Delicate Cairene Ring Cookies) and Sanbusak (Marzipan) p. 471 -- IX. 4 Part Nine, Chapter Four: On Making Jawzinaq and Lawzinaj (Walnut and Almond Confections) p. 475 -- IX. 5 Part Nine, Chapter Five: On Making Qasab Hulw (Reeds of Candy) p. 477 -- IX. 6 Part Nine, Chapter Six: On Making Fanidh (Pulled Sugar Taffy) and Ishqaqut (Rings of Solomon) p. 478 -- IX. 7 Part Nine, Chapter Seven: On Varieties of Desserts from the Eastern Region (Sharqiyya) p. 480 -- Part 10 On Pickles and Condiments (Kawamikh) and Other Related Preparations for Varieties of Vinegar and Murri (Fermented Liquid Sauce); Remedying Olive Oil and Replacing It With Other Oils When Not Available; Remedying Overly Salty Foods and Raw Meat That Does Not Smell Fresh; and the Like. It Has Twelve Chapters -- X.1 Part Ten, Chapter One: On Making Sinab (Mustard Sauce) p. 485 -- X.2 Part Ten, Chapter Two: On Curing Olives (Zaytun) p. 488 -- X.3 Part Ten, Chapter Three: On Pickling Lemons (Tasyir al-Lim) p. 492 -- X.4 Part Ten, Chapter Four: On Various Ways for Pickling Capers (Tasyir al-Kabar) p. 495 -- X.5 Part Ten, Chapter Five: On Pickling (Tasyir) Eggplants (Badhinjan), Onions (Basal), and Turnips (Lift) p. 498 -- X.6 Part Ten, Chapter Six: On Pickling Fish (Tasyir al-Hut) p. 503 -- X.7 Part Ten, Chapter Seven: On Making Varieties of Vinegar p. 506 -- X.8 Part Ten, Chapter Eight: On Making Sun-Fermented Liquid Sauce (MurriNaqi), Cooked Liquid Sauce (Murri Matbukh), and Other Kinds p. 518 -- X.9 Part Ten, Chapter Nine: On Making Oil (Zayt) with Ingredients other than Olives When They Are Not Available; and Remedying Olive Oil When It Spoils and Its Flavor or Aroma Deteriorates p. 534 -- X.10 Part Ten, Chapter Ten: On Extracting Oils (Adhan) When Needed for Some Dishes p. 537 -- X.11 Part Ten, Chapter Eleven: On Making Cured Meat (Qadid) p. 539 -- X.12 Part Ten, Chapter Twelve: On Ways to Remedy Food p. 541 -- Part 11 On Cooking Jarad (Locusts), Qumrun (Freshwater Shrimps), and Aghlal (Edible Land Snaib) p. 543 -- Part 12 On Handwashing Preparations (Ghasulat), and It Has One Chapter p. 551 -- [Final Bonus Recipe:] Making Musannab (Juice of Sweet Grapes Preserved with Mustard Seeds) p. 559.
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Nasrallah, Nawal, author.
Best of delectable foods and dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib : a cookbook by thirteenth-century Andalusi scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī (1227-1293) / by Nawal Nasrallah.
Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2021]
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Islamic history and civilization : studies and texts, 0929-2403 ; volume 186
Islamic history and civilization ; v. 186.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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Online version: Nasrallah, Nawal. Best of delectable foods and dishes from al-andalus and al-maghrib: a cookbook by thirteenth-century andalusi scholar ibn razīn al-tujībī(1227-1293) Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2021 9789004469488 (DLC) 2021035081
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JFE 23-910
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