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Furious flower : seeding the future of African American poetry

Furious flower : seeding the future of African American poetry / edited by Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne ; foreword by Rita Dove.
  • Evanston, Illinois : Triquarterly Books, Northwestern University Press, 2020.
  • ©2020.

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xxxv, 441 pages : illustrations, music; 23 cm.
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Seeding the future of African American poetry
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  • Includes bibliographical references.
Foreword / Rita Dove -- Preface / Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne -- 1. Collective power -- Communities and Social Movements in Black Poetry / John H. Bracey -- I Don't Think for a Second That We Won't Survive This / Abdul Ali -- Praise Song for the Table in the Cafeteria Where All the Black Boys Sat Together during a Block, Laughing Too Loudly / Joshua B. Bennett -- Preface to a Twenty-Volume Regicide Note / Joshua B. Bennett -- Mother / Reginald Dwayne Betts -- Fish Fry / Remica Bingham-Risher -- for home / Destiny O. Birdsong -- Re-Portrait Your Name, Douglas / F. Douglas Brown -- The Card Tables / Jericho Brown -- Boxing Arethas / Curtis L. Crisler -- Knuckle Head / Teri Ellen Cross Davis -- self-portrait with no flag / Safia Elhillo -- 90 poems I didn't write for you / Alexis Pauline Gumbs -- Making / Duriel E. Harris -- Miz Lucille / DaMaris B. Hill -- Bread Pudding Grandmamma / Darrel Alejandro Holnes -- Praise Poem for My Leo Self / JP Howard -- Gender Reveal / Amanda Johnston -- To the Builders / Fred Joiner -- A Haiku Love Letter for Gabby Douglas / Yalie Kamara -- Cartography as an Act of Remembering / Donika Kelly -- We Put So Much Faith in the Power of Doors / Jacqueline Jones LaMon -- Conditions for a Southern Gothic / Rickey Laurentiis -- which art? what fact? / Nate Marshall -- Initiation / Kamilah Aisha Moon -- Activism is hot just ask Jason Momoa / Khadijah Queen -- prayer for the unseen / Anastacia-Reneé -- The Silences / Mahtem Shiferraw -- what the cicada said to the black boy / Clint Smith -- Bring Back / Samantha Thornhill -- 2. Black aesthetics -- Race, Experiments, and the Black Avant-Garde / Evie Shockley -- Night / Reginald Dwayne Betts -- Another Clearing of the Land : Epitaph for Hadiyah Pendleton / Tara Betts -- The Root / Derrick Weston Brown -- Our People I / CM Burroughs-- Our People II / CM Burroughs -- BBHMM / Tiana Clark -- from The Rise and Fall of Music / Michael Collins -- Early Death Syndrome / Nandi Comer -- Revivalism 101 / Mary-Alice Daniel -- #notorious / t'ai freedom ford -- When the Therapist Asks You to Recount, You Have to Say It / Aricka Foreman -- American Counting Rhyme / Duriel E. Harris -- Boogie Nights (Got to Keep On Dancing) / Clemonce Heard -- Aeration / Taylor Johnson -- If not memory- / Taylor Johnson -- what we lose in the fire a blown tire makes us see / Raina J. León -- Dew-Drier / Dante Micheaux -- Girl with the golden contacts at the Walmart / Opal Moore -- Variation on a Theme by Elizabeth Bishop / John Murillo -- "Let My Anger Be the Celebration We Were Never Supposed to Have" / Natasha Oladokun -- We, the Rubber Men / Iain Haley Pollock -- American Religion / Lynne Procope -- I Wish You Black Sons / Glenis Redmond -- Cathedral / Valencia Robin -- Realism: a poetics / Metta Sáma -- Candelabra with Heads / Nicole Sealey -- For the Dead Homie / Danez Smith -- Global Warming Blues / Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie -- Ars Poetica / Marcus Wicker -- Asterism / Keith S. Wilson -- Resurrection Sunday / L. Lamar Wilson --The Fairmount / Ronaldo V. Wilson -- uncle shot find(s) out dat aint a brudda sangin I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) / avery r. young -- 3. Pan-African poetics -- Toward a Pan-African Poetics / Kwame Dawes -- X / Joshua B. Bennett -- my brother asks me what it's like to live in Utah and not be white / Lillian-Yvonne Bertram -- When I Think of Tamir Rice While Driving / Reginald Dwayne Betts -- After Andy Warhol's "Little Race Riot" / Tara Betts -- White Privilege / Tara Betts -- Recovery / Destiny O. Birdsong -- Found Art / Destiny O. Birdsong -- Preacher Crow's Sermon on the Ark of Bones / Dexter L. Booth -- Melinated Merman aka Aquabruh Wants to Holler at You / Derrick Weston Brown -- Thanks / Derrick Weston Brown -- Brown to Browne : : Douglass to Tubman Remix / F. Douglas Brown -- Re-Portrait of an Icon / F. Douglas Brown -- The Long Way / Jericho Brown -- Devotion ("I Am on the Battlefield for My Lord") / Cortney Lamar Charleston -- Garden of the Gods / Ama Codjoe -- Anarcha Appears Again and Again / Nandi Comer -- Say, Divine / DéLana R.A. Dameron -- My Resistance Is Black / DéLana R.A. Dameron -- Jim on the Raft after His "Dream" / Hayes Davis -- Persimmons / Mitchell L.H. Douglas -- application for asylum / Safia Elhillo -- To the Old Square / Chanda Feldman -- Voyage of Kianda : Art Formerly Known as The Sable Venus Speaks Back / Sherese Francis -- A Reckoning : Assata in 1980 / DaMaris B. Hill -- Consume/d / Fred Joiner -- Parable for Refugees / Ladan Osman -- A Fruit We Never Tasted / Xandria Phillips -- Excerpt from Descent / Lauren Russell -- Gnawa Boy, Marrakesh, 1968 / Charif Shanahan -- The View from Down Here / Bianca Lynne Spriggs -- Cankerworms / Cedric Tillman -- 4. Renovation -- The String of Grace : Renovating New Rhythms in the Present-Future of Black Poetry and Music / Meta DuEwa Jones -- the river it shines pure white / Lillian-Yvonne Bertram -- Charleston / Cortney Lamar Charleston -- Of Being Sick and Tired / Ama Codjoe -- if someone should take your picture & make you black / t'ai freedom ford -- 3037, Time Capsule : Franklin / Krista Franklin -- Versal / francine j. harris -- Even When Spilling / Marcus Jackson -- Sugar Shack / Alan W. King -- Sure, You Can Ask Me about Hiphop / Alan W. King -- Each Night / Ana-Maurine Lara -- White Ferrari / Shayla Lawson -- The "S" in I Loves You, Porgy / Nabila Lovelace -- How I Wish I Could Be as Happy as Zaytoven Playing Piano for Gucci on NPR, Tiny Desk / Nabila Lovelace -- Tapping at Mama's Knees / Cynthia Manick -- Loud Looks / Douglas Manuel -- Ornate Culmination / David Mills -- The Langston Hop / Indigo Moor -- Twenty-Seven w/ "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" / Nkosi Nkululeko -- LAMENTATION (Black Jesus Remix) / Julian Randall -- How the Body Remembers / darlene anita scott -- Upright / Kevin Simmonds -- Exit Wound. / Kevin Simmonds -- Symphony of Soul / Candice Wiley -- Evensong / Korey Williams -- 5. Writing the body -- Queerness and Gender Identities in Black Poetry / Nagueyalti Warren -- Our child is not yet ten and we are clearing his closet / Remica Bingham-Risher -- After the last flower is trampled / Dexter L. Booth -- Why I Don't Call On Cops / Nandi Comer -- The Skin That Tells / Krista Franklin -- Genesis / Janice N. Harrington -- On Reflection / Randall Horton -- Featuring Lonette Mckee as Sister / Amaud Jamaul Johnson -- See Him / Bettina Judd -- Ritual for Unbusying / Natasha Marin -- Structural Dilemma / Saretta Morgan -- Résumé Names / Shauna M. Morgan -- I Always Wanna Fall Asleep When My Momma Does My Hair but She Won't Let Me / Nkosi Nkululeko -- Open Season / Justin Phillip Reed -- Only for Now, or, Maafa on a Monday Ride through the City in Which I Decided I Should Just Go On & Die Alone / darlene anita scott -- Hands / Safiya Sinclair -- Aubade / Amber Flora Thomas -- Blackberries / Amber Flora Thomas -- Loni, with a martini and sapphire balls / Arisa White -- Discipline / Phillip B. Williams -- 6. The collective -- Blood in My Eye : The Poetics of Trauma and Memory / Dominique Christina -- Homage to My Spiritual Mothers : Audre Lord, Barbara Smith, and Cherrie Moraga / Toi Derricotte -- Give Me Some Wobble : On Why I Love Phillis Wheatley's Capacious Little Poem / Camille T. Dungy -- How I Wrote "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" / Cornelius Eady -- Let Your Engine Be Love / Ross Gay -- A Poetics of Practice / Terrance Hayes -- Statement on Poetry / Erica Hunt -- My Lyrical Self / Major Jackson -- Black Poetry : The Collective Experience / Tyehimba Jess -- Try to Care about Someone Other Than Yourself : Creating Subtext through Empathy / A. Van Jordan -- Poetics as Response to Certain Tropes as Allergens / Douglas Kearney -- Aporia and the Poetics of Beauty as Non-Resolution / Ruth Ellen Kocher -- Persona Non Grata / Tony Medina -- Space Dream Struggle / E. Ethelbert Miller -- Black Like Everything / Thylias Moss -- As the Crow Flies (A Reorientation) / Mendi Lewis Obadike -- Notes on Voice / Gregory Pardlo -- On Noticing : Notes on Aesthetic Ambition and the Postcolonial Poet / Matthew Shenoda -- We are rapidly running out of ways to write this world / Patricia Smith -- Altogether Unlike Itself : The Uses of Metaphor / Tracy K. Smith -- Thinking in Words (for Lorenzo Thomas and June Jordan) / Patricia Spears Jones -- A Poetics of Empathy / Sharan Strange -- Seeing to Be : Daring the Impossible to Make Each Other Possible / Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon -- Memory, Research, Imagination, and the Mining of Historical Poetry / Frank X Walker.
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Sc E 21-484
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Furious flower : seeding the future of African American poetry / edited by Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne ; foreword by Rita Dove.
Evanston, Illinois : Triquarterly Books, Northwestern University Press, 2020.
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Includes bibliographical references.
"Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry is an anthology of poems by more than one hundred award-winning poets, including Jericho Brown, Justin Philip Reed, and Tracy K. Smith, with themed essays on poetics from celebrated scholars such as Kwame Dawes, Meta DuEwa Jones, and Evie Shockley. The Furious Flower Poetry Center is the nation's first academic center for Black poetry. In this eponymous collection, editors Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne bring together many of the paramount voices in Black poetry and poetics active today, composing an electrifying mosaic of voices, generations, and aesthetics that reveals the Black narrative in the work of twentieth- and twenty-first-century writers. Intellectually enlightening and powerfully enlivening, Furious Flower explores and celebrates the idea of the Black poetic voice by posing the question, What's next for Black poetic expression?"--Publisher's description
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Gabbin, Joanne V., editor.
Alleyne, Lauren K., editor.
Dove, Rita, writer of foreword.
James Madison University. Furious Flower Poetry Center. sponsoring body.
Furious Flower Conference (3rd : 2014 : James Madison University), sponsoring body.
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Seeding the future of African American poetry
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Sc E 21-484
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