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Schomburg Center LP record collection. W.

Schomburg Center LP record collection. W.

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AudioUse in libraryAvailableSc RE-WSchomburg Center - Moving Image & Recorded Sound


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sound discs; 12 in.
Uniform Title
Schomburg Center LP record collection.
  • Calypso (Music)
  • Country music.
  • Film soundtracks.
  • Folk music.
  • Jazz.
  • Original cast recordings.
  • Popular music.
  • Reggae music.
  • Rhythm and blues music.
  • Rock music.
  • Soul music.
  • Sound recordings.
  • Speeches.
  • Spoken word poetry.
  • The holdings are organized alphabetically by performers' name: A - Z. This record includes artists whose names begin with "W." For compilations see: The Schomburg Center LP Record Collection: Compilations.
  • For a complete inventory, contact the Moving Image & Recorded Sound (MIRS) Division.
Call Number
Sc Audio RE-W
Schomburg Center LP record collection. W.
Type of Content
performed music
Type of Medium
Type of Carrier
audio disc
The Schomburg Center LP Record Collection unifies thousands of acquired and donated long play vinyl albums. They include a breadth of musical styles, performances, and genres including jazz, popular, religious and folk music, theater productions, movie soundtracks, comedy routines, poetry performances and speeches by historical figures. Distributed by major labels and through independent means, the collection captures sounds of black culture across the diaspora from the 1920s through the 1990s.
Added Author
Wade, Wayne.
Wailer, Bunny.
Walcha, Helmut, 1907-1991.
Waldron, Mal, 1925-2002.
Walke, Olive.
Walker, Jr.
Walker, Margaret, 1915-1998.
Walker, T-Bone, 1910-1975.
Walker, Thomas L.
Waller, Fats, 1904-1943.
Walton, Cedar.
Wanderley, Walter.
Wanyika, Les.
Ward, Clara, 1924-1973.
Ward, Danny.
Warfield, William.
Warnes, Jennifer.
Warren, Guy, 1923-2008.
Warwick, Dionne.
Washington, Baby, 1940-
Washington, Dinah, 1924-1963.
Washington, Dorothy.
Washington, Grover, Jr., 1943-1999.
Washington, Jackie.
Washington, Tyrone.
Watanabe, Kazumi.
Waters, Ethel, 1896-1977.
Watson, Ed (Musician)
Watson, Johnny "Guitar", 1935-1996.
Watts, Andre.
Watts, Ernie.
Weathers, Felicia.
Webb, Chick.
Webern, Anton, 1883-1945.
Webster, Ben, 1909-1973.
Wein, George.
Wells, Junior, 1934-1998.
Wells, Mary, 1943-1992.
Wesley, Fred.
Wess, Frank, 1922-2013.
West, Mae.
Weston, Randy, 1926-2018.
White, Barry, 1944-2003.
White, Bukka.
White, Clarence Cameron, 1880-1960.
White, Georgia, 1903-1980.
White, Josh.
White, Karyn.
White, Slappy.
Whitehead, Charlie.
Wilde, Eugene.
Wilkins, Robert, 1896-1987.
Williams, Big Joe, 1903-1982.
Williams, Camilla, 1919-2012.
Williams, Clarence, 1893-1965.
Williams, Cootie.
Williams, Deniece.
Williams, Dennis Franklyn, 1943-1999.
Williams, Esther (Singer)
Williams, Ginger (Reggae singer)
Williams, Gus.
Williams, Hank, 1923-1953.
Williams, Joe, 1918-1999.
Williams, Mary Lou, 1910-1981.
Williams, Ray (Reggae singer)
Williams, Robert Pete, 1914-1980.
Williams, Tony, 1945-1997.
Williams, Willie (Vocalist)
Williams, Willie, 1922-1988.
Williamson, Sonny Boy, 1914-1948.
Willis, Chuck, 1928-1958.
Willis, Lloyd Gitsy.
Willoughby, Neville, 1937-2006.
Wilson, Delroy.
Wilson, Edith, 1896-1981.
Wilson, Flip.
Wilson, Gerald, 1918-2014.
Wilson, Jackie.
Wilson, Morris.
Wilson, Nancy, 1937-2018.
Winslow, Tom.
Wilson, Teddy, 1912-1986.
Wise, C. Dexter.
Withers, Bill, 1938-2020.
Witherspoon, Jimmy.
Witter, Delroy.
Womack, Bobby.
Wonder, Stevie.
Wooding, Sam, 1895-1985.
Wooding, Jimmy.
Woods, Phil.
Wright, Betty, 1953-2020.
Wright, Charles, 1940-
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960.
Wright, Winston.
Wa Wa Nee (Musical group)
Wackies Rhythm Force.
Wailers (Reggae group)
Wailing Souls (Musical group)
War (Musical group)
Warp 9 (Musical group)
Weather Girls (Musical group)
Weather Report (Musical group)
Webber Sister.
Weeks and Co. (Musical group)
Whispers (Musical group)
Whistle (Musical group)
White Sisters.
Wild Fire (Reggae group)
Winans (Musical group)
Winterthurer Streichquartett (Switzerland)
WUF Ticket (Musical group)
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.
Research Call Number
Sc Audio RE-W
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