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The Routledge companion to literature and food

The Routledge companion to literature and food / edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell and Donna Lee Brien.
New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.

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xx, 496 pages; 26 cm.
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Routledge companions
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Routledge companions.
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  • Companion to literature and food
  • Literature and food
Bibliography (note)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction, p.1 / Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Donna Lee Brien -- PART I. Consuming Bodies: Gender, Hunger, and the Senses, p.7 -- 1. "New Motions of the Plesh": Chocolate, Pleasure, and the Rise of the Novel, p.9 / Kevin Bourque -- 2. Wine Poems: The Drinking Song and Dithyrambic Ode in Romantic England and Germany, p.20 / Carina Hart -- 3. "Jaded Appetite" and "Perverted Taste":The Food Rhetoric of Nineteenth-Cerıtury Anti-Serısationalist Critics, p.31 / Sarah Prühwirth -- 4. Ravenous Fantasies and Revolting Dinners: Food and Horror in Children's Literature, p.43 / Lorna Piatti-Famell -- 5. Dinner for Two: Sexual Desire, Reciprocity, and Cannibalism, p.55 / Sarah Cleary -- 6. Food, Duty, and Desire in the Women's Novel in the 1960s, p.66 / Kerry Myler -- 7. Women Who Don't Eat in Modern Japanese Literature Emerald, p.76 / L. King -- 8. Disordered Eating: Food and Identity Formation, p.84 / Jeri Kroll, Jen Webb -- 9. The Taste of Desire, The Trauma of Hunger: Black Female Edibility, p.93 / Rita Mookerjee -- 10. Tintin and the Secrets of Food: The Body Fantastic, Cultural Others, and Limits of Language, p.101 / Paul Mountfort -- PART Il. History, Culture, and National Identities, p.111 -- 11. "101 in the Shade": Christmas Pudding in Australian Popular and Literary Verse 1830-1910, p.113 / Nicole Anae -- 12. The Devil at Work?: The Cook in Australian Colonial Literature, p.127 / Charmaine O' Brien -- 13. "The Uncultivated Taste": Explorers' Accounts of Aboriginal Foodways in Nineteenth-Century Australia, p.138 / Blake Singley -- 14. Kiwi Cuisine: Cookbooks, Chefs, and Cultural Identity in Aotearoa New Zealand, p.150 / Tracy Berno, Lindsay Neill, Dale Thompson, Christine Hall, Alison Graville -- 15. Remembrance of Freedoms Past: Foodways in Slave Narratives, p.160 / Jennifer Brown -- 16. Eating to Become: ltalian Counter-Narratives of Assimilation, ldentity and Migration, p.175 / Harry Kashdan -- 17. Transforming Hunger into Power: Food and Resistance in Nigerian Literature, p.184 / Jenni Ramone -- 18. Caribbean Cravings: Literature and Food in the Anglophone Caribbean, p.194 / Sarah Lawson Welsh -- 19. Taste Between the Lines: The Presentation of Food in Three Late Imperial Chinese Novels, p.209 / Yan Liang -- 20. Food in the Singaporean Graphic Memoir, p.219 / Donna Lee Brien -- 21. Food Metaphors in Parsi Fiction: Negotiating the Politics of Their Existential Crisis, p.232 / Paromita Deb -- 22. Alternative Nostalgia:Taiwanese Food Narrative 2000-2016, p.244 / Chienwei Pan -- PART IlI. Meals, Feasting, and Commensality, p.253 -- 23. Classical Food and Literature from Archaic Greece to the Early Roman Empire, p.255 / Gail Pittaway -- 24. Viands of the Divine: An Exploration of Food and Food-Based Ritual in Mythology, p.270 / Corey R. Walden -- 25. Food Culture and Food Imagery in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, p.283 / Burçin Erol -- 26. Feasts and Feasting in the Fourteenth Century: Gawain and the Green Knight, p.296 / J. S. Mackley -- 27. Meat Constructs: Early Modern English Carnivory, p.306 / Frederika Bain -- 28. "The Elegancies of the Breakfast-Table":The Encoded Space of the Breakfast Room in Nineteenth-Century American Novels, p.319 / Ann Beebe -- 29. Fears ofConsumption and Being Consumed:The Gothicization of Food in Victorian Literature, p.329 / Cameron Dodworth -- 30. Would You Like a Cup of Tea?: Food, Home, and Mid-Cerıtury Anxiety in the Later Novels of Shirley Jackson, p.342 / Shelley Ingram, Willow G. Mullins -- 31. From Imperial Pineapples to Stalinist Sausage:The Politics and Poetics of Food in Russian Literature, p.351 / Barbara Wyllie -- 32. The Food Trope in Literature, Poetry, and Songs from the Irish Tradition, p.364 / Mairtln Mac Con Iomaire -- 33. Alimentary Monstrosities: Geneticaliy Modified Food in Contemporary Fiction, p.379 / Maria Christou -- PART IV. Literary Food Genres, p.391 -- 34. The Bible and Food, p.393 / Cynthia Shafer-Elliott -- 35. Food for Survival:The Medical Importance of Food in Early Modern England, p.403 / Shawna Guenther -- 36. Lipped Words to Chew Upon:Thoreau's Dietary Dialects, p.410 / Kimo Reder -- 37. Dinner Theatre/Dinner Theatricality, p.420 / Elizabeth Blake -- 38. M.FK. Fisher's Culinary Memoirs, p.429 / Max Frazier -- 39. Man-Eaters: Confessional Food Writing as Narratives of Masculinity, p.437 / Angelica Michelis -- 40. Eating to Live, Living to Teli: Foundational Food in the Latina Testimonial Text, p.450 / Amanda Eaton McMenamin -- 41. Eat, Live, Remember: Food and the Post-Apocalyptic Novel, p.460 / Anne-Maric Evans -- 42. Food, Memory, and Ethics in Graphic Narratives, p.470 / Mihaela Precup -- 43. Reading the Food Blog as a "Culinary Autobiography": Exploring Lifestyle Construction and Enactment of Online Food-Centred Stories, p.481 / Carmnel Cedro
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JFF 19-2060
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The Routledge companion to literature and food / edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell and Donna Lee Brien.
New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.
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Routledge companions
Routledge companions.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Piatti-Farnell, Lorna, 1980- editor.
Brien, Donna Lee, 1959- editor.
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Companion to literature and food
Literature and food
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JFF 19-2060
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