Bertha L'hommedieu scrapbook

Bertha L'hommedieu scrapbook, circa late 1870s-late 1890s.
L'hommedieu, Bertha Violetta, 1866-1968.

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TextSupervised useAvailable*T-Vim 2018-015Performing Arts Research Collections - Theatre


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1 volume; 35.5 cm
  • Cigarette cards.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Photogravures (prints).
  • Publicity photographs.
  • Scrapbooks.
Source (note)
  • Glenn Bowman and Elizabeth Cowie,
Call Number
*T-Vim 2018-015
L'hommedieu, Bertha Violetta, 1866-1968.
Bertha L'hommedieu scrapbook, circa late 1870s-late 1890s.
This scrapbook extensively documents actresses, actors, singers, and dancers of interest to Bertha L'hommedieu Greene during her adolescence and young adulthood through published portrait albumen photographs, large-format photogravure images, and chromolithograph and albumen cards included with Sweet Caporal and Jack Rose cigarettes. The images are primarily of female performers from the United States and Europe, many costumed for roles. In most examples, the sitter's name and a publisher's stock image number is included in the image. For others, L'hommedieu made manuscript attributions next to or on the verso of the image. Of note, portrait photographs of Mark Twain and Thomas A. Edison and a small group of U.S. presidents and other prominent civic, literary, and military figures are also present. A few loose portrait photographs, portrait photogravures, newspaper clippings, and autograph examples are also included.
Identified personalities include Viola Allen, Mary Anderson, Belle Archer, Lawrence Barrett, Wilson Barrett, Kyrle Bellew, Sarah Bernhardt, Edwin Booth, Hope Booth, Josephine Louise Boucicault, Anna Boyd, Marie Burroughs, Amy Busby, Emma Calvé, Carmencita, Leslie Carter, Georgia Cayvan, Bessie Clayton, Estelle Clayton, W. H. Crane, Camille D'Arville, Fannie Davenport, Jefferson De Angelis, Zélie De Lussan, Dorothy Dene, Emma Eames, Thomas A. Edison, Cissy Fitzgerald, Della Fox, William Gillette, Jennie Goldthwaite, Nat Goodwin, Maud Granger, Lulu Glaser, Pauline Hall, Minnie Hauk, Annie Held, Edna Wallace Hopper, Henry Irving, Joseph Jefferson, Lyla Kavenaugh, Herbert Kelcey, Kathryn Kidder, Lillie Langtry, Madge Lessing, Cissy Loftus, Inez L'Orma, Richard Mansfield, Margaret Mather, Julia Marlowe, Metzer & Desprez, Henry Miller, Caroline Miskel-Hoyt, Helena Modjeska, Marion Manola, Adelaide Nielson, Minnie Palmer, Tony Pastor, Ada Rehan, Fanny Rice, Adele Ritchie, Lillian Russell, Caroline "La Belle" Otero, Marie Shortwell, Cora Tanner, Marie Tempest, Ellen Terry, Vesta Tilley, H. Beerbohm Tree, Mark Twain, Theresa Vaughn, Queenie Vassar, and Blanche Walsh.
Bertha Violetta L'hommedieu was born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 27, 1866. She married Delbert Greene on October 2, 1888, and lived in Brooklyn until moving to Smithtown, Long Island, New York, in 1961. She died in 1968 at the age of 102.
Gift: Glenn Bowman and Elizabeth Cowie, 2018.
Added Author
Falk, B. J. (Benjamin J.), 1853-1925, photographer
Sarony, Napoleon, 1821-1896, photographer
New York Photo-Gravure Company, photographer
American Tobacco Company.
Kinney Brothers Tobacco Company.
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*T-Vim 2018-015
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