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Jane Porter manuscript material.

Jane Porter manuscript material.
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850.

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Mixed materialPermit needed Pforz MSSchwarzman Building - Pforzheimer Collection Room 319


Additional Authors
  • Arbuthnot, G. (George), 1802-1865
  • Benger, E. (Elizabeth), 1778-1827
  • Bentley, Richard, 1794-1871
  • Bergne, John Brodribb, 1800-1873
  • Bury, Charlotte Campbell, Lady, 1775-1861
  • Churchill, John Spriggs Morss, 1801-1875
  • Cockle, Mrs. (Mary)
  • Colnaghi, Dominic Charles, 1790-1879
  • Davenport, Selina, 1779-1859
  • Forshall, Josiah, 1795-1863
  • Inglis, Robert Harry, Sir, 1786-1855
  • Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833
  • Kean, Mary, 1779-1849
  • Lamb, George, 1784-1834
  • Longman, Thomas, 1804-1879
  • Longman, Thomas Norton, 1771-1842
  • Malcolm, John, 1769-1833
  • Moore, Peter, 1753-1828
  • Morgan, Lady (Sydney), 1783-1859
  • Munster, George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, Earl, 1794-1842
  • Murchison, Roderick Impey, Sir, 1792-1871
  • Noah, M. M. (Mordecai Manuel), 1785-1851
  • Philippart, John, 1784?-1875
  • Peel, Robert, 1788-1850
  • Porter, Anna Maria, 1778-1832
  • Porter, Mrs. (Jane), 1745-1831
  • Porter, Robert Ker, Sir, 1777-1842
  • Porter, William Ogilvie, 1774-1850
  • Powles, J. D. (John Diston)
  • Rees, Owen, 1770-1837
  • Robinson, Mary, 1758-1800
  • Shee, Martin Archer, 1769-1850
  • Singleton, Thomas, 1783-1842
  • Taylor, John, 1757-1832
  • Tennent, James Emerson, Sir, 1804-1869
  • Utterson, Sarah Elizabeth, 1781-1851
  • Virtue, George, 1793?-1868
  • William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, 1776-1834
  • Wood, James, 1760-1839
  • Hammersley and Co., addressee.
  • Longman & Co., addressee.
  • P. & D. Colnaghi & Co., addressee.
  • Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (London, England), addressee.
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  • In addition to the Jane Porter manuscripts represented by this record, the Pforzheimer Collection holds hundreds of other manuscripts among the Jane Porter papers, mostly letters by other people, that bear her autograph notations.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
Biography (note)
  • Jane Porter, English novelist.
Call Number
Pforz MS
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850.
Jane Porter manuscript material.
The Jane Porter manuscript material in the Pforzheimer Collection consists of writings, correspondence, and memoranda. The writings include a holograph poem, "To a friend of the Battle of Waterloo"; an unidentified story fragment; and a draft for an epitaph for her sister, the novelist Anna Maria Porter. The bulk of the correspondence dates from between 1834 and 1846, and much of it is in draft form. Correspondents include Longman & Co., the publishers; Sir Robert Peel, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Mary Robinson, the author and actress; and over fifty others. Most of the memoranda list topics to be addressed with certain people when she next sees or writes them.
Restricted access; Pforzheimer Collection; Permit must be requested at the division indicated.
Jane Porter, English novelist.
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Added Author
Arbuthnot, G. (George), 1802-1865, addressee.
Benger, E. (Elizabeth), 1778-1827, addressee.
Bentley, Richard, 1794-1871, addressee.
Bergne, John Brodribb, 1800-1873, addressee.
Bury, Charlotte Campbell, Lady, 1775-1861, addressee.
Churchill, John Spriggs Morss, 1801-1875, addressee.
Cockle, Mrs. (Mary), addressee.
Colnaghi, Dominic Charles, 1790-1879, addressee.
Davenport, Selina, 1779-1859, addressee.
Forshall, Josiah, 1795-1863, addressee.
Inglis, Robert Harry, Sir, 1786-1855, addressee.
Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833, addressee.
Kean, Mary, 1779-1849, addressee.
Lamb, George, 1784-1834, addressee.
Longman, Thomas, 1804-1879, addressee.
Longman, Thomas Norton, 1771-1842, addressee.
Malcolm, John, 1769-1833, addressee.
Moore, Peter, 1753-1828, addressee.
Morgan, Lady (Sydney), 1783-1859, addressee.
Munster, George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, Earl, 1794-1842, addressee.
Murchison, Roderick Impey, Sir, 1792-1871, addressee.
Noah, M. M. (Mordecai Manuel), 1785-1851, addressee.
Philippart, John, 1784?-1875, addressee.
Peel, Robert, 1788-1850, addressee.
Porter, Anna Maria, 1778-1832, addressee.
Porter, Mrs. (Jane), 1745-1831, addressee.
Porter, Robert Ker, Sir, 1777-1842, addressee.
Porter, William Ogilvie, 1774-1850, addressee.
Powles, J. D. (John Diston), addressee.
Rees, Owen, 1770-1837, addressee.
Robinson, Mary, 1758-1800, addressee.
Shee, Martin Archer, 1769-1850, addressee.
Singleton, Thomas, 1783-1842, addressee.
Taylor, John, 1757-1832, addressee.
Tennent, James Emerson, Sir, 1804-1869, addressee.
Utterson, Sarah Elizabeth, 1781-1851, addressee.
Virtue, George, 1793?-1868, addressee.
William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, 1776-1834, addressee.
Wood, James, 1760-1839, addressee.
Hammersley and Co., addressee.
Longman & Co., addressee.
P. & D. Colnaghi & Co., addressee.
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (London, England), addressee.
Research Call Number
Pforz MS
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